Super Skunk Autoflower Seeds

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Grow your own Super Skunk Autoflower Seeds for a potent, skunky strain with powerful relaxing effects. Get guaranteed, high-quality seeds from DutchSeedsShop!

  • Genetics: Superskunk x Northern Lights x Ruderalis
  • Plant Type: 80% Indica – 20% Sativa
  • THC Levels: 14% – 19%
  • CBD Levels: Below 1%
  • Flowering Time: 49 – 56 days
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Indoor Yield: 0.5 – 0.7 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor Yield: 1 – 3.5 oz per plant
  • Plant size: Small
  • Effects: Happy, Body-buzz, Relaxed, Calming
  • Flavors: Skunk, Earthy, Sweet, Cheese
  • Flowering Type: Autoflowering
  • Type of Seed: Feminized
  • Brand: Dutch Seeds Shop
  • Pack Size: 5, 10
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Super Skunk Auto Strain Seeds

Super Skunk seeds grow plants are compact and bushy in structure. Stems are thick, while nodes hold dark-green, serrated leaves.

Branches hold numerous buds that eventually form thick, dense colas.

Leaves on Super Skunk are dark green in coloration and resemble pine tree branches.

Thick, resin-filled leaves shield bright buds beneath.

Stunning shade of lime green adorns lime-colored calyxes below thick layer of crystal trichomes that coat every part of this hardy Cannabis cultivar.

Super Skunk autoflower seeds produce an earthy, sweet scent with touches of pine and citrus.

This fragrance is also full of pungent notes that are reminiscent of its parent strain, Super Skunk.

While aroma may at first seem simple, you soon detect surprising depth.

Undertones include hints of cheese and butter that come from Super Skunk genetics.

While not like hash or concentrates, Super Skunk autoflower’s aroma will remind you of familiar smells from Amsterdam coffee shops.

Flavor is also very unique and complex for an indica-dominant marijuana strain, revealing blend of earthiness, lime, and cherries.

These flavors come out most when it is combusted in joint or bong. 

Super Skunk weed seeds are one of easiest strains to cultivate, making it highly desirable for beginner cultivators. 

This strain prefers temperatures between 64-75F, with humidity levels below 60%.

Super Skunk grows well in most climates but requires sufficient sunlight and proper ventilation for optimal growth.

With flowering time of around 49 to 56 days, you can expect to harvest between 0.5 to 0.7 ounces per square foot of usable cannabis on average when growing Super Skunk weed seeds indoors.

Outdoors, seeds produce slightly higher yield—ranging from 1 to 3.5 ounces of usable cannabis per plant.

Super Skunk Auto

Super Skunk Auto weed seeds are perfect for growing beginners and experienced cultivators alike.

Plants compact size, rapid flowering time, and high yields make them desirable cultivar to grow.

Plants are resistant to most pests and diseases and are suitable for most growing setups.

However, with its high THC content, early-stage growers may want to steer clear.

Likewise, breeders looking for gentle euphoric highs may want to look elsewhere and stick with original Skunk weed seeds.

Super Skunk Autoflower Seed Origin

Super Skunk auto weed seeds have history that goes back to original Skunk genes.

Original Super Skunk was hybrid-bred in 1990s and was reverse-bred to produce Skunk Automatic in 2004.

Medical community quickly embraced this strain for its ability to relieve pain and stress and its naturally growing properties.

Then breeders developed Super Skunk autoflower by crossing original Super Skunk with ruderalis plant.

Ruderalis is wild relative of marijuana plants and is species that gives plants ability to sprout, flower and produce seeds on their own.

Breeders created auto-flowering version strain using this gene, which immediately became favorite among recreational users worldwide.

Super Skunk is legendary indica dominant strain with THC levels reaching 19%.

It’s ideal for medicinal use, especially if you’re looking to ease pain or other symptoms associated with inflammation.

Super Skunk Auto has all same qualities as regular strain but with added benefit of being autoflowering variety.

That means it’ll soon be ready to harvest, no matter how much time you can dedicate to caring for plants!


Super Skunk Auto derives its genetics from Super Skunk, Northern Lights, and Ruderalis species.

