What is Cannabis Ruderalis

Ruderal species commonly thrive in areas of disturbed land, such as roadsides or fallow agricultural land. The name “ruderalis” pays homage to the term “ruderal,” describing wild plant species that are first to colonize land affected by natural forces or human activity. Don’t miss out on the chance to showcase your knowledge and passion for…

What is Cannabis Ruderalis

The Harsh Origins of Ruderalis

The Harsh Origins of Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis is a mysterious strain that has botanists debating its classification as a distinct species.

A native of Russia, central Europe, and central Asia, this rugged variety is well-suited to harsh climates found in these regions.

Though debated, Ruderalis may be seen as a variation on the single cannabis species or as a distinct species in its own right.

However, one thing is certain – Ruderalis types of cannabis are most likely descended from Indica varieties that themselves may be descended from Sativas.

The differences among these three types in their growth and reproductive patterns can be traced to vastly different environments encountered by the original tropical phenotype Cannabis Sativa L.

As it spread north after the last ice age, Sativa adapted to new climates, evolving into Indica and Ruderalis types.

While human intervention and agriculture have had an influence on Indica and Sativa gene-pools, wild Ruderalis has remained relatively untouched.

Unrivaled Miniature

Unrivaled Miniature

Cannabis Ruderalis is a bona fide cannabis superstar, boasting unparalleled dimensions and unparalleled beauty.

When fully grown, typical Cannabis Ruderalis plant reaches mere fraction of height of classic Cannabis Indica strains, measuring between 30 centimeters and 80 centimeters.

Despite its modest stature, it’s anything but ordinary.

Its slender branches are adorned with wide, fat-bladed leaves, reminiscent of the Cannabis Indica family.

And as flowering commences, its stature becomes even more diminutive, earning it the sobriquet “dwarf cannabis” or “bonsai cannabis.”

The Autoflowering Ability of Cannabis Ruderalis

The Autoflowering Ability of Cannabis Ruderalis

The auto-flowering property of Cannabis Ruderalis is a distinguishing characteristic that sets this strain apart from the rest.

Unlike other flowering plants, which rely on environmental changes to trigger the reproductive phase, Cannabis Ruderalis has the unique ability to flower based on changes within the plant itself.

This remarkable characteristic allows each individual plant to decide when it’s time to reproduce, regardless of its environment.

Cannabis Ruderalis begins its flowering journey once it reaches a certain stage of maturity, usually after about five to seven weeks of growth.

And once it’s begun flowering, it continues until other environmental factors – most notably winter – cause the plant to die.

Unmatched Speed and Adaptability

Cannabis Ruderalis boasts an extraordinary growth potential, with seeds being able to complete their life cycle in mere 10 weeks.

Its seeds are renowned for their ability to detach effortlessly and persist in frozen ground, waiting for the right conditions to sprout and grow.

In fact, not only can Ruderalis seeds withstand the consequences of being stepped on or cracked open, they may even benefit from such occurrences, aiding their germination in the process.

Cannabis Ruderalis: A Versatile Species

Cannabis Ruderalis A Versatile Species

Cannabis Ruderalis strains are characterized by their hardiness, their rapid maturation time, and their characteristic low THC and high CBD ratios.

Despite these seemingly underwhelming traits, the potential uses of Ruderalis strains in the realm of cannabis breeding should not be overlooked.

Hybrids created through cross-pollination of Indica and Ruderalis strains have been shown to be some of earliest-flowering outdoor plants currently available.

Additionally, Ruderalis hybrids prove to be valuable choice for medicinal applications where benefits of CBD are sought without the accompanying effects of high THC strains.

In conclusion, Cannabis Ruderalis possesses a wide range of properties that make it a sought-after species in the world of weed cultivation.

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