Bubblegum Cookies Marijuana Strain Information and Review

When the rap legend Snoop Dogg puts his seal on something, you know it will be a hit. That’s exactly what we have with Bubblegum Cookies, a sticky, sweet delight that dances on your taste buds and tickles your senses. This Indica-dominant hybrid is like a jazz riff on a summer night – cool, smooth, and…

Bubblegum Cookies Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Genetic: Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Bubblegum

THC: 17 – 25%

CBD: 0.1 – 1%

Terpenes: Bisabolol, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Pinene

Flowering Time: 56 – 63 days

Indoor Yield: 1.4 – 1.6 oz/ft²

Outdoor Yield: 14 – 21 oz/plant

Effects: Calming, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Flavors/Taste: Bubblegum, Fruity, Sweet

Bubblegum Cookies Strain Genetics

This is the ultimate melting pot of cannabis genetics, a true testament to the mastery of breeding and the spirit of innovation.

Origins and Lineage

Bred by Snoop Dogg in collaboration with Riot Seeds breeders, this is the love child of Sensi Star Pink Bubblegum and Girl Scout Cookies.

The result is a blend of powerful effects from Pink Bubblegum cannabis and the addictive flavors of the famed GSC.

Origins and Lineage


Thanks to its high-profile creators, this weed entered the stage with a bang.

It quickly gained popularity for its powerful effects, unique terpene profile, and that delightful bubblegum flavor.

No wonder this cannabis is quickly becoming a classic in its own right.

The Appearance

It has a distinctive, vibrant purple nug and appearance that reflects its strong, delightful nature.

Its buds are a deep green streaked with purple, and generously coated with crystalline trichomes that scream potency.

Is Bubblegum Cookies Indica or Sativa?

It is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, so you’ll unwind on a cloud of calm and tranquility combined with a delightful touch of Sativa stimulation.

Talk about the perfect way to end the day! 😌💤

Is Bubblegum Cookies Indica or Sativa?

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

A cannabis strain’s real magic lies in its unique blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, and this is undoubtedly no exception.

Terpenes Profile

It showcases a varied terpene profile, with Caryophyllene taking center stage.

Other common terpenes include LimoneneLinaloolPineneMyrceneBisabolol, and Phellandrene, which all work together to provide a rich, complex flavor and aroma.

THC and CBD levels

THC levels can range wildly, from a moderate 17% to an impressively potent 25%.

CBD and CBG levels, however, are practically non-existent.

With such a hefty amount of THC, this strain packs quite a punch.

So newcomers, beware!

Aroma and Flavor

With its name, you’d expect it to have a sweet, candy-like scent and flavors, and you wouldn’t be wrong!

Expect a burst of bubble gum on the nose, underscored by fruity, spicy, floral and strawberry undertones.

On the palate, it’s a sweet symphony of berry, fruity, strawberry, and bubble gum flavors.

Bubblegum Cookies Weed Strain Effects and Medical Benefits

This is like a gentle but firm masseuse, kneading away your worries and discomforts with practiced ease.


This cannabis high is characterized by a calming wave that washes over the user, followed by uplifting euphoria.

As the smokes high builds, it progresses into blissful sedation that might send you to dreamland and make you unfocused.



Like any strong strain, it may produce side effects as dry eyes, dizziness, or paranoia, especially in higher doses.

Strain Helps With

Its strong effects make it an excellent option for chronic painheadachesinsomniamigraines, and chronic stress.

It also contains anti-depressive, pain-relieving and analgesic properties.

Growing Bubblegum Cookies

This is a grower’s dream, with medium height and a manageable flowering time.

Bubblegum Cookies Seeds

The seeds of this strain are hybrids with an Indica dominant genotype.

That means these seeds inherit the best of both worlds, from a sturdy growth structure to a generous harvest.

Growing Guide

This sweetly aromatic hybrid cannabis strain, thrives in a controlled environment with proper lighting and pH-balanced soil. 

For optimal production, ensure a warm, semi-humid climate, and use Low-Stress Training techniques to maximize growth.

Growing Guide

Indoor and Outdoor Growing Info

While it can be grown indoors and outdoors, it thrives in a controlled indoor environment where growers can effectively manage its climate needs and potential pests.

Feeding Plants

Like any other marijuana strain, it appreciates a balanced diet of nutrients to ensure healthy growth and generous harvest.

Flowering Time and Yield

Expect to see these beauties bloom in about 8 to 9 weeks.

With proper care, indoor growers can expect an high yield of 1.4 to 1.6 oz/ft², while outdoor growers can enjoy between 14 to 21 oz per plant.

Flowering Time and Yield

Comparison of Alternative Strains to Bubblegum Cookies

While this cannabis has a distinctive profile, many weed strain alternatives exist for those seeking different effects, flavors, or growing characteristics.

Bubble Runtz combines Zkittlez and Gelato, offering a euphoric and sleepy experience with fruity, sweet, and tropical flavors.

Bubblegum Sherbet results from crossing Bubblegum and Sunset Sherbet, delivering euphoria and relaxation, with notes of lavender and strawberry.

Bubblegum induces a mix of euphoria, sleepiness, and uplifting effects, originating from Indiana Bubblegum and an unknown strain, offering woody, sweet, and flowery flavors.

Bubblegum Gelato combines Bubblegum and Gelato, providing a balanced experience of euphoria, relaxation, and euphoria, with sweet, creamy, and berry-like tastes.

Girl Scout Cookies combines OG Kush and Durban Poison, delivering euphoria, relaxation, and uplifting effects, with sweet, herbal, and pungent notes.

Gelato Cookies is a balanced strain resulting from crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato, offering a buzzy euphoria, relaxation, and nutty, earthy, and minty flavors.

Bubble RuntzZkittlez x GelatoEuphoria, SleepyFruity, Sweet, Tropical
Bubblegum SherbetBubblegum x Sunset SherbetEuphoria, RelaxationLavender, Strawberry
BubblegumIndiana Bubblegum x Unknown Euphoria, Sleepy, UpliftingWoody, Sweet, Flowery
Bubblegum GelatoBubblegum x GelatoBalanced, Euphoria, RelaxationSweet, Creamy, Berry
Girl Scout CookiesOG Kush x Durban PoisonEuphoria, Relaxation, UpliftingSweet, Herbal, Pungent
Gelato CookiesGSC x GelatoBalanced, Buzzy Euphoria, RelaxationNutty, Earthy, Minty


Is Bubblegum Cookies sativa or indica?

It is an Indica-dominant hybrid, with a 60%/40% Indica-to-Sativa ratio.

What is the most powerful Cookies strain?

Bubble Gum Cookies, with average THC levels of 17-25%, is among the potent Cookies strains, but THC potency can vary with cultivation.

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