Unveiling the Simplicity of the Jack’s 321 Feed Chart

Hello, budding botanists!  Growing cannabis can sometimes feel like decoding the Da Vinci Code, right?  Well, I’ve good news for you: The Jack’s 321 Feed Chart is here to take the complexity out of your cannabis cultivation.  It’s so simple; even your Aunt Edna, who killed a cactus once, could use it!

Unveiling the Simplicity of the Jack’s 321 Feed Chart

The Jack’s 321 Nutrient Program

The Jack's 321 Nutrient Program

Picture this: you’re in the garden, the sun is shining, your cannabis plants are reaching for the sky, and you’re about to feed them the plant equivalent of a gourmet meal. 

Enter Jack’s 321 Nutrient Program, a cannabis grower’s best friend.

This simple, three-part program is the secret to many successful cannabis gardens. 

It consists of Part A Fertilizer (5-12-26), Epsom Salts, and Part B Fertilizer (15-0-0 Calcium Nitrate). 

It sounds a bit like a science experiment, doesn’t it? But trust me; it’s as easy as pie.

The Mixing Order

Ready to make the magic potion?

All you need is a bucket, your ingredients, and a little bit of that green-thumb enthusiasm.

Here’s the order of operations:

  1. Start with Armor Si, and pretend you’re a knight protecting your precious plants.
  2. Add CaliMagic, because who doesn’t need a little magic in their life?
  3. Mix in Jack’s Part A, like adding sugar to a recipe.
  4. Stir in Jack’s Part B, and imagine you’re a witch brewing a potent potion.
  5. Finally, sprinkle in the Epsom Salts, the cherry on top of this nutrient sundae.

Optional add-ons include Fulvic Acid, Tribus Microbes, and Harvest Microbe Mix. 

These are like the sprinkles on your sundae – lovely but unnecessary.

Nutrient Additives and Supplements

Nutrient Additives and Supplements

Adding optional supplements to your Jack’s 321 mix is like giving your plants a health shake. 

From Real Growers ReCharge and Impello Tribus Original to the sweet treat of Grandma’s Original Unsulfured Molasses, these additives provide extra nutrients to supercharge your cannabis growth.

Think of it like this: Jack’s 321 is your main course, and these nutrient additives are the side dishes that complete the meal.

Choosing the Right Growing Medium and Techniques

As you wouldn’t plant a palm tree in the Arctic, selecting a suitable growing medium for your cannabis is crucial. 

The recommended medium for Jack’s 321 program is Canna Organic Coco or BioBizz Organic Coco Mix

That isn’t your garden-variety soil – it’s the Ritz-Carlton of growing mediums!

Combine this with Espoma Organic Perlite in an 8:50 ratio, and you have a cannabis paradise. 

Remember to follow the proper cloner sterilization and cloning instructions

Your cannabis plants are like gremlins – they need specific conditions to multiply!

Flushing and Other Recommendations

Flushing your plants is like taking them to a spa day. 

It’s all about feeding them regular amounts of just water. It’s their detox period, you see. 

It’s also an excellent time to get a water sample to create a personalized grow schedule because every plant is unique, just like humans.

Comparisons and Experiences

Some say Jack’s 321 is the Chuck Norris of nutrient programs – it’s rugged, reliable, and gives a kick-ass result. 

When compared to GH Flora Trio, Jack’s 321 comes out on top for being cost-effective and easy to use. 

It’s like comparing a brand-new Tesla to a 2001 Ford Fiesta – both will get you there, but one will do it with style and efficiency.

Anecdotes from growers who’ve switched from FFT to Jack’s 321 are like stories of people finding their soulmate – they knew it was “the one” from the first yield.

Additional Information and Humor

Additional Information and Humor

Apart from the main 321 nutrient program, Jack’s Nutrients offers a buffet of products like “Jack’s 12-4-16 Base” and “Jack’s 6-6-26 Low Phos” for different growth stages. 

It’s like having a wardrobe change for each phase of your plant’s life!

It’s funny how we’ve all become so casual about discussing cannabis. 

A few years ago, seeing “marijuana” on a company website was like spotting a unicorn. 

Now, it’s as common as a cat video on the internet!


What is the mixing order for Jacks 321?

Start with Armor Si, then add CaliMagic, Jack’s Part A, Jack’s Part B, and Epsom Salts.

What is the formula for Jack’s 321?

The formula consists of Part A Fertilizer (5-12-26), Epsom Salts, and Part B Fertilizer (15-0-0 Calcium Nitrate).

What is the ratio of Jack’s nutrients?

For every gallon of water, use 3.6g of Part A, 2.4g of Part B, and 1.2g of Epsom Salt. Hence, the name 3-2-1!

Is Jack’s 321 any good?

Yes, Jack’s 321 is cost-effective, easy to use, and yields excellent results for cannabis growth.

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