Zev Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Welcome aboard, fellow green thumbs and cannabis connoisseurs! Today, we’re diving into the Zev strain, a newcomer on the cannabis stage that’s been turning heads (and lighting up faces) with its potent buzz and delectable flavor profile.

Zev Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Genetic: SR-71 Purple Kush x Gush Mints

THC: 17 – 21%

CBD: 0.01 – 0.1%

Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Terpinolene

Flowering Time: 56 – 63 days

Indoor Yield: 0.6 – 1.1 oz/ft²

Outdoor Yield: 12 – 14 oz/plant

Effects: Calming, Creative, Euphoric

Flavors/Taste: Berry, Earthy, Grapefruit

Zev Strain Genetics

To truly understand a cannabis strain, you must look at its family tree.

In the case of Zev, it’s got some rather aristocratic lineage.

Origins and Lineage

The Zev strain is a Indica hybrid, with genetics traced back to the distinguished SR-71 Purple Kush and Gush Mints.

If cannabis strains were celebrities, these two would be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

SR-71 Purple Kush brings an earthy sweetness to the table, while Gush Mints adds a dash of cooling mint.

It’s like a refreshing after-dinner mint that also gets you high.😁


Like a well-aged wine, Zev has taken its sweet time to reach perfection.

Despite a few timing hiccups, this strain has made a name for itself in the cannabis world thanks to its potent effects and unique genetic makeup.


The appearance of Zev Weed

Zev looks like it was designed by an artist, with buds that gleam with a frosting of trichomes and vibrant orange hairs that would make a fox jealous.

Is Zev Indica or Sativa?

Zev is 40% Sativa and 60% Indica.

So, Zev is your go-to if you’re in the mood for a relaxing high that keeps you calm and friendly.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Welcome to the chemistry lab! It’s not all about THC, folks.

Let’s break down what makes Zev so unique.

Terpenes Profile

Zev is rich in various terpenes, giving it its unique aroma and flavor.

Watch out for the scent of fresh earth mixed with a touch of sweet berries and a hint of mint that lingers on the tongue.

THC and CBD levels

While Zev’s exact THC and CBD levels can vary, it’s safe to say that this strain packs quite a punch.

The THC levels can leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed, while the CBD is on the lower side, meaning this strain is all about the high and less about the healing.

THC and CBD levels

Aroma and Flavor

In addition to its tantalizing terpenes, Zev offers an aroma reminiscent of a walk in a lush forest, with a hint of sweet berries on the breeze.

It’s a full-on sensory experience!

Zev Strain Effects and Medical Benefits

Zev is a strain with a lot to offer regarding recreational enjoyment and potential therapeutic benefits.


Zev offers a rush of euphoria, making it perfect for social gatherings or creative pursuits.

However, don’t be surprised if you find yourself with a case of dry eyes – it’s a common side effect, but nothing a good eye drop can’t fix.


Zev can also lead to a dry mouth besides the aforementioned dry eyes.

Small price to pay for the ride of your life, right?


Zev Strain Helps With

While Zev is primarily a recreational strain, it can also help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression thanks to its euphoric and uplifting effects.

Growing Zev

Ready to start your journey as a cannabis cultivator? Let’s take a closer look at how to grow Zev.

Zev Seeds

Zev seeds are feminized, designed to produce only female plants.

That is a massive plus for growers, as female plants are the ones that produce those delightful buds we all love so much.

Growing Guide

Growing Zev is a bit like raising a child – it needs a little love and care, but the rewards are worth it!

Indoor and Outdoor Growing Info

Whether you’re an indoor grower with a sophisticated hydroponic system or a fan of the great outdoors, Zev has you covered.

It thrives in both environments, though you might need to give it extra attention indoors to replicate its natural outdoor environment.

Feeding Zev Plants

Zev plants are not too picky when it comes to food.

However, like all cannabis plants, they’ll benefit from a balanced diet of nutrients.

Monitor for any signs of nutrient deficiency or nitrogen toxicity, as these can affect your plant’s health and yield.

Flowering Time and Yield of Zev Seeds

The flowering time of Zev is around 8 to 9 weeks.

But don’t worry; your efforts won’t be in vain.

Indoor cultivators can expect yields of around 0.6 to 1.1 ounces per square foot, while outdoor yields are approximately 12 to 14 ounces per plant.

Flowering Time and Yield of Zev Seeds

Comparison of Alternative Strains to Zev Strain

As great as Zev is, keeping your options open is always a good idea.

Here’s how Zev stacks up against some other famous strains including Pinnacle, Zen, Rainbow Belts, Zinfandel, Zkittlez strain, Zenzei, Gush Mints and Governmint Oasis.

StrainGenetics (Parent Strains)EffectsFlavors
ZevSR-71 Purple Kush x Gush MintsEuphoric, RelaxedEarthy, Berry, Grapefruit
PinnacleUnknownRelaxed, Happy, UpliftedSweet, Earthy, Pine
ZenMexican Sativa x AfghaniUplifted, Energetic, HappyEarthy, Sweet, Citrus
Rainbow BeltsZkittlez x Moonbow #75Relaxed, Happy, EuphoricSweet, Berry, Citrus
ZinfandelUnknownHappy, Euphoric, UpliftedBerry, Grape, Sweet
ZkittlezGrape Ape x GrapefruitRelaxed, Happy, EuphoricSweet, Berry, Grapefruit
ZenzeiUnknownHappy, Relaxed, EuphoricCitrus, Sweet, Earthy
Gush MintsUnknownRelaxed, Happy, EuphoricMint, Sweet, Earthy
Governmint OasisUnknownRelaxed, Euphoric, HappyMint, Sweet, Herbal


Is Zev a indica or Sativa?

Zev is a Indica hybrid.

Is Zev a strong strain?

Yes, Zev is considered a strong strain due to its high THC content and potent effects.

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