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Alien OG strain. Buy feminized Alien OG seeds at dutchseedssop.com

Alien Og Feminized (10 seeds)

A Life-Changing and Zany Plant

Alien OG seeds are undoubtedly sought-after due to Alien OG strain’s impeccable levels of THC. It also causes one heck of a punch with just one puff. The germination process of the marijuana seeds of this category is easy, requires minimal input from the grower, and yields a positive outcome.


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As you buy Alien OG seeds, it is vital to know their origin. Firstly, this strain of weed is a feminized indica. Secondly, its existence is courtesy of Obsol33 and was then labeled the Cali Connection. The Famed Alien OG also formed part of the Cali Connection. Alien Kush along with Alien Technology is distinguished for being a top-notch Afghan plant.

To that end, a combination of the female variant of the Tahoe OG (50%) and the male version of the Alien Kush (50%) results in the Alien OG Kush (100% F1 crossbreed). This outcome stemmed from cultivators located in California, hence the name Cali Connection.


Flavors Piney
Flavor Power Skunk
Flowering time Short (7-9 weeks)
Height Average
THC Level High 20-28%
CBD Level Low (<1)
Climate Temperate
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Medium
Medical Yes
Yield High
Cultivate Indoor & Outdoor
Genotype Indica 50%, Sativa 50%, Ruderalis 0%


Germinating Alien OG seeds is not rocket science. To that end, the plant thrives at its optimum in an outdoorsy environment, particularly one which exudes high levels of humidity. In indoor settings, the plant produces approximately eleven ounces of top-grade weed, on each m2

In an outdoor environment, you will be able to harvest more produce (roughly 13ounces from each crop grown) due to elevated levels of sunlight alongside humidity. If your local laws say that you must be 21 years or older to use marijuana, you can grow Alien OG seeds for recreational or medical purposes only, considering the fact that you’re of legal age.

Character & Flavor

Being part of the Tahoe OG Kush, the crops from Alien OG seeds are short in stature and impressively in tip-top condition. It strongly resembles snow-white alongside leafy-green trichomes bombarded with a myriad of coral pistils. Regarding the taste, upon the acquisition of the Alien OG seeds, and sowing them, there is indeed a natural fragrance of indica, spices, pines, and lemons, with a dash of earthiness.

Medicinal Application

You can germinate cannabis seeds as a medical treatment for decreased appetite, adverse stress levels, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and insomnia.

The weed is also efficient in the treatment of neuropathic ailments, for instance, Severe Fatigue Syndrome.

A plethora of users can attest to the fact that the hybrid notably eradicates nausea with only one or two puffs. Hence, this is significantly beneficial to cancer patients undergoing frequent chemotherapy. If you want to grow your own medical marijuana, please contact our service team.


Regardless of the fact that marijuana is an incredibly efficacious category of weed, it has a coterie of repercussions such as dryness of the mouth, severe anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, an elevated rate of suffering a stroke.

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Item Reviewed: Alien Og Feminized (10 seeds)

A strong hybrid that provides a very heavy stoned body high, but not my favorite strain. Not the best for newcomers to cultivation, because it is difficult to grow

Item Reviewed: Alien Og Feminized (10 seeds)

I have some health issues so I really wanted to try growing mj for medical purposes, for myself. I got my 5 seeds and planted them indoors. My bushes grew healthy and strong so I think now they can help me to be as healthy. Thank you dss!

Item Reviewed: Alien Og Feminized (10 seeds)

Perfect customer service. Didn’t expect that everything will be at such a top-level. I found this site recently and ordered 5 seeds pack. And 5 of them germinated!

Item Reviewed: Alien Og Feminized (10 seeds)

The seeds I bought here turned out to be of exceptionally high quality! I’ll definitely buy the next seeds pack here. Thank you!

Item Reviewed: Alien Og Feminized (10 seeds)

I like this site cause of the wide range of strains. I was able to find quite a rare mj strain here and got 10 seeds from here. Actually 8 of 10 germinated but it’s fine anyway.

Item Reviewed: Alien Og Feminized (10 seeds)

Fast delivery, good seeds. There are no complaints here. I will buy seeds here again!

Item Reviewed: Alien Og Feminized (10 seeds)

Great for my anxiety! Hits hard and truly great for any stoner. Alien Og - one of the best strains ever.

Item Reviewed: Alien Og Feminized (10 seeds)

Of course, one of the best strains that I grew and smoked. I definitely recommend it. Among with seeds I ordered, I got 10 free seeds. And if even my delivery was not fast, I am satisfied

Item Reviewed: Alien Og Feminized (10 seeds)

Dutch Seeds exceeded my expectation and received the product within few days. They are very professional and superb customer service.



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