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Ultra Violet OG seeds are a reminder of the party scene among Seattleites in the late 1980s. As their cannabis aficionado circle expanded, so too did the Purple Indica’s popularity, and demand for the seeds grew. Archive Seed Bank later took a female Purple Indica and mixed it with their male, Face Off OG. This strain has a moderate-high THC content and is suitable for beginners, as well as experienced users. The buds are purple in color and have a sweet, earthy taste. The effects are relaxing and euphoric.

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Growing Ultra Violet OG Strain Seeds

Ultra Violet OG seeds are potent Indica dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Purple Indica with Face Off OG. This marijuana seeds produces dense buds coated in resin, giving it a high THC content. The effects of this strain are relaxing and euphoric, making it a suitable choice for those looking to relieve stress or pain.

Ultra Violet OG gives that interesting cerebral high, which makes it stand out among indica leaning variants. Not only that, Ultra Violet OG seeds grabbed enthusiasts’ attention with the way that they developed into short and sturdy plants, with exquisitely tinted buds.

It boasts a good THC percentage, persistently tested at 16-20% with a fast flowering time and strength of the North American landraces. These traits do their ancestry justice with the high-intensity effects included. The CBD content of this strain is quite low, averaging at around 0.2%.

Ultra Violet OG gets its name from its appearance; the buds are a deep purple color with orange hairs, and are covered in trichomes. The flavor and aroma of this strain are pungent and herbal, with a sweet earthy undertone.

Ultra Violet OG has a flowering time of 60-65 days and can yield up to 1.3 ounces per square foot (400 grams per square meter) indoors. Outdoors, growers can expect up to 10 ounces (280 grams) per plant. This strain is best grown in mild climates and does well in both hydroponic and soil setups.

Ultra Violet OG Seeds Preferred Climate and Conditions

Ultra Violet OG is a potent hybrid that was bred for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. This strain is a cross between Purple Indica and Face Off OG, two well-known varieties. The result is a plant with moderate-high THC levels and a pungent, earthy aroma.

Ultra Violet OG seeds account for a naturally stout and relatively dense plant. In addition to that, it is as sturdy as the pure indicas of the Pacific North West and other indigenous varieties of North America. In that context, it is tolerant to a number of issues induced by humidity such as mold or fungus.

Garden-grown plants give up to 10 ounces (280 grams) per plant in the middle of October; indoor yields take 9 weeks and are slightly smaller. Thanks to the uncertainty of growing circumstances, many opt for indoor growth. Moreover, in outdoor growth, the batch is exposed to pests. Once developed, growers can choose to expose the plant to a marginally lower climate so that buds and leaves will be covered with gorgeous streaks of purple.


Ultra Violet OG seeds grows best in an indoor environment with a controlled temperature and humidity level. These plants can reach heights of up to six feet, so make sure to have enough space for them to grow! It’s also important to provide plenty of ventilation to prevent the build-up of mold or mildew. To get the most out of the Ultra Violet OG crop, it’s recommended to use a hydroponic set-up with a nutrient-rich solution. These plants are heavy feeders and will need to be fertilized regularly to produce a successful harvest.


Ultra Violet OG seeds can also be grown outdoors, but it prefers a mild climate with plenty of direct sunlight. These plants can reach heights of up to six feet, so make sure to have enough space for them to grow! If growers live in a colder climate, it’s best to start Ultra Violet OG plants indoors and then move them outdoors when the weather is warm enough. What Ultra Violet OG Feminized seeds cannot bear are severe cold and heat. When that happens, the roots become soaked or, in the worst-case scenario, die off.

Ultra Violet OG Seeds Yield

Ultra Violet OG Seeds Yield

Ultra Violet OG are high-yielding seeds that produces large, resinous buds. When grown indoors, cultivators can expect to get 1.1 to 1.3 ounces per square foot, which equals 350 to 400 grams per square meter of growing space, using a 12-12 lighting schedule. Outdoors, in a mild climate, the time for harvest is around October, expect to get about 7 – 10 ounces (200 – 300 grams) per plant.

Ultra Violet OG Flowering Time

The Ultra Violet OG seeds have a flowering time of 60 to 65 days. This indica-dominant hybrid produces beautiful purple buds that are covered in trichomes. Thanks to its relatively short flowering time, the Ultra Violet OG strain is a great choice for novice growers who want to harvest their crop quickly. Our helpful customer service can be reached for assistance when necessary, and growers are able to order the Ultra Violet OG seeds with the discretion from Dutch Seeds Shop today!

Ultra Violet OG Effects

Ultra Violet OG seeds are a hybrid marijuana strain that was created by crossing two famous strains, Purple Indica and Face Off OG. As a result, this new strain has inherited the best qualities of both parents! Ultra Violet OG has a high THC content of up to 20%, which makes it a potent strain. The effects of this strain are very relaxing and euphoric, making it a good choice for those who need to relieve stress and anxiety. The high will last for up to 2 hours, so one can enjoy the effects of this strain all day long!

