Unlocking the Potential with Canna Coco Feeding Chart

A symphony’s beauty lies in the harmony of its parts, and the same holds for successful cannabis cultivation. To craft the perfect crescendo of growth, a conductor, or in our case, a grower, needs the right tools. One such instrumental tool is the Canna Coco feeding chart.  With it, you can orchestrate your cannabis plants’…

Unlocking the Potential with Canna Coco Feeding Chart

Understanding the Canna Coco Feeding Chart

Understanding the Canna Coco Feeding Chart

Like a recipe, the Canna Coco feeding chart is your guide to whipping up the perfect nutrient mix for your plants. 

It’s not just about pouring a random concoction of nutrients and hoping for the best. 

Instead, it’s about providing precise nutrition tailored to each stage of your plant’s life cycle. 

The feeding chart helps keep your plant nourished, your buds flourishing, and your yields high, all while optimizing plant development.

Canna Coco A B Feed chart for seedlings and cuttings.

WaterCannaCoco A&BRhizotonicCannazymPK 13/14PPM(Truncheon)
1 quart1.33 ml A1.33 ml B3.75 ml700
1/2 gallon2.75 ml A2.75 ml B7.5 ml700
1 gallon5.5 ml A5.5 ml B15 ml700
5 gallons28 ml A28 ml B76 ml700

Canna Coco A B Feed chart for vegetative growth stage.

WaterCannaCoco A&BRhizotonicCannazymPK 13/14PPM(Truncheon)
1/2 gallon3.5 ml A3.5 ml B3.8 ml2.5 ml840
1 gallon7 ml A7 ml B5.5 ml5 ml840
2.5 gallons17.5 ml A17.5 ml B19 ml24 ml840
5 gallons35ml A35 ml B38 ml47 ml840

Canna Coco A B Feed chart for flowering growth stage.

StageTotal weeksCanna Coco A&BRhizo-tonicCannazymPK 13/14CannaBoostPPM(Trun-cheon)
Up to growth stagnation, until appearance of flowers2(2-4)43 ml A43 ml B9.5 ml47 ml38 ml980
Buds develop in length, final height achieved2(2-3)56 ml A56 ml B9.5 ml47 ml38 ml1190
Development of volume (breadth) of buds164 ml A64 ml B9.5 ml47 ml28 ml38 ml1330
Development of mass (weight) of buds2(2-3)35ml A35 ml B9.5 ml47 ml38 ml910
Flush; no nutrients; buds ripen1(1-2)38 ml210

Benefits of Using the Feeding Chart

With the Canna Coco feeding chart, your cultivation journey gains multiple advantages:

  • Balanced Nutrient Uptake: Think of it as a nutritional balancing act that ensures your plant gets its fair share of all essential nutrients.
  • Prevents Deficiencies: Following the recommended nutrient ratios, you can preempt nutrient deficiencies before they wreak havoc on your plants.
  • Maximizes Yields: Proper feeding ensures plants reach their full potential, leading to bountiful and potent yields.

How to Read the Chart

Interpreting the Canna Coco feeding chart is simpler than decoding the Da Vinci Code. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Identify the Growth Stage: Determine whether your plant is in the vegetative or generative phase.
  2. Read the Recommended Nutrient Ratios: Based on the growth stage, read the corresponding nutrient ratios on the chart.
  3. Prepare the Nutrient Mix: Measure and mix the nutrients according to the specified proportions.
  4. Monitor and Adjust: Observe your plants, and make necessary adjustments based on their health and development.

Unleashing the Power of Coco Fiber

Enter the world of Canna Coco, a high-performance growing medium that plays nicely with your plants and the feeding chart. 

With its excellent water retention and aeration properties, Canna Coco creates the perfect environment for healthy root development and nutrient absorption.

The Science Behind Canna Coco’s Success

Canna Coco A & B form the heart of Canna Coco’s success. 

This professional nutrient solution combines high-value minerals, natural chelates, and humic and fulvic acids, providing your plants with all they need for optimal growth. 

And with a recommended EC range from 1.2 to 2.3 mS/cm2 when dissolved in (tap) water and a pH range of 5.5 – 6.2, it’s clear that Canna Coco A & B is formulated for success.

Tailored Nutrients for Every Growth Stage

Canna Coco provides specially formulated nutrients for every growth stage:

  • Canna Coco A & B: A balanced formula for vegetative and generative phases.
  • Cannazym: An additive that stimulates root growth and prevents harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • Rhizotonic: A root stimulant that improves nutrient absorption and root development.
  • CannaBoost Accelerator: Enhances yield size, and flower ripening, strengthening the plant’s immune system.
  • PK 13/14: A flowering booster to fatten up buds and improve yields.

Best Practices

Best Practices

Mastering the Canna Coco feeding chart is about more than just following instructions. 

It’s about adjusting nutrient dosages, maintaining optimal pH levels, and monitoring plant health. 

It’s also about using specialized additives, like Cannazym, Rhizotonic, CannaBoost Accelerator, and PK 13/14, to turbocharge your feeding routine. 

This “extra seasoning” can make all the difference, helping to enhance root health, nutrient absorption, and flower development.

Supplementing with Canna Coco Additives

Think of Canna Coco additives as the secret sauce of your feeding routine. 

These specialized products complement the base nutrients, offering an extra boost when your plants need it most.

Fine-Tuning the Feeding Routine

Experienced growers often adjust the basic feeding recommendations based on their specific strains and cultivation environments. 

Listening to your plants and adjusting accordingly is part of cultivation.

Canna’s Commitment to Quality and Success

As a brand, Canna has etched its name in the annals of cannabis cultivation with its commitment to quality and success. 

Known for extensive lab testing and global availability, Canna ensures that growers worldwide can access top-tier, consistent, and reliable products for their cultivation needs.

Conclusion: Mastering Cannabis Growth with the Canna Coco Feeding Chart

The Canna Coco feeding chart offers a comprehensive solution for navigating the intricate labyrinth of cannabis cultivation. 

It’s your guide to the complex world of plant nutrition, unlocking the full potential of cannabis growth and maximizing yields. 

So whether you’re a novice or seasoned gardener, master the Canna Coco feeding chart, and let the melody of successful growth fill your garden!

Conclusion Mastering Cannabis Growth with the Canna Coco Feeding Chart


How often should I use CANNA Coco A and B?

You should use CANNA Coco A and B at each watering event, adjusting the amounts based on your plants’ developmental stage and overall health.

How many ml per gallon for canna coco?

The general guideline is to use 5-7 ml of CANNA Coco A and B per gallon of water during the vegetative stage and 8-10 ml during the flowering stage.

How do you mix canna coco nutrients?

Fill your reservoir with water, add equal amounts of CANNA Coco A and B, stir well, and adjust the pH to between 5.5 and 6.2.

What is CANNA Coco A and B feed?

CANNA Coco A and B is a professional nutrient solution for coco-grown plants, providing essential nutrients for the entire growth cycle.

Should I use nutrients every time I water coco?

Yes, coco coir doesn’t retain nutrients like soil, so you must provide nutrients with each watering.

Do you feed coco every day?

Yes, mature plants in coco often require daily or even twice daily watering, depending on various factors.

How often do you add nutrients to coco?

You should add nutrients every time you water coco, adjusting the dosage based on your plant’s health and growth stage.

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