NYC Diesel Marijuana Strain Information and Review

NYC Diesel: A strain that’s as energetic and diverse as the city it’s named after. Bursting onto the scene with a riot of flavor and an electrifying high, NYC Diesel carries the torch of its namesake city, embodying the hustle and vibrance of the urban jungle.

NYC Diesel Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Type: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa

Genetic: Sour Diesel x Afghani x Hawaiian

THC: 18 – 21%

CBD: 0.1 – 1%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, Myrcene

Flowering Time: 70 – 84 days

Indoor Yield: 1.3 – 1.4 oz/ft²

Outdoor Yield: 13 – 15 oz/plant

Effects: Energetic, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted

Flavors/Taste: Citrus, Diesel, Grapefruit, Pungent

With its pungent aroma and a sativa-dominant kick, this strain offers a cerebral experience wrapped in a cloak of sweet, sour, and diesel notes, commanding the attention of cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients alike.

It’s a strain that doesn’t just whisper; it roars through the senses, leaving a trail of creativity and spirited conversation in its wake.

From the busy boardwalks of Manhattan to the serene retreats outside the city’s pulse, NYC Diesel translates the essence of New York into a botanical masterpiece that’s always in a New York minute.

Key Takeaways:

  1. NYC Diesel is a vibrant, sativa-dominant hybrid, renowned for its energizing and cerebral effects.
  2. Its genetic lineage is a robust mix, primarily stemming from Afghani and Mexican strains.
  3. The strain features a distinctive citrusy aroma with a hint of diesel, attributed to a rich terpene profile that includes limonene and myrcene.
  4. NYC Diesel typically boasts high THC levels, often ranging between 17% and 20%, with minimal CBD content.
  5. Cultivating NYC Diesel requires careful attention to its substantial nutrient needs and a controlled growing environment.
  6. The flowering period of NYC Diesel spans 9 to 11 weeks, rewarding growers with substantial yields.
  7. Despite potential challenges, NYC Diesel’s unique characteristics make it a worthwhile endeavor for both connoisseurs and cultivators.

NYC Diesel Strain Genetics

Dive into the genetic storybook of NYC Diesel, and you’ll find chapters filled with international intrigue and botanical brilliance.

This strain’s genetic blueprint has been carefully etched by skilled breeders, fusing together elements from across the globe to create a masterpiece of flavor and function.

Its genetic portfolio is a testament to the meticulous craft of selection and breeding, aiming to achieve a delicate harmony of effects, tastes, and medicinal benefits.

Origins and Lineage

Peel back the layers of NYC Diesel’s lineage and you’re greeted with a worldly embrace.

With roots that delve into the Afghani and Hawaiian strains, and intertwining with the legendary Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel is a global citizen in the cannabis world.

It inherits the earthy richness and the knockout punch from its Afghani side, while the Hawaiian genetics inject a tropical, sweet essence, culminating in the soaring heights provided by Sour Diesel.

This cultural mosaic delivers a unique phenotype that captivates the connoisseurs and novices alike, etching its name in the annals of cannabis strains with pride and prominence.


The tale of NYC Diesel is drenched in accolades and a touch of mystery.

Its journey began when a breeder with a nose for standout strains mingled the best of sativa and indica genetics.

The result was nothing short of miraculous – a strain that took the cannabis world by storm, snagging awards at prestigious events like the High Times Cannabis Cup.

NYC Diesel’s rise to prominence wasn’t just luck; it was preordained by its exceptional quality, delivering a consistent, reliable experience that has made it a beloved staple in dispensaries and stashes across the globe.

Appearance of NYC Diesel Weed

Standing before a NYC Diesel plant, one is immediately struck by its dazzling display of colors.

It’s as if each bud is a canvas, with Mother Nature herself dabbing her brush in an array of hues.

You’ll find deep greens reminiscent of a lush forest, highlighted by fiery orange pistils that blaze like the setting sun against a metropolitan skyline.

When you look closer, the buds are coated with a crystal lattice of trichomes, as though a gentle frost has settled on an autumnal morning.

It’s this combination of urban edge and natural beauty that makes NYC Diesel a true showstopper in any garden.

