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Dwarf Marijuana Seeds

Dwarf marijuana seeds give rise to plants that don’t grow taller than 3.2 feet (1 meter). With these seeds almost any small space you imagine can be used for growing – from cupboards to computer cases.

Dwarf strains, as the name suggests, are ideal for commercial growers who don’t have large premises and are looking for compact strains – at an indoor height of about 2.5 feet on average. Most often, the shortest varieties are autoflowering dwarf cannabis seeds, but photoperiod fans will find suitable hybrids too.

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Getting Seeds of Short Cannabis Strains

The good thing is that getting these seeds won’t be much trouble because they are available for sale in our seed bank. And notwithstanding their height, dwarf cannabis seeds possess an array of valuable qualities for growers:

They are perfect for those who want to stay discreet about their production.

Tiny marijuana equals minimum room and a pretty decent result. These seeds are efficient as they require little space. That allows growers to cultivate a few interesting varieties of dwarf marijuana in a relatively small area;

Dwarf autoflowering cannabis seeds are among the easiest to grow even for the most inexperienced growers.

Short Height (Dwarf) Strains

Here is a list of the main strains with short height:

Royal Dwarf

Being the most known dwarf strain, Royal Dwarf is the shortest autoflower strain. It blooms in 8 weeks and reaches the height of 60 cm (lower than 2 feet). Overall, Royal Dwarf is a nice, strong, good smelling and compact strain; you can buy its seeds in our online store!

Sweet Tooth Auto

Sweet Tooth Auto is the auto feminized sibling of Sweet Tooth. This indica-dominant variety is known for its high yields and endurance. Sweet Tooth has a sweet berry flavor with an herbs scent and brings a deep feeling of relaxation. Not tall, but hardly can be considered a dwarf strain as it reaches up to a hight of 1.2 meter (4 feet) indoors

Lowryder #1

Grade Lowryder #1 saw the light of day after nine generations of breeding and is the prize possession of bank breeders. This dwarf strain has a fast life cycle, short height, emerald green leaves, and fruity aroma. It is extremely calming and relaxing.

Amnesia Haze Auto

It is a vivid example of a powerful autoflowering high-THC hybrid that embodies the best properties of cannabis – productivity, pleasing appearance, distinct effect, and high yields compared to other auto flowers. The pot offers the same euphoric high and spicy, sweet taste as the original Amnesia but with a much smaller height. It’s a perfect option for a small grow room but will take time to flower.

Phantom Cookies

This short autoflowering hybrid saw the light of day after generations of breeding and is the prize possession of bank breeders. This dwarf cannabis strain has a fast life cycle and herbal aroma. Its seeds are suitable for cultivation both outdoors and indoors. The structure of the bush is dense and quite compact – it is convenient for growing in small pot.

Quick One

Quick One is an intimidating strain that happens to have set two cannabis records – the fastest growing strains ever and as a most typical autoflowering strain. The plants from these cannabis seeds are very resistant to fungi, mold, stress, and parasites. Despite the short height, it has great productivity outputs. Quick One is extremely calming and relaxing.

Royal Jack Auto

Royal Jack Auto cannabis seeds are in many ways identical to the original Jack Herer. Due to the low growth, cultivation can be done on the balcony, in the closet, and even on your nightstand. The impact of this pot is balanced – the cerebral effect smoothly flows into the entire body.

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