Buy Colombian Gold Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale - DSS

Buy Colombian Gold Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale - DSS



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Buy Colombian Gold feminized cannabis seeds for a potent pure sativa strain from Santa Marta mountains of Colombia offering high THC levels.

  • Genetic: Landrace Colombian Sativa
  • Type: 0% Indica / 100% Sativa
  • THC: 14 to 20%
  • CBD: 0.1 to 0.5%
  • Flowering Time: 75 to 90 days
  • Growing Difficulty: Moderate
  • Climate: Warm
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Plant size: Tall
  • Indoor: 1.1 to 1.3 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor: 16 to 21 oz/plant
Free & Discreet Shipping

Free & Discreet Shipping

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Worldwide Delivery

Germination Guaranteed

Germination Guaranteed

About this strain:

  • Effects: Cerebral, Energetic, Mood-Boosts, Relaxed
  • Helps with: ADD/ADHD, Depression, Inflammation, Pain
  • Flavors/Taste: Citrus, Lemon, Lime, Sweet
  • Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

Number of seeds:


5 free seeds for every $100 spent

5 free seeds for every $100 spent

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Colombian Gold Feminized Seeds Information

Colombian Gold - a strain that exudes as much charisma as its name implies.

With a name reminiscent of the treasures hidden within the South American nation, this strain has captured the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts far and wide.

But it's not just the name that's golden; the experience of growing, consuming, and immersing oneself in the world of Colombian Gold is genuinely unparalleled.

Colombian Gold Strain Origin

Colombian Gold Strain Origin

Hailing from the verdant terrains of the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia, the Colombian Gold strain is a testament to nature's prowess.

Nurtured in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada, the world's loftiest coastal range, this landrace sativa stands tall and proud.

The raw, untouched beauty of its origins isn't just a geographical marvel but a trait deeply etched within every seed of this strain.

Colombian Gold Weed Effects

Have you ever felt a rush of energy and creativity?

That's Colombian Gold's handiwork.

On consumption, expect to be swept off your feet into a world of cerebral upliftment and mood boosts.

But that's not all; a gentle undercurrent of relaxation ensures you're not just flying high but doing so with ease and comfort.


The Colombian Gold showcases a robust THC level ranging from 14% to 20%, which guarantees a potent cerebral kick.

On the other hand, CBD remains below 0.5%, making this strain a perfect choice for those looking for an energetic, mind-buzz without the overwhelming couch-lock effect.

Aroma and Flavor

Aroma and Flavor

Popping open a jar of Colombian Gold bud unveils an alluring symphony of lemon, lime, and citrus notes.

As you light up, your palate is treated to a sweet undertone, complementing the dominant citrus profile.

Simply put, it's a tropical cocktail of flavors.

Growing Colombian Gold Plants

Diving into the cultivation of Colombian Gold is akin to embracing an art form.

Every stage of its growth is a testament to the strain's vibrant lineage and the legacy it carries from the heart of Colombia.

Preferred Climate

When picturing the perfect home for Colombian Gold, think subtropical.

Yes, this strain longs for the warm embrace of a tropical climate, replete with ample sunlight and consistent warmth.

The strain's origin in the Santa Marta mountains has ingrained in it a love for warmth, making subtropical climates its ideal playground.

Indoor and Outdoor Yield

When it comes to generosity, Colombian Gold sets benchmarks.

Cultivators opting for indoor setups can look forward to yields ranging between 1.1 to 1.3 oz/ft².

It's an impressive bounty, ensuring the efforts invested in its care and nurture are handsomely rewarded.

On the other hand, if the great outdoors beckon, Colombian Gold responds with even more enthusiasm.

Each plant, when allowed to stretch and flourish under the open sky, generously offers 16 to 21 oz.

It's a testament to the strain's robust genetics and ability to reward growers with bountiful harvests.

Flowering Time

Flowering Time

Patience, they say, is the key to the most exquisite treasures.

And with Colombian Gold, this adage holds.

Boasting a flowering time between 75 to 90 days, it might seem like a prolonged wait.

But, like the most celebrated wines or the most intricate pieces of art, the best things indeed come to those who wait.

The flowering phase of Colombian Gold is a sight to behold.

As the days progress, the plant transforms, showcasing a riot of trichomes and buds, each brimming with the promise of unparalleled quality.

And when the wait culminates into a harvest, every moment of anticipation seems worth it.

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Undertaking on the Colombian Gold journey is now a click away, thanks to the Dutch Seeds Shop.

Synonymous with quality and authenticity, this platform ensures that every seed mirrors the unparalleled legacy of the strain.

For those seeking to turn their cannabis cultivation dreams into reality, the Dutch Seeds Shop emerges as the beacon of trust.

Here, every Colombian Gold feminized seed promises a journey of discovery, growth, and unparalleled quality.

Free Shipping Worldwide - Including the USA

Let's face it; shipping fees can be a dampener.

But with the Dutch Seeds Shop, such worries are passé.

Pledging to deliver your coveted Colombian Gold seeds right to your doorstep, we offer free worldwide shipping, including the USA.

And for the eager beavers, we offer a fast delivery option ranging from 2 to 5 days.

Oh, and did we mention the free seeds on orders surpassing $100?

Similar Marijuana Seeds

Navigating the vast world of cannabis, you'll find strains that shimmer with unique qualities.

Yet, few can be directly compared to the majesty of Colombian Gold.

Let's delve into a few that come close, each with their distinct attributes.

  • Acapulco Gold: Originating from the sunny beaches of Acapulco, this strain, much like Colombian Gold, boasts of a sun-kissed lineage. While Colombian Gold entices with its citrusy aroma, Acapulco Gold beckons with a toasty aroma reminiscent of burnt toffee.
  • Skunk #1: Skunk #1 is a balanced hybrid, contrasting the pure sativa lineage of Colombian Gold. While both promise uplifting effects, Skunk #1 throws in a more relaxed, slightly indica-leaning physical calm.
  • Original Haze: A sativa legend in its own right, Original Haze shares the energetic rush of Colombian Gold. However, where Colombian Gold offers a more lemon-lime twist, Original Haze leans towards an earthy pine flavor profile.
  • Cali Kush: With its indica dominance, this strain counterbalances Colombian Gold's sativa strength. Both might elevate moods, but Cali Kush tends to round off the experience with a comforting body relaxation.
  • Super Silver Haze: A sativa-heavy hybrid, Super Silver Haze shares the cerebral upliftment trait with Colombian Gold. Yet, its flavor profile deviates, introducing users to a more spicy, skunky undertone compared to the sweet citrus burst of Colombian Gold.


Does Colombian gold still exist? 

Absolutely, Colombian Gold seeds can be purchased and grown, especially from reputable sources like the Dutch Seeds Shop.

Is Colombian gold strong? 

With THC levels ranging from 14% to 20%, it promises a robust, cerebral experience.

What is Columbian gold?

Colombian Gold is a classic landrace sativa cannabis strain originating from the Santa Marta mountains in Colombia. 

2 reviews for Colombian Gold Feminized Seeds

  1. billy farmer

    Just harvested my Colombian Gold seeds and the results are mind-blowing! The buds are packed with flavor and the head-high effects are intense. Definitely worth the investment for any indoor grower.

  2. Sanny

    All the seeds have sprouted and are developing nicely. It’s a bit too early to comment, but if I base it on my previous experience with DSS, I’m expecting a big smile on my face come autumn

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