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Buy Cannatonic Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale - DSS



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Buy Cannatonic feminized marijuana seeds, a prime strain with balanced CBD & THC levels for optimal cultivation results. Free shipping worldwide!

  • Genetic: MK Ultra x G13 Haze
  • Type: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
  • THC: 7 to 15%
  • CBD: 10 to 12%
  • Flowering Time: 70 to 77 days
  • Growing Difficulty: Moderate
  • Climate: Warm
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Plant size: Medium
  • Indoor: 1.4 to 1.8 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor: 12 to 15 oz/plant
Free & Discreet Shipping

Free & Discreet Shipping

Worldwide Delivery

Worldwide Delivery

Germination Guaranteed

Germination Guaranteed

About this strain:

  • Effects: Analgesic, Calming, Happy, Relaxed
  • Helps with: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Pain, Seizures
  • Flavors/Taste: Citrus, Earthy, Sour, Woody
  • Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene

Number of seeds:


5 free seeds for every $100 spent

5 free seeds for every $100 spent

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Europe: Free shipping 15-20 days (not guaranteed)

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Seeds are sent discreetly the next working day after the order is placed.

Cannatonic Feminized Seeds Information

Diving into the cannabis universe, you're bound to cross paths with the marvel that is Cannatonic feminized seeds.

A strain that not only promises a stellar growing experience but also a nuanced consumption one, making its way into the hearts of both cultivators and users.

Originating from a lineage of potent parents, Cannatonic offers a blend that's hard to resist.

Whether you're an enthusiast or a newbie, the allure of this strain's balanced genetics beckons.

In the constellation of cannabis, Cannatonic shines bright.

Rooted in a rich history, this strain is a testament to the wonders of meticulous breeding.

What sets it apart is its equilibrium - a harmonious dance of indica and sativa.

Renowned for its versatile nature, Cannatonic fits effortlessly into therapeutic and recreational circles, offering a soothing and refreshing experience.

Cannatonic Strain Origin

Cannatonic Strain Origin

Hailing from a prestigious lineage, Cannatonic is the love child of two cannabis heavyweights: MK Ultra and G13 Haze.

This dynamic duo endows Cannatonic with a balanced genetic composition, making it a 50/50 hybrid.

It's this equilibrium that makes Cannatonic a favorite, offering the best of both indica and sativa worlds.

The expert breeders at Resin Seeds have truly outdone themselves, crafting a strain that stands tall in the vast cannabis forest.

It's not just about genetics; it's about the legacy.

Cannatonic, with its robust genetic background, brings to the table a myriad of effects that cater to a broad audience.

Whether it's the relaxation from its indica side or the cerebral stimulation from its sativa lineage, Cannatonic is tailored to deliver a well-rounded experience.

And with a heritage rooted in top-notch breeding, it's no wonder it's touted as a must-try in the cannabis community.

Cannatonic Weed Effects

Embrace yourself for a cascade of emotions with Cannatonic.

Each puff delivers a symphony of sensations - analgesicrelaxingcalming, and happy.

But this strain doesn't just stop at recreational delight; it has etched its mark as a medicinal maestro.

From offering solace during pain to acting as a calming companion, Cannatonic's effects are manifold.

There's a reason Cannatonic is often hailed as the Swiss army knife of cannabis strains.

Its therapeutic arsenal is extensive.

While the relaxing and calming effects are perfect for a laid-back evening, its analgesic properties make it a beacon of hope for those battling chronic pain.

This versatility makes Cannatonic not just a strain but an experience, promising a voyage that soothes the mind, body, and soul.


Cannatonic's cannabinoid profile is a testament to its versatility.

While it may not be the heavyweight champion in THC levels, which range between 7% and 15%, it packs a powerful punch with its CBD content, reaching a whopping 12%.

This delicate balance between THC and CBD offers a unique interplay, providing therapeutic benefits without an overpowering high, making it a treasure trove in the medical marijuana realm.

But it's not just about the numbers but the experience.

Cannatonic, with its impressive CBD content, offers a gentle euphoria, making it perfect for those who seek therapeutic benefits without being anchored by an intense high.

Whether you're looking to alleviate pain, combat anxiety, or simply unwind after a long day, Cannatonic's cannabinoid blend ensures a well-rounded session.

Aroma and Flavor

Aroma and Flavor

Taking a deep breath of Cannatonic is akin to a sensory trip.

A dominant citrus aroma leads the aromatic journey reminiscent of a sunny orchard.

But wait, there's more. Layers of earthysour, and woody undertones play in the background, adding depth and richness.

This intricate bouquet owes its essence to the dance of terpenes like myrcenepinenecaryophyllene, and limonene.

Every puff of Cannatonic is a flavor fiesta.

The zesty citrus notes playfully tangle with the earthy undertones, offering a refreshing and grounding profile.

Add to that the spicy kick from caryophyllene and the forest-fresh aroma of pinene, and you have a strain that delights the senses.

From the first inhale to the last exhale, Cannatonic promises a taste journey that's nothing short of spectacular.

Growing Cannatonic Plants

Growing Cannatonic is like nurturing a masterpiece.

Each phase, from germination to harvest, promises a journey filled with anticipation and reward.