Original Super Skunk strain earned its name by combining thick-skinned Skunk genetics with sweet-smelling Indica varieties.

From there, breeders crossed it with Northern Lights to boost THC levels.

Lastly, they added some naturally occurring ruderalis plants to create autoflowering variety.

We love sativa-dominant strains for sunny days and outdoor activities.

However, sometimes we need more body buzz than an all-sativa blend can provide.

With this strain, you get best of both worlds; energetic head high from sativas with heavy body buzz from invigorating indicas.

Strain is perfect combo of genetic stability and quick growing time, ideal for commercial production or home hobbyist looking for fun hobbies with fantastic results!

Super Skunk Autoflower Strains Phenotypes

Super Skunk strain’s phenotypes may vary slightly depending on environment they’re grown in.

However, most of time difference between phenotypes is limited to color of buds.

Green phenotype produces buds with green hue.

This phenotype is common for most autos and is result of brief vegetative stage followed by rapid flowering period.

As result, plant does not get chance to develop crystals on its leaves, resulting in darker shade of green.

Plant Height

This strain produces compact plants with bushy foliage, allowing optimal growth in small or medium-sized grow rooms.

Plants grow up to 60-70cm in height.

Super Skunk Autoflowering Growing Guide Week By Week

Strains have great THC levels of up to 19% but aren’t high in CBD.

They are also relatively easy to grow: plants grow short with thick branches; flowers finish quickly; and harvests take about 7 to 8 weeks from seed.

Auto plants grows similarly to photoperiod strains but at much quicker pace.

Begin with seedling stage, where your plant initially develops leaves and branches.

After adding roots and growing larger, plant enters vegetation stage, which typically lasts between one and three weeks.

Next, your plant will enter flowering phase, which could last between two and three weeks.

At end of this period, you can start harvesting your yields of sticky buds.

Auto Seeds Indoor Grow

Super Skunk strain is perfect for any indoor grower looking for cheap and easy way to produce high-quality bud.

Strain is an extremely compact and tasty variation of original strain.

This autoflowering version allows you to maximize potential of your grow room by cranking out bud in as little time as 8 weeks.

Super Skunk is small plant. Therefore, keeping space compact is vital to growing healthy crops indoors.

Plants should receive minimal heat. Ensure temperature stays between 18-24°C (64-75°F) for best results.

Excess heat can cause slow growth and trigger hermaphroditic traits in plants.

We advise carrying out weekly check-ups to ensure temperature stays steady and keeps within optimal range.

Seeds Outdoor Grow

Super Skunk is relatively easy plant to grow, making it preferable for beginners. 

If you prefer growing outdoors, make sure you give your autoflower plants room to spread their branches. 

Super Skunk tends to stretch, so provide tall supports and trellis to keep your autoflower plants at ideal height.

Seeds grow autoflower marijuana plants that peak at one meter 70cm in height, making them perfect for stealthy growth. 

Super Skunk cannabis strain is best grown outdoors when weather permits. 

They can be cultivated outdoors in most areas with mild climates but need plenty of sunshine and water; otherwise will become weedy bushes.

When growing this strain indoors, you must be ready to trim branches regularly to maintain healthy growth.

This strain produces abundant flowers, so be prepared to trim often.

Preferred Climate

Super Skunk strain prefers mild climates. With its short stature, dense buds, and thick leaves, plant protects itself well against heat and humidity.

That said, you should keep environment in range of 64-75 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.

Super Skunk is easy to grow, so you don’t need humidity to help your plants thrive.

High humidity can cause powdery mildew and mold.

Therefore, it is essential to keep relative humidity levels below 60%.

You can use open windows or fans to increase air circulation if necessary.

Remember to control temperature in vegetative phase because this plant isn’t accustomed to wide fluctuations.

Utilizing environment control techniques such as fogging or air conditioning can make all difference!

Feeding Super Skunk Autoflowering Plant

Super Skunk strain is heavy feeder. As such, we recommend giving it lots of organic nutrients throughout plant life to maximize yields.

