Discover the Magic of Double Zero CBD

Ah, the world of cannabis!  A wild ride, filled with thrilling strains and exotic products like Double Zero CBD, known for its siren’s call to CBD aficionados worldwide. When this hashish struts down the cannabis catwalk, it commands attention, turning heads like a celebrity making a red-carpet entrance. Buckle up, folks; we’re about to embark…

Discover the Magic of Double Zero CBD

What is Double Zero CBD?

Imagine the Michelangelo of the cannabis world, meticulously crafting a masterpiece. 

That masterpiece is Double Zero CBD, a tour de force in the realm of hashish. 

It’s not just popular; it’s a veritable rockstar, stealing the spotlight with its remarkable qualities and cult-like following. 

If the cannabis world were an opera, Double Zero would be the prima donna!

CBD Content and Other Specifications

CBD Content and Other Specifications

The crème de la crème of Double Zero CBD is its CBD content. 

With a smooth 8%, it’s like a jazz ensemble – chilled out yet undeniably impactful. 

As for its THC content, it’s a mere “<0.2%”. 

Remember, folks, in the cannabis industry; less is often more. 

This hash’s yellow inner resin comes from the pick of the cannabis sativa L. flowers because who doesn’t love an exclusive guest list?

The Making of Double Zero CBD

The making of Double Zero CBD is akin to the ancient art of alchemy, but instead of turning lead into gold, we’re transforming carefully selected dark green flowers and freshly ground CBD buds into this sensational hash. 

The trichomes used are cold-pressed and come from organically grown CBD strains. 

It’s a recipe whispered down from generation to generation of cannabis connoisseurs.

Pollen 00: The Other Name for Double Zero

Ah, Pollen 00

The nom de plume of Double Zero, known for its high quality, and a texture so crumbly, it would make a scone jealous. 

It’s the Sean Connery of hashish-classy, smooth, and possessing a rich, sweet aroma reminiscent of traditional hashish. 

A sniff of Pollen 00 is enough to transport you back to the 80s. Groovy, man!

CBD and Other Cannabinoids in Pollen 00

Pollen 00 is no one-trick pony. 

While it boasts a high concentration of CBD (“<14%”), it also offers a spritz of THC (“<0.2%”) and a dash of CBG (“<18%”). 

It’s like the ultimate cannabis cocktail, meticulously mixed for your enjoyment.

Hash Gang – Double Zero is the Quentin Tarantino movie in our Double Zero film festival. 

It’s bold, daring, and doesn’t shy away from packing a punch. 

Obtained from the first sieving of the plants, it boasts high levels of CBD and a taste that would make your taste buds do the Macarena.

Specifications and Usage Recommendations

The THC content in Hash Gang – Double Zero is less than 1%, and the CBD content struts up to 40%. 

It’s the ideal choice for those looking to kick back, relax, and shrug off the weight of a long day. 

A little heat and it breaks down like melted butter on a hot croissant. How’s that for smooth?

Specifications and Usage Recommendations


What are the side effects of CBD drops under the tongue?

CBD drops under the tongue may cause side effects like dry mouth, fatigue, or dizziness.

What percent CBD is good?

CBD’s “good” percentage depends on individual preferences and desired effects.

Is CBD a drug?

CBD is a compound found in cannabis but lacks the psychoactive effects of marijuana. It is not considered a drug in many countries.

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