Green Crack Seeds – Feminized


Green Crack seeds are one of the sought-after feminized seeds at the moment. First, Green Crack feminized seeds are Sativa-dominant. Green crack weed gives a rare uplifting high, which makes it ideal for daytime use. Second, the easy-growing nature of this marijuana strain makes it suitable for both established and novice growers. Let’s discuss the Green Crack marijuana strain to understand its seeds better.

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The Genotype of Green Crack Seeds

As mentioned earlier, Green Crack seeds are Sativa-dominant. These feminized seeds are 65% Sativa and 35% Indica. The parent cannabis strains for Green Crack, Skunk#1, and Afghani landrace are responsible for these genotypes. The Sativa dominance in the Green Crack seeds explains some of the distinct effects present in pure Sativa strains, while the less-dominant Indica is responsible for the plant’s size.

The Phenotype of Green Crack Seeds

When the optimal conditions for growth are maintained, the Green Crack marijuana plant can reach up to 5 feet (150 cm). Despite the height, the weed plant has a robust branching system. Growers are forced to trim some branches to allow light to penetrate the plant’s lower parts.

The trichomes in this cannabis plant are milky-white and are responsible for the glistering appearance with a sticky texture. The rust-colored pistils in this plant make it optically irresistible. Other notable features in Green Crack include pale green or yellow leaves and small-clustered buds.

Flowering Time

One of the reasons why people prefer growing Green Crack is due to its short flowering time. However, we cannot overlook crucial conditions that might alter the short flowering period. First, the flowering time for Green Crack varies from one plant to another, depending on whether it is grown indoors or outdoors.

The best Green Crack seeds take between 50 and 55 days to flower when grown indoors. On the other hand, these feminized Green Crack seeds finish flowering in October when grown outdoors. Second, factors such as humidity, heat, soil nutrients, and spacing affect the overall flowering time of Green Crack cannabis seeds.


The THC level for Green Crack ranges from 17% to a staggering 25%, which partly explains the craze for the Green Crack Marijuana seeds. The high THC levels also account for the head-high effects that leave the user strong and more creative. The high THC levels explain why it is hard to get Green Crack weed seeds for sale due to the ballooning demand.

Growing the Green Crack marijuana seeds in a suitable environment increases the THC levels. The THC levels variance also explains why a person can feel different “high” levels after taking the Green Crack weed grown from different locations.


One of the areas that people overlook is the issue of CBD in Green Crack feminized seeds. The highest CBD level that Green Crack marijuana has ever attained is 0.1%, which is relatively negligible. The negligible CBD levels in this marijuana explain the high potency levels in THC.

The CBD levels remain exceedingly low even in an environment where growers overlook the growing conditions. The low CBD levels partly contribute to the energetic effects of the strain’s THC levels.

Effects of Green Crack

Using Green Crack comes as a package in terms of the effects. Some of these effects are short-lived, while others last longer. The first effect that you are likely to experience, especially if you are a novice marijuana user, is paranoia. You are highly likely to sink into some form of panic as the THC gets into your system.

Taking Green Crack marijuana also increases your creativity levels. The creativity also comes with euphoria to boot. High THC levels leave you high as a kite and energized. Additionally, Green Crack weed also results in cottonmouth due to the limited production of saliva.

Recreational Effects

The uplifting effects of Green Crack make it ideal for the suppression of fatigue. You could stay awake all night watching your favorite movie or thinking about the next big step. If you consider yourself an introvert, Green Crack could help you suppress anxiety and fatigue, turning you into an extrovert in the process.

Medical Effects

Although Green Crack was initially intended for recreational purposes, several experiments have revealed that this marijuana also contains various medical effects. Green Crack is a great anti-depressant, stress reliever, and anxiety reliever. People battling depression can take a puff or chew gummies infused with Green Crack to manage their underlying conditions.

Taste and Aroma of Green Crack

Buds from Green Crack cannabis seeds are famous for their citrus, earthy, and tropical taste with a sweet aroma. The combination of these out-of-earth tastes and aromas makes Green Crack the go-to-choice for weed enthusiasts.

If you pay attention to the nitty-gritty components in marijuana, you might notice varying degrees in the citrusy levels in Green Crack. The varying taste and aroma in this marijuana strain occur due to the different phenotypes. The taste and aroma of Green Crack are highly irresistible, and they leave your tongue yearning for more.

The Yield of Green Crack Seeds

The best Green Crack seeds for sale can tolerate harsh climatic conditions. However, exposing the weed to extreme conditions might reduce the potency of THC and the overall yield.

Although the weed can survive indoor and outdoor, it is advisable to maintain a warm Mediterranean climate. Additionally, the crop must be exposed to direct sunlight to increase the formation of THC. If you opt to grow Green Crack indoors, you must suppress the humidity levels.

When the Green Crack weed seeds are grown indoors, it yields 2 oz/ft2 (600 g/m2). On the other hand, outdoor-grown Green Crack weed yields 28 – 42 oz (800 – 1200 gr) per plant. However, the growing conditions must be optimal to increase the quantity and quality of the yield.

Final Thoughts on Green Crack Seeds

Green Crack marijuana strain continues to reign supreme in several aspects for marijuana lovers. Before you give out your money to buy the best Green Crack seeds for sale, ensure that the seller is reputable. Let every puff or edibles reflect the magnificence of Green Crack.


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