Skywalker OG Auto Seeds

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Experience the Thrill & Buy Indica Dominant Skywalker OG Auto Seeds

Plants grown from our unique Skywalker OG auto seeds will have yummy buds that will offer a nice blend of mixed effects on you. All-time favorite Skywalker OG autoflower seeds have 75% Indica dominance and 25% Sativa genetics. Your plants grown from our Skywalker Autoflower seeds will have resistance against extreme weather conditions, and you can grow them indoors and outdoors.

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SKU: NB009
Indoor Yield 1.3- 1.6 oz/ft2 (400 – 500 g/m2)
Outdoor Yield 17 – 19 oz (500 – 550 gr) per plant
Flowering Time 60 – 70 days
Height Medium
THC level 14 – 19 %
CBD level Low
Climate Mild
Grow Difficulty Easy
Flavors Kush / Fruity / Citrus
Effect Powerful / Physical / Relaxing
Type 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Parents Skywalker OG x Triangle Kush x Ruderalis
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

The Genotype of Skywalker OG Auto Seeds

The crossing between Skywalker OG, Ruderalis, and Triangle Kush resulted in the development of our extraordinary Skywalker auto seeds. Plants from this strain are highly resistant, making them popular among marijuana growers. You will get delicious buds with Indica dominant effects & consuming them will give you a perfect stoner experience.

Skywalker OG auto seeds have auto-flowering genetics, so you don’t need to worry about the light cycle that your plants will get when you buy them. All you need is to germinate Skywalker OG autoflower seeds & grow the seedlings in a proper space to get top quality marijuana buds from your plants.

The Phenotype of Skywalker OG Auto Seeds

In the current scenario, urban growers seek fast-growing plants & Skywalker auto seeds are a perfect answer. When you buy Skywalker autoflower seeds & grow them, your plants will have dense and highly resinous buds with a rich taste and aroma. Our unique Skywalker OG auto seeds will also express some Sativa characteristics, and the plants that you will get from these amazing auto flowering seeds will be of medium height. Skywalker OG autoflower seeds will equally offer good results, whether you grow them indoors or outdoors.

Flowering Time

Your unique plants grown from our exclusive Skywalker autoflower seeds will have a distinctive physical appearance during the flowering stage. Medium-size buds will tend to curve upwards & they will have an incredible density resembling a small pebble cutting a tray. The white-colored stems with evenly distributed flowers will give a good ratio.

Our Skywalker OG auto seeds will finish the life cycle, from germination to harvest in just 60-70 days, making them ideal for growers who want to harvest multiple times in a year. Plants grown from our Skywalker OG autoflower seeds will have numerous beautiful buds & even new growers can get an ample amount of high-quality cannabis by growing plants from them.


When you grow your unique plants from Skywalker OG autoflower seeds, their buds will have a medium THC value that ranges between 14-19%. Their average THC value will make them perfect for beginners because the buds will give you a perfectly balanced high. Users who do not use marijuana often may feel intense high while smoking the plants’ quality buds grown from our exclusive Skywalker OG auto seeds.

Consuming those high-quality marijuana buds will offer rapid mind high & euphoria due to their THC levels. The use of high-quality cannabis will also help you in managing your body ache and stress issues.


When you grow your plants from our Skywalker auto seeds, their buds will have low CBD values of less than 2%. Those low CBD levels cannot manage your chronic pain conditions, but consuming those buds will help you manage insomnia and headache. Use of those Indica dominant buds will provide you with the ultimate stress-relieving effects.

Effects of Skywalker OG Auto

Recreational Effects

The yummy buds of the plants you grow from our exclusive Skywalker OG autoflower seeds will have sedative & sleepy effects. These quality buds with medium THC and low CBD values are top-rated among marijuana lovers. You will feel euphoric & relaxed after smoking quality weed buds of your plants grown from our unique Skywalker OG Auto seeds. Your body will feel calm from daily stress and work routines. Our Skywalker OG autoflower seeds’ hybrid genetics makes them equally popular among medical & recreational marijuana users.

Medicinal Effects

Your plants’ unique buds grown from our Skywalker OG auto seeds will have Indica dominant effects & their use will reduce your depression, anxiety, and stress. Patients with joint pain, body ache, and insomnia can also benefit from consuming those delicious buds. We can recommend beginners to consume the potent buds of the plants grown from Skywalker auto seeds.

Overuse of the yummy buds can create specific problems, including increased depression, loss of appetite, and insomnia in worst-case scenarios. So we recommend the appropriate use of buds that you get from your plants grown from our exclusive Skywalker OG auto seeds. That will help you with many psychological and physical medical conditions. The plants’ high-quality buds will have an intense & quick effect on your mind & body.

Taste and Aroma of Skywalker OG Auto

Your plants’ delicious buds grown from our unique Skywalker autoflower seeds will have a fruity and citrus flavor. The yummy buds will have an earthy aroma with a mixture of citrus & pure resin. When smoked, the buds will take on a jet fuel’s sweet and earthy flavor. Skywalker OG auto seeds have hybrid genetics & that reflects in the taste & aroma of the plants’ buds grown from them. Recreational cannabis users love to grow plants from our exclusive Skywalker OG auto seeds to get high-quality buds with a sweet taste & unique aroma.

The Yield of Skywalker OG Auto Seeds

Your plants grown from our special Skywalker OG auto seeds will have extreme weather resistance. You can germinate Skywalker auto seeds in harsh weather conditions & get the most out of them. Seeds from this strain are often grown outdoors and rarely indoors and in any case, you will get a good harvest from your plants. Skywalker OG auto seeds are easy to grow and if you decide to grow them indoors you will get a yield of about 1.3- 1.6 oz/ft2 (400 – 500 g/m2). Your outdoor yield will be approximately 17 – 19 oz (500 – 550 gr) per plant.

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  1. donschlitt (verified owner)

    planted 4 , 4 came up! Didn’t grow as tall as I thought only 2 feet or so but Holy … I got per plant dry 32 gr + 48 gr+ 56 gr + 38 gr. of very sticky, stinky, very tasty buds. Blew the minds of my friends on how potent it is ! All I have to grow is 2 led grow lights and a little nutes, I am a novice grower but this stuff makes me look like a pro

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