Indoor Seeds

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Cultivation of cannabis with indoor seeds gives a grower control over the crop. You can micromanage every step of the plant's life cycle. An indoor setting allows you to control the plants' feeding, lighting schedule, temperature, humidity, and other crucial factors for your indoor seeds' optimum growth.

Suppose you want to plant indoor seeds, this guide offers you all the information about growing marijuana indoors. We also provide a list of the best indoor seeds for indoor growth.

What Are Indoor Cannabis Seeds?

Although all cannabis strains can be cultivated in an indoor setting, some seeds are specifically meant to be cultivated in an indoor environment. Indoor cannabis seeds are sensitive to change in the climate and prefer to be in a controlled room.

Why Should You Grow Indoor Marijuana Seeds?

If you are starting, you may ask yourself, what are the benefits of growing indoor seeds? And how indoor cultivation impacts your plants? Are they better than outdoor seeds? Are they the highest THC seeds in the market? Your response to these questions depends on the indoor strain you choose to cultivate. Indoor seeds have a few advantages over outdoor seeds. Below, we explore the benefits and cons of using indoor seeds.

Pros of Indoor Seeds

  • Control Over the Environment The good thing about growing indoor seeds is the ability to control their growth conditions, such as temperature, humidity, water, nutrients, lighting, and airflow. It allows you that your plants grow under optimal conditions, which translates to better and higher yields.
  • Different Methods of Cultivation With indoor marijuana seeds, you get to enjoy different cultivation methods. These include hydroponics, aeroponics, and apart from the soil, you can also use coconut or rockwool. Hydroponic is growing cannabis in nutrient-rich water. The aeroponics growing technique where the roots are suspended in the air and the nutrients are delivered to the mist form plants.
  • Fewer Chances of Being Attacked by Pests and Mold Since you can control temperature and hu