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Blue Cookies seeds are famous for their high potency levels, which many marijuana users find incredible in many ways. The strain’s Indica dominance, high THC levels, and irresistible flavor and aroma make it a darling among marijuana enthusiasts. Let’s discuss this marijuana further and explain why you should get Blue Cookies seeds for personal or commercial purposes.

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The Genotype of Blue Cookies Seeds

Blue Cookies strain seeds carry the marijuana genotypes that are unique and only found in this strain. First things first, Blue Cookies seeds are Indica-dominant, with the Indica taking 90% of the weed, while the Sativa takes the remaining 10%. The parent strains of Blue Cookies are Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry.

The Phenotype of Blue Cookies Seeds

The mix of Blue Cookies weed seeds and growing conditions give Blue Cookies its unique features, which you can easily identify through its trademark physical features.

The first notable feature in this marijuana strain is the long, conical-shaped leaves covered in orange pistils. The leaves are covered in a deep player of cloudy trichomes, giving them a silver touch.

Another unique feature of Blue Cookies weed is the flower buds covered in forest green color and hues of purple or blue. The buds have a high resin level, a factor that makes them hard to break.

Flowering Time

After the Blue Cookies feminized seeds successfully germinate, the grower must take good care of the plants until they harvest the flower buds. The period between the germination of Blue Cookies weed seeds and the onset of the flowering phase takes time depending on the technique you plan to apply. The flowering ends between 56 to 63 days, which is relatively short for indoor-grown marijuana.


Blue Cookies feminized seeds have an average of 20 to 25% THC levels, which is incredibly high. The high THC levels make the weed the perfect choice for people who can tolerate high potency levels of the cannabinoid. A mix of the THC Indica is enough to give novice users a couch-lock. Hence the strain is only ideal for experienced users.


Blue Cookies marijuana seeds have one of the lowest CBD levels in the industry, with most buds recording 0% of this cannabinoid.

Effects of Blue Cookies

A combination of high THC levels and Indica properties make Blue Cookies seeds almost invincible and a must-try for users. The high THC levels in Blue Cookies give users an out-of-earth experience, pushing them to want more.

Given the low sativa levels in Blue Cookies weed, its euphoric effects only come as waves for a short period. Novice users might experience some form of euphoric effects for few minutes.

The Indica-dominance in Blue Cookies seeds manifests slowly but gradually. At first, you might feel a feel-good calming effect. If you have a high tolerance to weed, the calming effect does not go beyond that. However, if you are a novice, the calming effects might escalate to sedative or couch-lock levels.

The Indica properties in Blue Cookies cannabis seeds are also synonymous with inducing hunger pangs. Having a session of this weed before your meals is a suicide mission that could push you to eat more than your body can accommodate.

Blue Cookies weed also induces cottonmouth, a condition that occurs due to less saliva production as a result of the THC. Cottonmouth effects are characterized by irritation and dry mouth, eyes, and throat. However, you can suppress the cottonmouth effect by taking enough fluids during or after a weed session.

Recreational Effects

Blue Cookies might not have many recreational benefits, but the few that exist make the strain almost invincible. For instance, the Sativa properties induce some euphoric effects, raising the user’s spirits that the Indica might have numbed.

On the other hand, the Indica properties calm the user’s brain, making the user focus more. It is this kind of calmness that makes Blue Cookies weed ideal company for movie lovers and meditation.

Medical Effects

The main reason why physicians urge growers to cultivate Blue Cookies marijuana seeds is due to their medical benefits. The euphoric effects from Sativa properties make this marijuana strain ideal for managing stress disorders.

However, it is the Indica properties in Blue Cookies seeds that make the strain ideal for managing most health complications. First, the sedating effects from the indica make this weed ideal for managing chronic pain and inflammation. Therefore, people looking for an ideal way of managing injuries, arthritis, and muscle spasms should use Blue Cookies weed.

Additionally, the hunger-inducing effects of Blue Cookies weed make it ideal for managing eating disorders. Taking a dose of marijuana brown from Blue Cookies seeds improves your appetite significantly.

The calming effects of this marijuana strain make it ideal for managing mental and sleep disorders. Psychiatrists recommend people battling with stress, bipolar disorder, and panic attacks to incorporate Blue Cookies weed in their medication due to its efficacy. The calming effects of Blue Cookies strain on the brain also help in managing insomnia.

Taste and Aroma of Blue Cookies

The taste and flavor of Blue Cookies weed are distinct, and even novice users can identify them. To start with, the flavor in this marijuana strain is a mix of berry and earthy notes, especially during inhalation. After exhaling, notes of cherry and grape remain in the mouth for a long time.

The aroma of this marijuana strain is also distinct. When you break the buds open, sweet fresh notes fill the air, tempting you to chew the weed. After combusting the buds, a strong skunky smell manifests.

The Yield of Blue Cookies Seeds

Blue Cookies strain seeds might not be ideal for commercial or novice growers, given the relatively average yield. When you grow this weed indoors, it yields between 1.1 – 1.5 oz/ft² (350 – 450 g/m²). On the other hand, when you grow this marijuana strain outdoors, you could harvest 16 oz (450 gr) per plant, on average.

Final Thoughts on Blue Cookies Seeds

The market is awash with sub-standard Blue Cookies cannabis seeds, thanks to the continued legalization of recreational and medical marijuana. If you are in such a dilemma, we got you covered. Our seeds are tested both in-house and independent reliable laboratories to ensure that they meet the maximum quality requirements.

10 reviews for Blue Cookies Seeds – Feminized

  1. Matthew G

    I like the feeling this smoke gives. Pleasant and relaxing. One of my favorite strains! Fast delivery, nice prices.

  2. Sara Stuart

    Im having an anxiety disorder, and Blue Cookies really helps. Always fresh seeds, all my seeds germinated without problems

  3. UlrkeH

    I ordered from here for the first time and I got my seeds just in 3 days! So cool, I want to order more! Never experienced such a great customer service.

  4. patrick welsh

    My order was delivered super fast! I didn’t expect such a good customer service at first. Thanks guys!

  5. Peter

    Excellent service, fast delivery, and quality seeds

  6. Kind of Bud

    As an experienced grower, I can say that seeds here are nice but in my case 9 out of 10 germinated.

  7. Valley Puff

    I have a lot of bushes in my garden and I got one more healthy and strong one thanks to your seeds. plants feel great outside if the climate is warm enough

  8. HansS

    I dove deep into depression and managed to overcome it thanks to this strain. I was really into growing seeds I purchased here and I got amazing results! I’d recommend you ordering seeds here and enjoy your life as much as you can. Thank you dutch seeds shop!

  9. Rudi

    Very potent strain! I decided to grow it myself and bought seeds here. They are turned out to be of high quality! Love the result I got in the end.

  10. Rita N

    Love the Blue Cookies and especially the seeds from the best seed bank

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