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High CBD Cannabis Seeds

Here we offer high CBD seeds for sale online with safe shipping. Thanks to CBD, the therapeutic benefits of marijuana are gaining momentum, and the list of medicinal benefits keeps broadening.

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive, non-intoxicating component of cannabis – it is deemed to have healing worth for easing epileptic seizures and related conditions. Also, CBD may help to soothe pain, treat sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and acne. High CBD hemp seeds are available for sale in our web store.

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CBD Grading

CBD is either extremely low or isn’t present at all in most strains, so varieties with even the lowest levels of CBD are sometimes considered CBD-rich as against CBD-zero strains.

Relatively Low 0.1-2%
Medium 3-10%
High Over 10%

Do Cannabis Seeds Contain CBD?

Cannabis seeds contain a fair amount of unsaturated fats and protein, but the amount of CBD in seeds is small – almost zero. The resin of cannabis flowers is where huge levels of CBD are.

Benefits of CBD

Hemp seeds have become widespread for many reasons. Thanks to the extensive cultivation of CBD hemp, it has largely been possible to heighten the potential of a plant as medicinal with minimal side effects. Both CBD oil and flowers are widely used nowadays in Canada and the US. Some medicinal benefits of CBD have been proven by scientific studies. These benefits include:

  • Ache and pain relief;
  • Getting rid of the feeling of nausea;
  • Sounder sleep;
  • Soothing depression symptoms;
  • Replacement of medications with worse side effects;
  • Better appetite. It helps people who are struggling to gain weight, for example, during radiation therapy;
  • Anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties;
  • Managing various mental disorders;
  • CBD-pure strains are helpful for oculomotor function and osteomuscular conditions;
  • The sedative effect of CBD can quell anxiety.

Risks of CBD

Pregnant women and patients with glaucoma should not consume CBD. For other consumers the side effects of CBD may include:

  • Heightened anxiety;
  • Sleepiness;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Upset stomach;
  • There are other effects as research on this subject is fairly limited at this point.

Knowing the right dosage is important – consult your doctor before buying CBD- or THC-rich strains for medicinal goals. Everyone is different, so buying the seeds of the most potent strains can bear good results for someone else, but eventually have a negative impact on your health.

Main High CBD Strains

These high CBD strains’ seeds and many others are pretty popular among cannabis growers.


Cannatonic is a unique, award-winning (High Times Cannabis Cup) cannabis variety high in CBD. Its medicinal potential is clear in its ability to help manage nausea, stress, and depression and in pain relief. Cannatonic is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation and gives a pleasant, euphoric calm.

Haze Autoflowering

Haze Autoflowering is one out of many high-CBD sativa strains. This strain’s seeds boast an almost 100% germination and the plants are sustainable and easy to grow and cultivate. They have a short life cycle and small growth pattern. After you inhale and taste the citrus with notes of herbs, you’ll feel the impact of long-lasting cheerfulness.

Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD

The Dinafem’s Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD cannabis variety is an updated variation of a plant popular in the 70s, with massive CBD levels. After a 70-day life cycle, you should expect a decent yield. This strain is designed specifically for medical use.

CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Mass plants bring forth harvests rich in CBD, with predominantly indica properties. The plants are highly productive, fast-flowering, rather small, but with a strong root system. They don’t like abundant watering and temperature changes. Critical Mass has the taste of ripe fruits and a sedative anesthetic effect.

CBD Critical Cure

CBD Critical Cure is famous for its healing properties, which is ample proof of what high-CBD strains result in. The plants are short, not taking up much space, but bringing in a good harvest. The taste is sweetish with a slight, earthy tinge.

CBD Skunk Haze

CBD Skunk Haze is a variety full of medical benefits with a high CBD content – 5%, which is the best option for therapeutic treatment. The plant produces large amounts of heavy buds. Skunk Haze tastes of earthiness and chestnut.

Red Cherry Berry

Red Cherry Berry is a strong hybrid with heavy indica properties. This variety is known for its endurance and CBD-rich yields. It gives off a deliciously fruity, berry smell with notes of cherry during the flowering period.

Crimea Blue

Crimea Blue is famous for its powerful psychophysical effect and pleasant blue tint. This variety gives off a berry flavor with delicate pine notes. The impact of Crimea Blue creates a feeling of full relaxation and increased appetite.

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