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Jillybean (10 Seeds)

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Your Orange Solution to Depression

Jillybean seeds represent a sativa dominant marijuana strain with a medium THC level (15%-18%). Most smokers choose this orange skunk to get a body high and get their mind off of things. It is said to relieve pain, drive depression and anxiety away, and reduce stress. The Jillybean strain is perfect if you have stuff to do, as it feels you up with energy.

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10 Seeds5 Seeds


The legendary parents of the plant grown from Jillybean seeds are Orange Velvet and Space Queen. Both of them are hybrids with an immense energizing effect. Can you imagine that this fellow here is even more potent? These freaky marijuana seeds will make you feel happy and incredibly upbeat. The strain with citrus and piney flavor is definitely not something to smoke before going to bed. It’s actually quite the opposite – and right up your alley if you’ve got chores to do. Jilly bean will make you want to clean your house and then trash it – just to clean it again.


Flavors Apple
Flavor power Skunk
Flowering time Short (7-9 weeks)
Height Short
THC level Medium (13–17%)
CBD level Low (< 1% )
Climate Mediterranean/Temperate
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Yes
Yield High (3-6 oz./ft²)
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors
Genotype 40% Indica / 60% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis


Growing these regular seeds is very easy, even for beginners. When properly cared for, the plant will please you with its beautiful flowers with intense orange hairs. The suitable grow techniques are a sea of green and screen of green. Jillybean seeds will grow into a short bush with a lemony smell. If you wish it to grow dense, top the stems. Be sure to avoid moisture, especially if grown outdoors, as the weed is susceptible to mold formation. The harvest month is October. The flowering period for indoor cultivation is from 9 to 10 weeks. Buy Jillybean seeds if you want to grow your perfect daytime weed.

Character & Flavor

Jillybean grown from feminized marijuana seeds does not make you feel intoxicated or impaired, just elevated. At first, this weed with a distinctive orange flavor and fruity aftertaste leans heavily towards sativa. Midway through, you will start feeling the indica, the content of which is 40%. According to smokers, this strain creates a tingly feeling in the body. The high is mellow and does not get in the way of your activities. Most potheads and medical marijuana users implement this Space Queen’s child as a ‘daytime’ strain.

Medicinal Application

This weed is often used for its medical qualities. Patients suffering from shoulder pain and muscle spasms prove its efficiency. Those suffering from severe PTSD, with the accompanying depression and anxiety, are relieved by smoking pot grown from Jillybean seeds. It may also be useful for women, since smoking this strain may relieve period pain. Be careful, though, as one or two puffs will certainly do the trick.


It’s pretty obvious that excessive use is never beneficial and can lead to disorientation. Instead of making you energized and happy, overindulging will leave you drowsy and starving. This weed leaves a strong and not so pleasant taste on your tongue and the back of your throat. As always, other common side effects include dry mouth and eyes, so water is definitely your friend.

1 review for Jillybean (10 Seeds)

  1. Item Reviewed: Jillybean (10 Seeds)

    5 out of 5


    I like the strain! A wonderful hybrid that treats pain and anxiety well. A very good seeds bank! I highly recommend it!

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