On that same note, plants do well, receiving lots of balanced nutrition through leaves during flowering.

Super Skunk flowers within 7 to 8 weeks.

Growing this strain requires attention to macronutrients nitrogen phosphorous potassium (NPK) since levels of these elements can impact growth speed and overall size of your plants.

Nitrogen tends to be biggest influence on plant size, so it’s best to keep this nutrient within recommended ranges while keeping others steady.

Super Skunk strain is mostly indica; therefore, it benefits from deep NPK feeding (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) during vegetative stage.

NPK nutrients provide plants with building blocks for growth.

Super Skunk Autoflower Seeds Flowering Time And Yield

Super Skunk autoflower plants produce buds quickly. However, several factors can influence how long it takes for them to mature.

Temperature and humidity can cause issues if they aren’t addressed.

With low temperatures and humidity, stems tend to become thinner and develop fewer leaf layers.

Buds, then, don’t get chance to grow as much as you’d like.

On other hand, excess heat can cause slow growth and trigger hermaphroditic traits in plants, and high humidity can cause powdery mildew and mold. 

Remember to keep track of temperature and humidity while cultivating this strain for best results.

Super Skunk weed seeds grow into plants with flowering time of 7-8 weeks, given optimal growing conditions.

Skunk Seeds Indoor Yield

Super Skunk autoflower plants grow compact buds with up to 19% THC content.

These compact plants are perfect for stealthy cultivators and cultivators with smaller grow rooms.

They produce compact buds, which yield slightly more than typical photoperiodic plants.

When growing indoors in optimal conditions, you can expect yields of up to 0.7 ounces per square foot.

Seeds Outdoor Yield

Plants produce surprisingly high yields for their size. 

They can reach up to 3.5 oz per plant in ideal environment. 

Plant height is not tall, so it can be grown in smaller areas without issue.

Space plants approximately 3 feet apart to allow them room to develop fully. 

With such short growing time, these plants can produce high yields within 49 to 56 days of planting.

Super Skunk Autoflower At 3 Week Old

Super Skunk Autoflower plants usually are in their vegetative growth stage at 3 week old, which means they are still expanding and forming their leaves and branches.

Plants are typically 8 to 12 inches tall at this point and will keep growing until they start to bloom.

Making sure plants are getting proper nutrients is crucial since it will help them grow strong and healthy.

In order to guarantee that plants continue to thrive, it’s also critical to keep an eye out for any signs of stress or disease and to take immediate action if necessary.

The Experience Of Smoking Or Consuming Super Skunk Bud

Super Skunk was bred to produce an intense and immediate physical high, followed by a deep body buzz.

It is ideal for winding down after stressful day or enjoying with friends during chilled-out get-togethers.

Super Skunk can be heavy hitter for beginners but blends well with most strains.

Super Skunk has long-lasting, potent effects that make it popular strain for recreational users.

Experienced smokers enjoy its powerful high that leaves you feeling relaxed and happy even after several hits.

Users report feelings of euphoria, heightened sensations, and deep body buzz.

It may be hard to keep yourself from relaxing on sofa all afternoon, with users reporting feelings of couch lock or laziness after extended use.

Super Skunk’s THC levels may reach as high as 19%, depending on growing conditions.

That is enough to cause mild hallucinations in new users and heavy mental effects in anyone.

Users report feelings of paranoia, especially with overconsumption or new user.

Some cases of anxiety have been attributed to this cannabis , although most likely when consumed in large amounts or by an inexperienced user.

Super Skunk autoflower is easy to consume because it is so potent.

Smoking or vaping are both great options. For those of you who prefer edibles, know that it may take a bit longer to kick in, but effects will be just as intense.

Smell And Taste

Super Skunk is one of most flavorful cannabis strain in our catalog.

Her aromas are like bouquet of deep, pungent flowers that transform into an irresistible blend of exotic spices.

Super Skunk is best known for its very recognizable smell. It smells exactly like it tastes- like skunk!

However, when grown right, this cannabis strain offers more complex aroma than its name suggests.

Sweet notes of pine and earthiness rise up from nugs and swirl together to create rich bouquet that reminds many users of baked goods.

