100g of Weed: Prices, Quantities, and Limits

Welcome to the high world of cannabis!  A universe where the product weighs light but costs heavily.  Where you need to decode words like dimebag, zip, and QP to understand the measurements.  And, as the icing on the space cake, you also have to navigate a maze of rules and regulations.  It’s a wild ride,…

100g of Weed: Prices, Quantities, and Limits

Even though 100 grams of weed weigh the same as 100 grams of feathers, it costs much more.

But why does the price vary so much, and what does 100g of weed look like? 

Sit tight as we unpack this potent package.

Understanding 100g of Weed Prices, Quantities, and Legal Considerations

Cannabis Prices and Market Variations

As they say, every high has its price. 

Cannabis prices are as diverse as the strains available in the market

They fluctuate depending on factors such as quality, legality, supply, demand, and even the dealer’s mood that day.

For instance, the street price in Australia is approximately $150 AUD for 10 grams. 

Translated, it’s around $1500 for 100 grams. 

Imagine, that’s more than what some folks earn in a week! 

Meanwhile, 1 gram costs 50 zł in Poland, and 100 grams will set you back a whopping 5000 zł (around $1123 USD). 

If you’re in Oregon, dispensary prices range from $120 to $1500 for 100 grams, depending on the weed’s quality.

Cannabis Quantities and Measurements

Cannabis Quantities and Measurements

Let’s talk a bit about cannabis quantities. 

After all, not everyone was born with a scale in their brain. 

Cannabis quantities are measured in grams and ounces and sometimes in pounds if you’re doing some serious stocking up. 

Here’s a handy conversion reference to keep you on track:

  • 1 ounce = 28 grams
  • 1 pound = 448 grams

So, if we’re talking about 100g of weed, that’s approximately 3.5 ounces. 

Yes, the same weight as a small apple, a hamster, or your average bag of chips. 

It’s a substantial amount, more than enough to throw a massive party or to get you through a week-long Netflix binge.

Now, this is where things get a bit tricky. 

Legal limits on cannabis vary widely from one jurisdiction to another. 

Some places have a more “puff, puff, pass” attitude, while others take a “puff, puff, handcuffs” approach.

In some parts of the world, the maximum amount one can purchase from an adult-use dispensary is strictly regulated. 

Getting caught with 100g of weed could have serious consequences, so it’s always best to know your local laws

Remember, folks; it’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cell.

Cannabis and Medical Use

Cannabis and Medical Use

Cannabis isn’t all about getting high and munching on Doritos. 

It’s also a miracle plant for many patients with various medical conditions. 

Medical cannabis regulations vary, but typically, patients are allowed to possess more than recreational users. 

Some places even allow patients to possess up to one kilogram at a time. 

However, these patients aren’t sitting around puffing on a kilogram of weed; it’s usually transformed into oils, tinctures, or other medicinal forms.


Whether you’re a casual toker or a medical patient, understanding cannabis quantities, prices, and legal limits is crucial. 

It helps you to navigate the market, avoid getting ripped off, and steer clear of legal troubles. 

Remember, knowledge is power, but when it comes to cannabis, knowledge is also peace of mind. 

So remember what you’ve learned today next time you’re at your local dispensary or dealing with a street vendor. 

After all, an informed stoner is a happy stoner!


Is 3.5 oz 100 grams?

Yes, 3.5 oz is approximately 99.22 grams.

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