Creative Ideas: What To Do With Extra Weed Seeds?

If you have some spare cannabis seeds, you don’t have to throw them away. In this guide, you can read about various ways to use your extra weed seeds.

Creative Ideas: What To Do With Extra Weed Seeds?

How are Marijuana Seeds Produced?

How are Marijuana Seeds Produced?

Plants make seeds to reproduce. Cannabis Seeds contain everything plant needs to start a new life: Cells and DNA.

When female cannabis plant is pollinated by male cannabis plant, they start to produce cannabis seeds instead of buds.

Pollination is the transfer of pollen from one plant to another of the same species, which fertilizes female flowers and produces seeds.

Pollination can happen naturally through the wind or insects such as bees carrying pollen from one flower to another while they gather nectar. 

There is also hand-pollination – when a person collects pollen manually using tools like tweezers and places it onto female flowers instead of waiting for nature to carry out the job itself!

How To Use Extra Weed Seeds?

You can use spare marijuana seeds in different ways to make most of seed. Here are some ideas to guide you on how to use spare weed seeds:

Using Cannabis Seeds To Make New Plants

You can use your spare weed seeds to start new plants. All plants use seeds for producing next generation.

Start thinking about what you want to do with your weed marijuana seeds before the spring and summer months because it takes some time for seed to germinate and time before new plants are ready for harvest.

Using Cannabis Seeds For Edibles

Using Cannabis Seeds For Edibles

Edible cannabis products, like for instance seeds, are very popular, and it’s no wonder.

One way to use your spare marijuana seeds is by eating them.

In this way, you can use them right away instead of letting them go to waste. 

Seeds of weed are very nutritious and full of protein, fiber, oils, minerals, and many vitamins. You can eat seeds raw, or use them as salad garnish and they are very healthy.

Seeds of weed do not contain high THC levels so you do not need to worry about getting high like you get high when smoking high level THC marijuana.

You can also give seeds as healthy snack to your pet.

Weed seeds are also healthy for birds, rats, hamster, mice and rabbits not just for humans.

Using Cannabis Seeds For Edibles1

So make sure you treat your pets with some seeds of weed, delivery some seeds to outdoors birds house they will also love it.

Trying Out Different Growing Methods

If you have spare seeds, you can try out different growing methods to see what works best.

For example, ScrOG, wich stands for Screen of Green grow is technique where you guide your cannabis to grow horizontally across screen or netting.

Another method you can try out is hydro cannabis, which is growing your cannabis in a soilless medium, such as perlite, rockwool or clay pellets.

This method requires no soil, and instead uses water enriched with nutrients.

For example, you could start to grow some plants in soil or use different feeding schedules.

Also, by using different nutrients and fertilizers, you’ll be able to determine which one yields best results for your taste.

Using Spare Weed Seed For Making Essential Oils

Using Spare Weed Seed For Making Essential Oils

When you grow cannabis, you end up with lot of plant material. 

Most of its growing goes in bong, but most people do not use all parts of marijuana.

If you have spare seeds, why not try to extract essential oils from them? 

You can do this by placing seeds in alcohol for weeks or months.  Then you can evaporate alcohol and get nice smelling oil.

Experiment With New Strains

One advantage of having spare seeds is that you can try out new strains without investing in them.

If you find nice strain but need to learn how to grow it, use your old seeds to find out what type of climate plants need while growing and its optimal flowering time. 

You will now know precisely how much light, water, and nutrients plants need while growing to produce highest possible yield.

Saving and Collecting Spare Seeds

Saving and Collecting Spare Seeds

It’s fun to keep some extra seeds. You can always use them in future or give them to someone as nice gift.

You can also store seeds for later grow, which is excellent if you do not have any more space for new plants at the moment.

You can also return your spare seeds to seed bank if you don’t want them.

Using Extras For Creating Art

If you like art, you can use seeds to create unique artwork.

If you have some extra seeds, making something with them is fun. 

How about some nice pot seeds jewelry like earrings and necklaces?

Using Extras For Creating Art

Cannabis seeds come in many shades of brown, and nearly black colors and can also be used to create fun mosaics.

You can also use seeds of weed in lot of different ways, you just need to be creative and release your inner artist. 

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