Chocolate Thai Seeds

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  • Genetics: Thai Sativa
  • Plant type: 100% Sativa
  • THC Levels: 12% – 16%
  • CBD Levels: 0.1%
  • Flowering Time: 80 – 94 days
  • Growing Difficulty: Moderate
  • Indoor Yield: 1 – 1.2 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 10 – 12 oz per plant
  • Plant size: Tall
  • Effects: Uplifted, Happy, Focused, Calming
  • Flavors: Chocolate, Coffee, Herbal, Peppery
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Type of Seed: Feminized
  • Brand: Dutch Seeds Shop
  • Pack Size: 5, 10
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Chocolate Thai seeds are a pure Sativa strain. The breeder of the strain is Dutch flowers. The strain was discovered in Thailand and gained immense popularity in its early days. Gradually the noise started settling down as a result of its low THC content.

Original Chocolate Thai seeds are dark blackish, tiny, and spherical. The plant has long and slim leaves with a growth that is pretty dense. The outdoor growth is known to be scanty and so it is best grown indoors.

The strain is very useful for medical purposes in patients with depression, insomnia, muscle spasms, etc. It induces a sense of creativity and you begin doing a lot of new things.

The high that you get with this smoke is upbeat and heavy. The buds have a distinct chocolate flavor and deep dark coffee color. When crushed, the aroma is multiplied and spreads everywhere, and entices you. Some mild side effects known with the use of this strain are dryness of eyes and mouth.

Landrace Sativa Family for Beginners

The Chocolate Thai seeds are one of the few landrace Sativa strains in the market since the 1960s. These feminized seeds come from the warm & humid climate of Thailand. They have hints of coffee & chocolate that give you a euphoric high for all day. You can grow these seeds in a small space & get moderate yields. Those who are familiar with local varieties know everything about these seeds. 

The locals smoked it in Thai sticks like a bamboo skewer made from cannabis buds. For those unfamiliar with local varieties, Chocolate Thai sativa is essentially purebred equivalents of cannabis varieties that have not changed or improved over the years.

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Chocolate Thai seeds have the potential to remain popular for so many years. They are a phenotype of Thai landraces, which means they have been grown rapidly without human intervention.

It’s believed that they are the result of the crossing of OG Chocolate Thai & Big Sur Holy Weed. While most of the varieties on the market have been bred by repeatedly crossing several strains to achieve the desired characteristics, the Thai weed remained intact.

The result we have got for you is a pure Sativa Strain, which is difficult to find in this hybrid seeds dominant Marijuana industry. With a slight mutation, we have amazing seeds for sale, which will grow into plants with chocolate-colored buds with pure Sativa effects.

Quality of this strain family seeds is guaranteed by Dutch Seeds Shop, so don’t hesitate to buy Chocolate Thai strain seeds from our store!


Buds of the plants that grow from these seeds will be dark green with glistering orange hairy pistils and a thin layer of trichomes. Back in the ’60s, these cannabis seeds were producing plants with unappealing dark brown buds.

Some buds may have dark-colored spots on them. Being a Sativa Strain, these high-quality seeds will grow into tall & thin plants that you may need to tie to prevent their stems from breaking.

Flowering Time

When grown from our seeds, after germination, Chocolate Thai will have a long flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks. This strain is a true classic and will keep you motivated for the whole day. Those with creative minds love to grow chocolate that seeds. In contrast to the high demand for this strain, these seeds are sold out quickly in the market, making them difficult to find & grow yourself.


With an average THC level of just 10 – 15%, this strain is one of the strains that many experienced smokers recommend to new patients and enthusiasts. That does not mean that the effectiveness of this strain is low as most reviews of this strain indicate its high effectiveness.

Even though the level of THC is one of the determining elements, it is the THC content that leads to the effects of this strain. Instead of suppressing your senses, a moderate amount of THC stimulates you while keeping you grounded. As a result, this variety is perfect to grow & smoke for beginners.


When it comes to CBD, it has about 0.1%. This is true for Sativa strains that are high in THC, so it’s not too surprising. However, just because there is no CBD in this strain, doesn’t mean that medical Cannabis users cannot benefit from growing it.

Effects of Fem Chocolate Thai

As a pure Sativa, it will grow into plants with a fairly predictable set of effects. Ecstasy is primarily cerebral and affects the mind, not the body. In true Sativa style, you will feel refreshed and alive.

Many users enjoy using it early in the morning right after getting up due to its suitable effects. Perhaps the aroma of her coffee contributes to this, making her an ideal alternative to your cup of coffee. Soon after you smoke, you will feel refreshed, energized, and ready to go.

Recreational Effects

It’s relatively low in THC, so the high content isn’t loud or overwhelming. On the contrary, you will feel focused and productive. It’s perfect when you have a long to-do list, especially if you are busy with many creative tasks.

This variety has a delicious sweet flavor of the original Thai Sativa. The strain has so much to give to you besides its taste that you should definitely grow Chocolate Thai Cannabis seeds & taste famous marijuana buds.

Medical Effects

Many patients enjoy using this strain because it makes them feel fresh, lively, and creative without being overly strong.

Chocolate Thai seeds for sale are ideal to grow for medical marijuana users because the bud of the plants will help them manage conditions like depression, insomnia, and PTSD.

it will help them to focus on what is happening in front of them rather than worrying about alternatives. Sativa is known for its effect to enhanced mood and Thai chocolate is no exception.

Fatigue is another reason people use this strain. Finally, Chocolate Thai can help users deal with mild pain. THC is anti-inflammatory, and this strain contains enough THC to reduce inflammation and relieve chronic pain.

Aroma & Taste of Chocolate Thai

Buds of the plants that grow from those cannabis seeds are not pungent on smell. The aroma of Chocolate Thai is spicy, sweet, and earthy. The aftertaste has the same notes of coffee and chocolate. Overall, it is a delicious weed variety & full of flavor.

Yield – Feminzed or Auto

The outdoor growing of Chocolate Thai seeds will likely yield around 10 – 12 ounces (300 – 350 g) per plant. Compared to most other varieties, this number is rather low. Growing Chocolate Thai weed seeds indoors will yield approximately 1.1 oz/ft2 (350 g/m2). However, keep in mind that automatic plants give much smaller yields.

4 reviews for Chocolate Thai Seeds

  1. Billy B

    Nicely packaged. Free seeds. Fast delivery

  2. Strain Monster

    I have never grown this variety before. Not good results for the first time. I will try to grow Chocolate thai again. It is difficult but interesting!

  3. T

    Seeds arrived on time, they seem to be in good condition. I have not yet sprouted the seeds, but I am very pleased with the delivery.

  4. novastar

    Im growing these seeds right now. Popped all of them. 5 of 5 seeds. 5 stars!

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