The Secret Recipe for SubCool’s Super Soil

Hello there, fellow green thumbs! Have you ever heard of SubCool’s Super Soil?  If not, you’ll get a crash course that could revolutionize your cannabis-growing game.  If you have, stick around anyway – I’ve got some soil-y good insights to share.  Yep, we’re about to dig deep into the world of organic cannabis cultivation, and trust me,…

The Secret Recipe for SubCool’s Super Soil

What is SubCool’s Super Soil?

What is SubCool's Super Soil

SubCool’s Super Soil is the Mozart of the organic pot world. 

It’s a composition, a symphony of all-natural goodness your cannabis plants will love. 

Created for indoor cultivation, this soil is the equivalent of a five-star, all-you-can-eat buffet for your green ladies, providing them with maximum plant-available organic nutrients, and the best part? 

No synthetics are involved. It’s like vegan fine dining for your plants, only better.

Understanding the Super Soil Technique

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the Super Soil technique. 

The principle is simple – it’s all about letting Mother Nature do her thing. 

With SubCool’s Super Soil Recipe Mix, you’re turning your pot into a self-feeding haven. 

It’s like setting up a self-replenishing fridge for a teenager – they only need water (or soda, in their case).

The Decomposition Process

This magic happens through a natural decomposition process. 

Once you’ve mixed your organic nutrients into your base soil, they break down over 6 to 10 weeks, becoming scrumptious and plant-usable. 

It’s like slow-cooking a stew; the flavors (or nutrients, in this case) intensify over time.

The Ingredients and Their Benefits

SubCool’s Super Soil is like a nutrient cocktail for your cannabis plants. 

Each ingredient plays a crucial role in this sublime mix.

So, let’s get to know them, shall we?

Worm Castings

First up, we have worm castings. 

Don’t let the fancy term fool you – it’s just a polite way of saying worm poop. 

But oh boy, is it some beneficial poop! It’s full of plant nutrients and growth-enhancing compounds. 

It’s like the protein shake of the soil world, making your plants grow big and strong.

Blood Meal, Bone Meal, and Bat Guano

Blood Meal, Bone Meal, and Bat Guano

Next in our lineup, we have the triple B threat: Blood Meal, Bone Meal, and Bat Guano. 

Blood Meal is like the spinach to our Popeye plants, giving them a full dose of nitrogen. 

Bone Meal, rich in phosphorus, is the secret to beautiful blooms. 

And Bat Guano? It’s the phosphoric acid powerhouse that keeps your plants healthy and thriving.

Rock Phosphate and Epsom Salts

Rock Phosphate and Epsom Salts are the silent heroes of our mix. 

Rock Phosphate is another source of phosphorus, while Epsom Salts provide magnesium sulfate, which is crucial for plant nutrition. 

It’s like the salt and pepper in your grandma’s secret recipe; it may not seem like much, but it makes a difference.

Dolomite Lime and Azomite

Dolomite Lime and Azomite

Enter Dolomite Lime and Azomite, the dynamic duo that takes care of your soil’s pH levels and supplies all the trace elements your plants could ever dream of. 

They’re like the fairy godparents of your cannabis crop, ensuring they have everything they need to grow happily ever after.

Humic Acid

Finally, we have Humic Acid, the unsung hero that supercharges nutrient uptake and stimulates microbial activity in the soil.

It’s like the conductor of our nutrient symphony, ensuring every part works in harmony.

Cooking SubCool’s Super Soil

Now that we’ve sorted our ingredients, it’s time to cook our Super Soil. 

And by “cook,” I mean letting it sit and decompose for at least a month. 

That is when the magic happens, and our nutrient-rich ingredients become a plant-usable delicacy.

Jump-Starting the Soil Mix

For the impatient among us, there’s a way to get things moving faster. 

Jump-start your soil mix with water-soluble mycorrhizae, magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), powdered humic acid, and azomite. 

It’s like adding a turbocharger to your soil mix, revving up the decomposition process.

Using SubCool’s Super Soil

Remember, SubCool’s Super Soil is like a fine wine; it’s not for everyone (or every plant). 

Seedlings, clones, or young plants might find it too strong. 

But for your mature cannabis plants, this is a gourmet feast they can enjoy on a water-only diet.

Personal Experience and Tips

Personal Experience and Tips

Now, I’ve had my share of experiences with SubCool’s Super Soil; let me tell you, it was a game-changer. 

But like any curious grower, I’ve tweaked and experimented, and now I make my super soil mix. 

The beauty of understanding the ingredients and their roles is that you can customize your soil to your plants’ needs. 

It’s like becoming a soil sommelier, tailoring your mix to the perfect vintage for your cannabis crop.

Now, you’re all set to start your organic cannabis cultivation journey with SubCool’s Super Soil. 

Remember, the key to an excellent yield is a good sense of humor, patience, and a superb soil mix. 

Happy growing!


How do you make SubCool’s super soil?

Mix organic ingredients like worm castings, blood meal, bone meal, bat guano, rock phosphate, Epsom salts, dolomite lime, azomite, and humic acid into the base soil. Let it decompose for a month.

What is the recipe for supersoil?

Supersoil recipes vary but include worm castings, bone meal, bat guano, blood meal, rock phosphate, Epsom salts, garden lime, azomite, and humic acid mixed into a base soil.

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