Then, faint tones of citrus fruit- mandarin and kumquat- peek through to keep things interesting.

Super Skunk has hints of earthiness, with fruity overtones that add dimension to its signature skunky smell and taste.

With every toke, your palate will experience surprise burst of sweetness before exhale sends mellow yet lingering taste of cheese your way.

Super Skunk Autoflower strain tastes similar to how it smells.

With Super Skunk, you get pungent, slightly fruity, earthy flavors that make you want to keep coming back for more.

Flavor can also carry slight skunky aftertaste, which only enhances its notoriety. 

Although her fragrance is extremely potent, her flavors are surprisingly subtle.

That makes it so every toker can enjoy experience and savor every puff.

Super Skunk tastes just as good as she smells, with smooth and balanced flavor of earthy sweetness backed by spicy aftertaste.

Flavors may be somewhat deceiving at first glance because of strain’s mellow name.

However, once you try it, you will realize it is anything but mild and delightful.

Uses For Super Skunk Autoflower

Super Skunk, in every form, is excellent all-around strain. It has broad appeal and will please both novices and seasoned users alike.

Because of its high THC content, this cannabis strain is great for treating most conditions associated with THC.

If you suffer from stress or depression, you should find much relief from this cannabis strain.

It is also great at relieving physical pain caused by injuries or illnesses.

This cannabis relaxes your muscles and may even put you to sleep if you overdo it.

As long as you don’t have any mental disorders, this is excellent choice when dealing with anxiety issues.

Also, because of its effects, this cannabis is very popular to use for recreational purposes.

Medical Use

Seeds grow cannabis that has myriad of medicinal properties.

This effective bud calms mind, easing worries, stress, and depression.

It also eases pain, headaches, and migraines, including those related to menstrual cycle.

Super Skunk autoflower can also help with inflammation. It may assist with various inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Those who have fibromyalgia may see some relief from this potent Indica strain’s effects.

Super Skunk autoflower calms your mind but doesn’t put you to sleep. As such, it’s excellent for treating anxiety disorders.

You’ll stay alert enough to handle daily tasks without feeling nervous or restless.

This cannabis is potent full-body relaxer that doesn’t knock you out but brings down anxiety and tension easily.

Recreational Use

Seeds produce plants that offer powerful and long-lasting effects. THC levels reach up to 19%, making this plant highly potent.

Beginners may enjoy some of its initial effects but beware of its longer-lasting influence.

Instead, intermediate to experienced users will appreciate plant’s heavy psychoactive effects.

Super Skunk Autoflower is legendary marijuana strain and popular choice in most coffee shops and recreational dispensaries in Netherlands.

Its strong body highs makes it great option for unwinding after long day or enjoying afternoon toke.

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Super Skunk Similar Alternatives

If you are fan of smell, taste, THC, and CBD levels or growth time of these top-rated autoflowering or feminized seeds, you can check some other similar seeds alternatives.

Super Skunk vs. Red Skunk

Auto Super Skunk and Red can easily be compared when looking at their THC contents, heights, flowering times, and yields.

Both are incredible all-around marijuana seeds with THC levels of 19% and an average height of 70 cm.

Regarding yield, these two top-shelf cannabis both produce decent yields indoors and outdoors.

Finally, both are easy-to-grow plants requiring a flowering time of 7-8 weeks to ensure you’ll have fresh buds before long!

Super Skunk vs. Purple Skunk

Both plants are bred with similar parents.

Both contain Skunk genetics, although Purple also has Purple Haze in its lineage and is sativa-dominant strain that adds more purple tones to buds.

Apart from purple color, these plants are fairly similar in all other respects.

Both seeds are suitable for indoor and outdoor growth, although plants may need to be contained within greenhouse as buds tend to open up and make visibility difficult. As auto plants tend not to require as much care or attention, growing seeds outdoor can be easier option.

Purple has longer flowering time and will likely not match this cultivar’s short grow times.

Super Skunk vs. White Super Skunk

Both seeds are three-way crossbreeds.