With its balanced genetics, this strain offers growers a canvas to showcase their skills, whether seasoned experts or just starting their cultivation journey.

While Cannatonic's balanced genetics make it a joy to grow, it's essential to remember that this strain thrives under love and attention.

With a penchant for warm climates, keeping a watchful eye on humidity levels, primarily when cultivated indoors, is crucial.

However, growers can expect a bountiful harvest with the right care, including proper pruning and maintaining optimal environmental conditions.

Preferred Climate

Ah, the great outdoors! Cannatonic's heart lies in warm, sun-kissed environments.

Think balmy temperatures, gentle breezes, and a generous dose of sunlight.

But it's not all smooth sailing.

While resistant to many pests, this strain is a tad sensitive to molds, especially when nurtured indoors.

But fear not! These concerns can easily be kept at bay with timely pruning and environmental checks.

An ode to its genetic lineage, Cannatonic is adaptable and resilient.

While it sings under the sun, it's equally at home in controlled indoor environments.

The key is balance. By simulating its preferred climate, ensuring the proper humidity levels, and giving it the TLC it deserves, growers can witness Cannatonic in all its glory, from sprout to harvest.

Indoor and Outdoor Yield

To the growers who pour their heart and soul into cultivation, Cannatonic offers generous rewards.

Indoor cultivators can expect a lush yield ranging between 1.4 to 1.8 oz/ft².

But the outdoor enthusiasts aren't left behind.

With yields spanning 12 to 15 oz per plant, Cannatonic ensures that every grower's efforts bear fruit, or in this case, buds.

Yield isn't just about quantity; it's about quality.

And with Cannatonic, growers get the best of both worlds.

A well-tended Cannatonic plant promises buds that are not only abundant but also dripping in quality.

Rich in trichomes and boasting a stellar cannabinoid profile, the fruits of labor are evident in every harvest, making the growing journey truly worthwhile.

Flowering Time

Flowering Time

In the cultivation world, patience is more than a virtue; it's a necessity.

With Cannatonic, the flowering phase stretches between 70 to 77 days.

But the magic unfolds as the days pass and the plants inch closer to maturity.

Vibrant hues, aromatic blossoms, and resin-coated buds become the norm, making the wait truly worth its while.

From the onset of the flowering phase to the moment of harvest, Cannatonic transforms.

The once-young saplings mature into majestic plants, showcasing a spectrum of colors and aromas.

As the days tick by, the anticipation builds, leading to a harvest that's a culmination of hard work, patience, and a whole lot of love.

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There's more to DSS than just seeds. It's about the entire experience.

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These little touches make DSS a favorite in the cannabis community.

Similar Marijuana Seeds

When exploring the multifaceted world of cannabis, one often stumbles upon strains that hold their own yet draw subtle parallels with legends like Cannatonic.

Like stars in a vast galaxy, each strain has its unique luminescence, but some, due to their genetic makeup or effects, align closely with the shining beacon that is Cannatonic.

As we delve deeper, shedding light on these strains, we aim to unravel their intricacies and understand how they compare and contrast with Cannatonic's esteemed legacy.

Let's start on this journey, diving into the verdant world of Dancehall, Chronic, and Chemdawg.

  • Dancehall: A rhythmic blend of Juanita La Lagrimosa and Kalijah, Dancehall sways towards the sativa side a tad more than Cannatonic. While it boasts a CBD-rich profile, it doesn't hit the exact Cannatonic mark. However, its uplifting effects and fruity punch make it a close relative, ensuring medicinal and recreational users sway to its tune.
  • Chronic: Originating from Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47, Chronic might have a slightly more intense THC kick than Cannatonic. It's known for substantial yields, even dwarfing Cannatonic's generous bounty at times. With a honeyed aroma, it steps up as a strain offering therapeutic effects and a mellow high.
  • Chemdawg: Legendary in its own right, Chemdawg leans more on the pungent, diesel aroma, contrasting with Cannatonic's citrusy embrace. With a THC dominance that can shoot up to 20%, it offers a headier euphoria than Cannatonic's balanced high. Still, its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety resonates with what Cannatonic brings to the table.

Remember, while these strains echo Cannatonic's charm in various dimensions, each has its own distinct tale to tell.

Whether it's the rhythm of Dancehall, the sweet undertones of Chronic, or the robust punch of Chemdawg, there's a world waiting to be explored!


What are the benefits of Cannatonic? 

Cannatonic offers medical relief from ailments such as pain, muscle spasms, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease.

What is the CBD level in Cannatonic? 

Cannatonic boasts a CBD content reaching up to 12%, making it a preferred choice for medical marijuana users.

What strain is Cannatonic? 

Cannatonic is a hybrid strain resulting from MK Ultra and G13 Haze cross-breeding.

4 reviews for Cannatonic Feminized Seeds

  1. Alfred Naamloos

    Cannatonic is a good CBD-rich medicinal strain with a cool name! The best thing for pain relief.

  2. Irma I

    There is no better mix of sativa and indica than Cannatonic! If you are a beginner, it’s great to start smoking with Cannatonic, you can get a decent high. Great strain for medicinal use too. Its not easy to grow, but I love it!

  3. Brady

    I just want to say thanks for your service, secure shipping method, and great support team.

  4. Super

    The best of the CBD collection

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