Nenad Nikolic

Meet the DSS writer Nenad Nikolic


Welcome to my corner of the web, where the heart of cannabis beats strong and true. I’m Nenad Nikolic, a dedicated botanist and writer, hailing from the verdant lands of Serbia, now residing in the enchanting city of Málaga, Spain.

Education and Early Life

Born in Leskovac, I started my journey in Agricultural High School Leskovac, where I took my first steps into the fascinating world of agriculture. My passion for plant life grew, leading me to Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, where I specialized in Botany.

A Life-Long Passion for Cannabis

With a remarkable 18 years of experience, I have been an activist, grower, and connoisseur of cannabis. The plant’s enigmatic charm has captured my soul, from cultivation intricacies to medicinal properties. In Spain, I continue to delve into every aspect, leaving no leaf unexplored.

My Work as a Writer

Driven by a fervent desire to share my knowledge, I write with an energy that reflects my passion for the cannabis realm. My readers will find a wealth of information and insights, as I aim to unravel every complexity and legal nuance related to this miraculous plant.

Family – My Support System

But life’s joy isn’t just in the plants; it blossoms in my home too. A proud parent to a 22-year-old son who has set out on his own and a 3-year-old daughter who brings smiles and warmth, my family is my unwavering strength.

Advocacy and Commitment

My commitment to cannabis goes beyond the personal. Advocating for legalization and spreading awareness of its numerous benefits remain unshakable parts of my core. The dedication to my cause fuels me every day.

Thank you for stopping by my page. Explore, learn, and join me on this thrilling journey as a writer, cannabis enthusiast, and parent. Your adventure into the world of cannabis starts here, with me, in the lands of Spain.

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