Supposedly, Ultra Violet OG seeds were developed with recreational use in mind. However, this is not a reason to dismiss its medical benefits. Through the cumulative efforts of its THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, it may help people with anxiety, ADD, or ADHD. By concentrating thoughts and balancing emotions, it is said that it has a positive impact on depression and PTSD. Ultra Violet OG brings a relaxing high, which encourages a better quality of sleep. (WARNING: Using cannabis for medicinal purposes without a prescription from a doctor is strongly discouraged!)

Ultra Violet OG may have some negative reactions. Two of the most prevalent are itchy eyes and a cottonmouth. Neither of those has severe consequences and can be lessened by proper hydration. Another thing to mention is that consuming too much at a time may lead to dizziness and potentially paranoia. So, this marijuana strain should be taken with restraint.

Ultra Violet OG Feminized Seeds

Ultra Violet OG Feminized Seeds

Ultra Violet OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a 80/20 ratio. With THC levels up to 20%, this marijuana strain induces a relaxing, euphoric, and happy high. Ultra Violet OG plants are short and bushy with deep purple leaves that make it easy to identify in the optimum harvest time, which is October when the plant reaches its maturity. Ultra Violet OG seeds are already feminized so growers don’t need to worry about the sex of the plant.

Ultra Violet OG Appearance

Ultra Violet OG is a beautiful strain that gets its name from its vibrant purple buds. The leaves are also tinged with purple, and the plant produces long, thin orange pistils. The calyxes are small and round, and the trichomes are dense and frosty. The flowers have a dense structure and are covered in orange pistils and trichomes. This strain is indica-dominant, and it has a high THC content.

Ultra Violet OG Aroma

The Ultra Violet OG aroma is pungent and herbal, with hints of sweetness. The taste is similar, with a touch of earthiness. This strain has a high THC content, so it’s best to enjoy it in moderation.

When people smoke this strain, they claim they taste the sweetness on the exhale, with an earthy aftertaste that lingers on the palate.

Ultra Violet OG Fragrance

This breed has a noticeable fragrance and as soon as the lid is lifted up, the smoker will be met with a delicious aroma that fills the room. It’s drenched in sweet fruity taste with refreshing hints of earth.

Ultra Violet OG Flavors

Ultra Violet OG is a hybrid marijuana strain that’s known for its pungent and earthy flavors. When smoked or vaporized, this strain has a very distinct sweet, herbal taste. The buds are also very sticky and have a high resin content. Ultra Violet OG is a great strain for those who enjoy strong flavors and want a potent high. This strain is also known for its relaxing and euphoric effects.

Ultra Violet OG Terpenes

Ultra Violet OG is a potent hybrid cannabis that gives users a relaxing, euphoric, and happy feeling. The terpene profile of Ultra Violet OG contains Terpineol, Caryophyllene, Phellandrene and Terpinolene.

  1. Terpineol is a terpene that gives off a floral, citrusy, and piney aroma. It is found in the essential oils of many plants including eucalyptus, lime, lemon, and orange.
  2. Caryophyllene is a sesquiterpene that smells like pepper and cloves. This terpene is found in black pepper, cloves, rosemary, and hops. Caryophyllene is known to interact with the CB2 receptors in the body.
  3. Phellandrene is a monoterpene that has a strong, pungent, and minty aroma. It is found in the essential oils of plants such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and ginger.
  4. Terpinolene is a monoterpene that has a woody, floral, and herbal aroma. It is found in the essential oils of plants such as sage, rosemary, and thyme.

Ultra Violet OG Seeds Genetics

Ultra Violet OG Seeds Genetics

  1. Ultra Violet OG seeds are a cross between Purple Indica and Face Off OG.
  2.  This Indica-dominant strain has a genetic makeup of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.
  3. The buds have a pungent aroma with herbal and sweet undertones, while the flavor is earthy with a hint of sweetness.
  4. The effects are relaxing and euphoric, making this strain great for unwinding after a long day.
  5. Its THC level ranges from 16% to 20%.
  6. CBD levels are 0.1% to 0.4%.
  7. Ultra Violet OG Seeds are relatively easy to grow, although it requires a moderate level of experience.

Ultra Violet OG Seeds Final Thoughts

Ultra Violet OG seeds parentage includes Purple Indica and Face Off OG, which explains its purple hue. Ultra Violet OG are a cannabis seeds that delivers both relaxation and euphoria. Ultra Violet OG has moderate THC levels, ranging from 17% to 20%. CBD levels are relatively low in this strain, falling between 0.1% and 0.4%. This is a powerful strain that can easily take over if smokers are not careful.

Despite its low CBD content, Ultra Violet OG is believed to offer several therapeutic benefits including relief from stress, anxiety, and pain. This strain’s effects are mostly physical, making it a good choice for those looking for an evening of relaxing activities such as watching TV or reading a book.

Growers report that Ultra Violet OG seeds are relatively easy to cultivate and produces medium-sized plants with dense buds covered in trichomes. This strain flowers within 60 to 65 days when grown indoors and is ready for harvest in October when grown outdoors.

It’s a great choice for those who want to relax and unwind, but it can also be quite overwhelming if they are not used to such high THC levels. The effects are very cerebral, so be prepared for some intense head highs. The flavors are earthy and pungent, with hints of sweetness.

Overall, this is a great strain for those who want a strong indica-dominant hybrid. Just be sure to start slow and go easy on the dosage!





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