The 24/0 Light Schedule for Cannabis Seedlings

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The 24/0 Light Schedule for Cannabis Seedlings

Understanding Light Schedules

Understanding Light Schedules

In the simplest terms, a light schedule is the pattern of light and darkness that your cannabis plants are exposed to.

It’s like the circadian rhythm for humans, but it’s a bit more complicated for our leafy ladies.

The light schedule is crucial because the size and quality of your cannabis harvest depend on the amount and timing of light the plants receive.

Several types of light schedules are used in cannabis cultivation, such as 18/6, 20/4, and our star of the show – 24/0.

These numbers represent the hours of light and darkness, respectively.

What is the 24/0 Light Schedule?

Put simply; the 24/0 light schedule means keeping the lights on your cannabis plants for 24 hours a day without any dark period.

This constant light exposure is most often used during the seedling stage, the first 2-3 weeks of a cannabis plant’s life indoors, where it’s all about developing a solid root system and those cute little single-blade leaves.

The Benefits of the 24/0 Light Schedule for Seedlings

The 24/0 light schedule can be a powerful tool in your cannabis cultivation toolkit. Here are a few of its benefits:

The Benefits of the 24 0 Light Schedule for Seedlings
  • Rapid Growth: With constant light, your seedlings don’t have to wait for morning to get back to growing. It’s like a cannabis version of an all-nighter but without the caffeine jitters.
  • Healthy Plants: By allowing your seedlings to absorb light all day and night, you’re helping them develop a robust root system and multiple strong blades, setting the stage for a healthy vegetative stage.
  • Potential for Greater Yield: A well-nurtured seedling stage can lead to compact, bushy plants with higher yield potential in the flowering stage.

Potential Downsides

Before you rush off to set all your timers to 24/0, remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

And by responsibility, I mean potential downsides:

  • Energy Bill: Running lights 24/7 will make your electricity bill soar higher than a stoner in a hot air balloon.
  • Equipment Wear: Constant use can burn out bulbs and wear out ballasts faster than usual.
  • Plant Stress: Some strains, especially specific phenotypes, and genetics, may get stressed with constant light and turn hermie on you more quickly than a gender-bending frog.

Comparing 24/0 to Other Light Schedules

Comparing 24 0 to Other Light Schedules

There’s a constant debate in the cannabis community about the optimal light schedule.

Some growers swear by the 18/6 schedule, arguing it allows the plants to rest and mimics natural conditions.

Others prefer the 20/4 schedule, which gives a bit more light without eliminating the dark period.

While 18/6 and 20/4 can also produce excellent results and may be more energy-efficient, the 24/0 schedule is the equivalent of putting your seedlings through a workout boot camp – it’s tough, but the gains can be impressive.

Remember, folks, cannabis cultivation isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario.

It combines art and science with a dash of intuition and experimentation.

The 24/0 light schedule can be a boon for your cannabis seedlings, but the best way to know if it suits your setup is to try it.

Till next time, keep those green thumbs up, and happy growing!


Do seedlings need 24 hour light?

Seedlings don’t need 24-hour light, but it can benefit their growth.

Can I leave my grow light for 24 hours for seedlings?

Yes, but be mindful of electricity costs and equipment wear.

What is a 24/0 light schedule?

It’s when plants receive 24 hours of light with no dark period.

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