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Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds for sale with worldwide shipping from Growing indoor cannabis seeds is in high demand these days, here we offer only the best quality strains. Indoor methods of pot cultivation have many advantages, including a low rate of plant disease and a predictably high yield.

If you are a beginner, we’ll help to dispel any doubts and concerns about the quality of weed ripened in your own room. Buy MJ seeds that can grow inside your home and enjoy your own harvest!

Scroll down to see the guide for growing ganja seeds indoors


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Purchasing Weed Seeds for Indoor Growing

Both amateur and professional pot-agriculturists enjoy growing cannabis seeds at home or in a greenhouse once they begin doing it. The reason is the benefits of indoor cultivation:

  • Weather protection
  • Lowest risk of diseases and pests
  • Nobody will steal your weed
  • Year-round harvest
  • You control the flowering period

With feminized indoor marijuana seeds from Dutch Seeds Shop, you will easily get lush buds. As a beginner you might want to buy indoor feminized autoflowering marijuana seeds since they can provide you with big female buds, which means more weed with fewer efforts.

High or Stone Marijuana Effect

Photo of cannabis seeds

All popular marijuana strains are presented here at the Dutch Seed Shop for online shopping. If you are waiting for a high THC and a relaxed feeling – cut flowers off later when they have an amber color. Such strains as AK-47 and Gorilla Glue have the most impressive stone effect. You can purchase both of them online in Dutch Seeds Shop.

For amnesia haze effect and exhilaration, you have to harvest early when the trichomes are cloudy. We also have relevant marijuana strains for ”high” lovers, for example, Blue Cookies. In Dutch Seed Shop you can find all of the popular varieties of indoor pot seeds at fair prices.

If you think you need a medical strain high in CBD, consult your doctor first.

Conditions for Growing Cannabis Indoors

If you are planning to buy some cannabis strains to get a rich harvest, pay attention to preparing the cultivation environment for seedlings.

Conditions vary depending on cultivar. Kush, Haze, Skunk strains – they all need different conditions to grow well.

Adequate Space for growth

The room must be spacious. As cannabis plant stems and leaves grow, they demand high ceilings and about 10-21 sq.ft. of space per plant, depending on a strain. All our products have data about their height, check it out before ordering.

Cleaning the Room

To prevent unexpected diseases and mold, keep the room clean. All surfaces must be easy to wipe. Make sure to do a careful cleaning after each growing cycle.


Choose large pots or boxes to provide roots with enough room to grow. The optimal depth of a container for a medium-sized plant is about 15-23 inches. If it is less, your plant’s roots may suffer from tightness.

Light Regime

Provide right lighting during indoor growing and flowering season. Periodicity of light and darkness is essential, as it will enhance growth, but will not destroy the sprouts. Hence, the best option is a full spectrum of light lamps containing red and blue.

Air Temperature and Circulation

When growing cannabis seeds inside, you should always monitor the climate control. The best temperature is about 80°F or 27°C. If the air is cold, it slows growth. The heat can cause the growth of mold. Give indoor weed seeds enough oxygen and ventilation. With a fan, that refreshes the air every 5-10 minutes, the plants will be protected from numerous diseases.

Soil and Minerals

To avoid earth pests buy soil at the store. Choose one that is specialized for hemp seed growing. It contains a complex of minerals such as sodium, potassium, and phosphorus which enrich the soil and improve plant growth both indoors and outdoors. It’s better not to feed it too much. Roots should not burn from an overabundance of the periodic table and should take only what they need.

Water and Irrigation

When growing indoor ganja seeds pay attention to nourishing the bushes with water. The water PH should be in the 5.5-6.5 range. It is better to let the soil dry before watering, do not flood the plants.

Proper Storage of Seeds

Proper storage will help you to keep cannabis seeds fresh for a long time. These girls love the three ”D” rule: dark, dry and drafty. Well, at least it should be cool out there. For example, you can keep seeds in the fridge.

Conclusion for Buyers of Indoor Strains

So, you lastly figured out the intricacies of caring for alluring bushes and decided to buy seeds for indoor cultivation. Try any of our seed strains and you will not lose at growing a blossoming plant inside your house. Get kush seeds online in the USA or make a worldwide shipping order. Purchasing over $100 will get you 10 free seeds! Delivery is readily available, we ship internationally.

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