White Super Skunk includes Super Silver Haze, Super Bud, and Original White Widow genetics.

Both seeds have similar THC levels, growing heights, and flowering times.

Super Skunk Autoflower and White Super Skunk can be difficult to differentiate at first glance.

Both seeds are predominantly indica with subtle hints of skunky citrus.

While major difference lies in white pistils, discerning between two plants is difficult for novice users.

Super Skunk vs. Lemon Skunk

These two seeds that grow plants share majority of genetic traits.

Their THC levels are almost identical. Also, both seeds share similar flavor profiles, with distinct citrus notes accompanied by pungent skunks.

Even look of buds is strikingly similar. Lemon is light green too.

Super Skunk Auto delivers taste of cheese with subdued lemon flavors. If you like lemon, go for Lemon Skunk instead!

One difference is that Lemon Skunk boasts in CBD levels, while Super Skunk Auto has neliglible amounts.

Super Skunk vs. Skunk XXL Auto

Both seeds have similar yield, bud structure, and growth patterns.

As expected, both seeds also produce near-identical levels of tetrahydrocannabinoland share scent profiles.

While both seeds are excellent options for beginners, given their minimal space requirements and relatively short lifecycles, advanced growers will appreciate nuances between two plants.

Skunk XXL Auto is bit more indica-heavy, making it easier to grow despite similar lack of height.

Both plants offer dense buds dripping with sticky resin and mouth-watering, skunky flavors.

They share underlying earthy aromas, though Super Skunk has spicy kick that pairs well with its creamy undertones.

Super Skunk vs. OG Kush

Both Super Skunk and OG Kush autoflower cannabis are popular seeds that produce similar effects.

Both seeds have nearly equal indica and sativa CBD levels, offering mellow highs that won’t overwhelm you.

With both seeds, you’ll enjoy body-bunk high that relaxes your muscles while bringing on an uplifted mood.

Both seed variations are creamy and dense in appearance, and both produce thick flowers with exceptional aromas.

When smoked, both plants deliver potent effects in compact grow time.

Both seeds also contain powerful levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, which can clear your mind while transforming your mood.

Super Skunk vs. Sour Diesel autoflower

Super Skunk Auto have similar effect to Sour Diesel autoflower, but with better yield and shorter flowering period.

Also, taste and aroma of two plants are very similar.

However, Super Skunk has bushy appearance and more leaves compared to Sour Diesel, which is typically compact plant with few leaves.

Both are powerful indica-dominant hybrids that will leave you couch-locked and lazy if overused.

They both also cause great deal of relaxation in your muscles and an instant burst of happiness in your mood.


Super Skunk autoflowering seeds are perfect for new growers and experienced cultivators alike.

Plants thrive in low-stress environments and produce bountiful crops of potent cannabis flowers.

Expand your horizons with top-shelf bud produced by these feminized autoflower seeds.

Super Skunk is classic strain that’s been powering creativity and mellowing out users since 1990s.

Short, bushy plants don’t take much space but produce high-grade buds that make up for it in quality and quantity.

Growers can expect generous yields as soon as seven to eight weeks after planting these feminized auto seeds.

These skunky buds are works of art, featuring beautiful green colors speckled with crystals that glisten in sunlight, even more so when you add some moisture to those nugs!

These nugs won’t need much-added moisture during drying phase thanks to their indica genetics, ensuring your stash retains its rich flavors for long time.


Here are some freaquently asked questions (FAQ) and answers.

What is Super Skunk Autoflower?

Super Skunk Autoflower is hybrid strain that is cross between Super Skunk, Northern Lights, and Ruderalis.

It is an autoflowering variety, meaning it flowers automatically without need for specific light schedule.

What are effects of Super Skunk Autoflower?

Super Skunk Autoflower is known for its strong, relaxing effects.

It can provide heavy body high, making it popular strain for those seeking pain relief and relaxation.

It may also produce feelings of euphoria and happiness.

How long does Super Skunk Autoflower take to grow?

Super Skunk Autoflower typically takes around 7 to 8 weeks from seed to harvest.

That makes it popular choice for growers who want relatively fast turnaround time.

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