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Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Outdoor cannabis seeds for sale online. Outdoor marijuana seeds are the best possible option you can have. Cannabis is a living organism that evolved over millions of years and all those years were outdoors. Whatever the technique is used, you can’t get more yield indoors than out. The truth is that we grow it indoors because it is illegal in many places. So if you have the chance to grow outside you definitely must buy some of these marijuana strains listed below. You can choose outdoor sativa seeds as well as outdoor indica seeds.

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Here we offer only high-grade outdoor weed seeds for sale. Purchase them to realize the difference in your harvest!

We offer prices with VAT included, worldwide shipping costs with no extra fees, discreet delivery, customer support, same or next day shipping, paying with credit card, bitcoin, Western Union, Pay Pal or bank transfer.

Below we shed light on the practical aspects of outdoor weed growing such as height, climate, what cannabis seed varieties are better to use, the difference between growing indoors and outdoors, and much more.

Reasons for Sowing Cannabis Seeds Outdoors

Many experienced consumers like sowing cannabis seeds outdoors because it is cheaper. No bills for electricity, no need for an expensive and complicated hydroponic system, and no need to pay the rent for a room for your pot plants. Some don’t want to bother with a growroom. However, some climates won’t let you sow cannabis seeds right in the backyard. It may be too wet or too dry, or a grower may not be sure that they can maintain the growing process discreetly and not bring any unwanted attention to their illicit plants.

If you’ve decided to grow pot outside specifically to reap a richer harvest, you should choose seeds of genetically high yielding cannabis.

Determine the Climate to Grow the Best Cannabis

Outdoor cannabis seeds and blossoming

The main problem with growing cannabis outside the home is how much sunlight the cultivar can receive. Even though many countries in Europe and states in the USA are caressed by sunlight, some of them may not have enough. However, success in the hemp cultivation doesn’t only hinges on the sun.

While growing marijuana seeds outdoors, you must pay attention to the fact that extreme temperatures can destroy the entire crop. It is a two-edged sword as extremely high temperatures can stop the plants’ growth, while temperatures that are too low can kill valuable plants. Still, there are many advantages of growing MJ plants in the open air, including low electricity costs, larger yields, and higher quality buds.

Right Location Brings Higher Marijuana Yields

In the previous step of growing outdoor marijuana seeds, we mentioned that a temperature above 86°F (30°C) degrees will be harmful to the plant. If the temperature in your chosen location is higher than 86°F (30°C) degrees, you should look for another place to grow your plants. The best site is one with a constant light breeze. But remember: under such conditions, the plant will need more water.

If the wind is too strong, protect your plant with something like a wall. It is best to hide the bushes behind a high fence: so you simultaneously solve the security issue and prevent possible theft. Your perfect location should meet these demands: there should be enough sun and water, no strong winds, the location should be secure enough to prevent you from getting into trouble (we do not encourage breaking the law) and the soil had better be full of nutrients.

Deciding on the Type of Soil

Speaking of soil, the best soil for growing outdoor cannabis is one that contains sand, clay, and silt. Carefully choose the material for planting your cannabis outdoor seeds. So, what type of soil is the most popular, given their main component?

Clay-rich soil is good because it holds water for a long time. If you maintain the drainage and use the right fertilizer, your plants will get enough nutrients.

Sand-rich soil warms up very quickly and drains perfectly. However, it does not hold nutrients well – if you have a humid climate, this can be a problem.

Lastly, silty soil blends in all the positive qualities of the previous two options. The best spot to grow weed seeds is in silty soil, which can be found near lakes or rivers.

Consider Buying Feminized Seeds

There are well-acknowledged benefits to feminized seeds. Though buying feminized marijuana seeds for growing outdoors is quite expensive, this type of seeds can save your time by skipping the sexing visits and getting a better harvest.

Choose the Right Strains of Outdoor Cannabis

One of the essential components of success in the cultivation of marijuana in the garden is the choice of the cannabis strain. Be careful and conscious when buying seeds for outdoors. If you live somewhere where there is no frost and the growing season lasts a long time, then you are free to choose almost any strain. For example, Haze, which has a long flowering period, but gives high yields.

Outdoor cannabis seeds. Weed with red leaves

If your climate is warm and sunny, it’s reasonable to grow Sativa strains, i.e., Silver Haze #9. However, for those who live in colder climates, it’s better to use Indica strains like Sensi Star.

Moreover, let’s not forget about auto-flowering strains, which are now pretty popular with those who decide to buy cannabis seeds for outdoor growing. Auto strains are perfect if you are new to the world of growing outdoors, or your location usually has early frosts (especially in the states of New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Colorado, if you are living in the USA) which threaten outdoor plants.

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