How to Grow AK 47 Strain

AK 47, a name synonymous with potency and versatility, is a celebrated cannabis strain known for its intricate genetic makeup and impactful effects. A melange of Colombian, Mexican, and Thai sativa, blended with Afghan indica, it boasts a 65% sativa and 35% indica ratio.

How to Grow AK 47 Strain

This strain stands out for its THC levels ranging from 18% to 21% and negligible CBD below 0.1%.

Cultivators cherish AK 47 for its medium height and moderate growing difficulty, with a flowering time of 53 to 63 days.

Indoor yields range from 1.2 to 1.6 oz/ft², and outdoor yields can be as high as 31 oz per plant.

Ideal in mild climates, its earthy, floral, sweet, and pungent flavors captivate users, leading to happy, euphoric, talkative, and creative effects.

AK 47 has garnered attention not only for its recreational appeal but also for its medical benefits, particularly in pain relief.

In 1999, it was recognized at the Cannabis Cup for its high THC content.

The strain’s terpene profile, rich in myrcene and limonene, contributes to its relaxing and therapeutic effects.

LineageColombian/Mexican/Thai Sativa, Afghan Indica
THC/CBD Content18%-21% THC, <0.1% CBD
FlavorsEarthy, Floral, Pungent, Sweet
EffectsHappy, Euphoric, Creative, Talkative
Grow DifficultyModerate
Flowering Time53 to 63 days
YieldIndoor: 1.2-1.6 oz/ft², Outdoor: up to 31 oz/plant

Tips and Tricks for Growing AK 47 Successfully

Growing AK 47, while moderately challenging, can be highly rewarding.

Understanding its growth stages, from germination to flowering, is crucial.

This strain, known for its resilience, can fend off some pests and diseases but requires vigilance against mold and mildew.

Indoor cultivation is recommended due to better control over environmental factors like humidity and temperature.

  1. Seed Selection: Choose high-quality AK 47 seeds or clones for a strong start.
  2. Climate Control: Maintain optimal temperature and humidity for robust growth.
  3. Lighting: Use appropriate grow lights (HID, LED) for different growth stages.
  4. Watering and Nutrients: Regular, balanced watering and nutrient supply are key.
  5. Pest Management: Regular inspections for pests and diseases.
  6. Training Techniques: Employ methods like topping and LST to maximize yield.
  7. Harvesting: Identify the right time to harvest for peak potency and flavor.

AK 47 Indoor Growing

Growing the AK 47 strain indoors combines challenge and reward, offering a unique set of benefits and hurdles.

This iconic strain, with its distinctive aroma and high THC content, thrives in controlled environments.

However, the moderate growing difficulty of AK 47 calls for precise climate management and vigilant care.

Benefits of Indoor Growing

Benefits of Indoor Growing

Indoor cultivation of the AK 47 strain allows growers to produce high-quality weed with enhanced flavors and potency.

This environment enables meticulous control over factors like temperature, humidity, and light.

Indoor growing also presents the opportunity for multiple harvests throughout the year, irrespective of outdoor climate conditions.

Additionally, cultivating AK 47 indoors ensures enhanced privacy and security, a critical factor given the strain’s conspicuous aroma and high value.

  • Control over growing conditions
  • Potential for higher THC and terpene content
  • Year-round cultivation
  • Privacy and security

Setting Up Your Indoor Grow Space

Creating an ideal indoor grow space for AK 47 begins with selecting the right area.

Options range from closets to dedicated grow tents or spare rooms.

Ventilation is paramount to manage the strain’s strong scent and to maintain air quality.

Grow lights are crucial; the choice between HID, LED, and fluorescent lights impacts plant growth and electricity costs.

Cost management also plays a significant role, especially for beginners or small-scale growers.

  1. Select an appropriate space (closet, grow tent, spare room).
  2. Install effective ventilation systems.
  3. Choose the right type of grow lights.
  4. Manage your growing costs effectively.

Climate Control

Optimal growth of AK 47 indoors hinges on precise climate control.

Temperature and humidity must be constantly monitored and adjusted.

Environmental controllers and timers automate this process, making it more efficient.

Air-cooled reflector hoods for HID lights and oscillating fans enhance air circulation, contributing to a stable grow environment.

Types of Lights

Types of Lights

The choice of grow lights significantly impacts the AK 47’s development.

HID lights are divided into Metal Halide (MH) for vegetative growth and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) for flowering.

LED lights are energy-efficient and provide a fuller spectrum, beneficial for the overall health of the plant.

Fluorescent lights, though less intense, are suitable for smaller setups.

  • HID: Intense light, ideal for large-scale grows
  • LED: Energy-efficient, full spectrum
  • Fluorescent: Suitable for small setups, less intense

Growing Mediums and Containers

When growing AK 47, the medium plays a crucial role.

Soil is traditional and forgiving, ideal for beginners.

Hydroponics offers advanced control over nutrients but requires more expertise.

