Hybrid Seeds

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As the demand for marijuana skyrockets, the same goes for increased experimentation to develop new unique strains. If you do your research, you will find that most of the cannabis strains in the market today are a mix of different strains, brought together either to enhance taste, yields, growth time, and effects. This is a perfect example of what hybrid seeds represent and why they are highly sought after by growers and users alike.

What Are Hybrid Seeds?

Hybrid cannabis seeds represent a mixture of two species; Indica and Sativa. Sometimes these species are also crossed with Ruderalis to produce autoflowering seeds that are also hybrids. If you want to buy hybrid seeds, you need to choose between:

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Seeds

The Sativa genetics in these hybrid marijuana seeds are more than those of Indica strains. What's more, their growth pattern and THC content are more like those of pure Sativa strains. They grow into tall and gangly plants.

Indica Dominant Hybrid Seeds

With more Indica genes, these hybrid weed seeds have features that are almost similar to their parents. You should expect short, bushy, and compact plants with sturdy branches to support the dense buds.

Balanced Hybrid Seeds

They are hybrid cannabis seeds with a balanced ratio of Sativa to Indica, 50/50. With these cannabis strains, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. The good thing about a balanced hybrid is that it delivers a head and body high that is not overly energizing nor sedating. With their medium height, they can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors.

How Are Hybrid Seeds Made?

You must be an expert cannabis grower to create new hybrid seeds. This is done through a process called hybridization, where the breeders take pollen from one strain and use it to pollinate female flowers from another strain. Although it sounds simple, it takes years to create near-perfect hybrid weed seeds.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Hybrid Seeds

If you are looking to buy the best hybrid seeds for sale, you need to consider the following factors:


Some strains are more resinous than others. Growers looking to extract concentrate or higher THC levels prefer to add hybrid weed seeds in their garden because of the high resin content.


When buying marijuana seeds, users are most focused on either THC or CBD content. If you want a sedating strain, go for Indica dominant hybrid seeds, but if you want a creativity boost, then Sativa dominant hybrid seeds are your best bet.

Those seeking marijuana for recreational purposes should go for hybrid strains with high THC content, than with high CBD.

Disease Resistance

If you are starting in the cannabis world, you must select hybrid marijuana seeds that are easy to grow and highly resistant to pests, mold, and diseases.


If you are looking to grow indoors, your plants' size plays a crucial role because the tall plants will need extra investment in terms of space.

The best hybrid seeds for someone looking for a quick harvest are autoflowering hybrid cannabis seeds, as they have a short seedling to harvest time, producing decent yields.


Before you buy hybrid seeds, look for the expected yields.

Where Should You Grow Hybrid Seeds?

Before browsing online seed catalogs for hybrid marijuana seeds for sale, you need to identify your grow spac