Container choice, whether standard plastic pots or fabric containers, affects root health and overall plant development.

Proper drainage is vital to prevent root rot.

Caring for Indoor-Grown AK 47

Caring for AK 47 indoors involves regular watering with pH-balanced water and nutrient management, using specific nutrient solutions tailored to the plant’s needs.

Pruning helps manage the plant’s size and shape.

Regular checks for pests and diseases are crucial, with preventive measures being as important as treatment.

Odor Control

Controlling the strong aroma of AK 47 is essential in indoor growing.

Activated carbon filters effectively remove odors, while exhaust and intake fans help in maintaining air quality.

Odor-absorbing gels can also be used as an additional measure to mask the smell.

AK 47 Outdoor Growing

Growing AK 47 outdoors presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges.

This method harnesses natural elements to enhance the strain’s growth and potency, making it a favored choice for many cultivators.

Benefits of Outdoor Growing

Benefits of Outdoor Growing

Outdoor cultivation of AK 47 offers distinct advantages.

The strain’s resilience and adaptability to various climates make it cost-effective, as it requires less artificial lighting and climate control.

Outdoor plants often yield larger harvests due to more space and natural sunlight, leading to larger yields.

Growing cannabis outdoors is also environmentally sustainable, relying on natural resources like sunlight and rainwater.

Additionally, gardening is known for its therapeutic benefits, providing a sense of relaxation and accomplishment.

Cost-EffectivenessReduced need for artificial lighting and climate control
Larger YieldsMore space and natural resources lead to bigger harvests
Environmental SustainabilityUtilizes natural resources like sunlight and rainwater
Therapeutic ValueOffers relaxation and a sense of accomplishment

Best Time to Plant AK 47 Outdoors

The optimal time to plant AK 47 outdoors depends on the regional climate.

In the Northern Hemisphere, planting is recommended in April or May.

Starting with germination and nurturing seedlings indoors before transplanting them outdoors in spring ensures a robust start.

Early growth stages are critical, and careful monitoring during these phases is key to successful outdoor cultivation.

Setting Up Outdoor Grow Spaces

Creating an ideal outdoor grow space for AK 47 involves several considerations.

Understanding your local climate is crucial, as extreme weather can affect plant health.

The strain needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Wind protection, through natural barriers or artificial windbreaks, helps safeguard against physical damage.

  1. Assess the local climate and its suitability for cannabis.
  2. Choose a location with adequate sunlight exposure.
  3. Protect plants from excessive wind and extreme weather.
  4. Consider different types of outdoor grow spaces (garden plot, balcony, roof).

Selecting and Preparing Soil

Selecting and Preparing Soil

Soil quality is a vital factor in outdoor cultivation of AK 47.

Ideal soil should be rich in organic matter, well-draining, and have a balanced pH.

Soil testing is recommended to determine its composition and necessary amendments.

Selecting the right soil, whether buying high-quality potting soil or using pre-fertilized “super-soil”, ensures the plant gets the necessary nutrients throughout its growth cycle.

Nutrients and Fertilizers

Proper fertilization is key to the healthy growth of AK 47 seeds outdoors.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are essential throughout its life cycle.

The choice between organic and synthetic fertilizers affects plant health and yield.

An efficient irrigation and nutrient schedule should be established for optimal growth.

  • Understand nutrient requirements for different growth stages.
  • Choose between organic and synthetic fertilizers.
  • Implement an effective irrigation system.

How to Maximize AK 47 Yield

Maximizing the yield of AK 47 strain, whether grown indoors or outdoors, involves employing advanced cultivation techniques.

Training methods like topping and low-stress training (LST) improve plant health and increase yields.

Optimizing factors like CO2 enrichment and light intensity can further enhance the plant’s growth and potency.

Growing the AK 47 strain is a journey that combines art and science, offering a unique blend of challenges and rewards.

Mastering this strain requires understanding its specific needs, from climate control and lighting to nutrient management and pest control.

However, the efforts are well worth it.

Cultivators are rewarded with a potent, flavorful, and medically beneficial harvest.

The AK 47 strain stands out for its versatility in both recreational and medicinal contexts, making it a valuable addition to any grower’s repertoire.

Whether grown indoors for controlled quality or outdoors for bountiful yields, AK 47 promises an enriching and satisfying cultivation experience.


Can AK 47 be grown in colder climates?

Yes, AK 47 can be grown in colder climates, but it requires careful monitoring and control of environmental factors, especially during the flowering stage.

How often should AK 47 be watered?

AK 47 should be watered regularly, but the frequency depends on the growth stage and the medium used.

What are the common pests that affect AK 47?

Common pests affecting AK 47 include spider mites, aphids, and whiteflies.

How do I know when to harvest AK 47?

Harvest AK 47 when the trichomes on the buds change from clear to a milky white or amber color.

What is the best pH level for growing AK 47?

The optimal pH level for growing AK 47 in soil is between 6.0 and 7.0, and for hydroponics, it’s between 5.5 and 6.5.

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