  • Color Palette: A spectrum ranging from forest green to deep purple, highlighted by vibrant orange hairs.
  • Bud Structure: NYC Diesel boasts a densely-packed bud structure, with each cola adorned in a thick blanket of sticky trichomes that glisten like tiny diamonds.
  • Visual Distinction: The buds may exhibit bold patches of purple, a visual symphony complemented by the crystalline trichomes, adding to its unique charm and allure.

Is NYC Diesel Indica or Sativa?

Is NYC Diesel Indica or Sativa

At the heart of the NYC Diesel experience is its identity as a sativa-dominant hybrid, carrying with it the torch of cerebral stimulation and invigoration characteristic of sativas.

However, this isn’t a one-dimensional experience; the judicious indica influence grounds the flighty sativa, delivering a balanced, multifaceted high that can invigorate the mind while simultaneously relaxing the body.

This equilibrium makes NYC Diesel a versatile companion, capable of fueling creative endeavors as well as soothing the weary.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

NYC Diesel is more than just a sum of its parts; it’s a complex mosaic of flavors and effects, a synergy of cannabinoids and terpenes that dance together in every puff.

The strain’s rich profile plays a pivotal role in its effects, both recreational and medicinal, and contributes to the unique experience it offers.

Understanding the intricate tapestry of these compounds is key to appreciating the full spectrum of NYC Diesel’s identity.

Terpenes Profile

The terpene profile of NYC Diesel is a melody of scents that orchestrates an aromatic experience reminiscent of a walk through NYC’s diverse boroughs – bold, surprising, and wonderfully harmonious.

  1. Myrcene: The foundational base, lending its earthy, musky notes—a hint of the ground beneath the city’s concrete.
  2. Limonene: Bright citrus tones that cut through the urban musk, reminiscent of the city’s vibrant zest for life.
  3. Caryophyllene: Spicy and peppery, like the eclectic mix of cuisine from the city’s street vendors.
  4. Pinene: Sharp pine accents, a nod to the green parks nestled between skyscrapers.
  5. Linalool: Soft floral hints, a gentle whisper among the bold chatter of the cityscape.

THC and CBD levels

NYC Diesel’s cannabinoid content is headlined by its THC levels, which are formidable but not overwhelming, typically providing a robust yet manageable high for experienced consumers and a powerful introduction for the novices.

On the other hand, its CBD levels are relatively lower, maintaining the strain’s focus on a psychoactive journey rather than a CBD-driven therapeutic experience.


Aroma and Flavor

NYC Diesel’s aroma is a heady mix of sharp, pungent scents that assert themselves with confidence.

There’s a citrus kick that entwines with a diesel pungency, a trademark that’s as instantly recognizable as the yellow taxis streaking the city streets.

This is followed by sweet, earthy undertones that ground the scent, preventing it from becoming too airy or fleeting.

The flavor follows this aromatic lead, delivering a potent hit of sour citrus on the inhale, rounded out by a complex bouquet of earthy, woody notes on the exhale that linger like the afterglow of a city sunset.

NYC Diesel Strain Effects and Medical Benefits

NYC Diesel is a strain that delivers a spectrum of effects, all wrapped up in a delightfully pungent package.

It is the epitome of what many seek in a sativa-dominant hybrid: an uplifting yet gentle mental stimulation that can transition into a serene physical relaxation, making it an all-day companion.



The feelings invoked by NYC Diesel are a spectrum, beginning with a rush of euphoria that ignites creativity and sparks joy.

It’s a social strain, breaking barriers and building connections with its uplifting vibes.

The energetic kick then gives way to a more relaxed state, but one that doesn’t tether you to the couch.

It’s the perfect backdrop for a day filled with activity or an evening unwinding with friends.


With its potency, NYC Diesel may bring some less desirable effects, especially when enjoyed in higher quantities.

Some users report dry mouth and eyes, the familiar companions of a cannabis high.

In rare instances, the rush of euphoria could edge into anxiety or paranoia for those not accustomed to its power or those predisposed to such reactions.

As with any good thing in the city, moderation is key.

NYC Diesel Strain Helps With

Medically, NYC Diesel has a reputation for being a versatile ally.

Its primary strength lies in combating stress and depression, with its euphoric properties offering a potent mental uplift.

Those burdened with fatigue find solace in its energizing embrace, while the presence of myrcene and caryophyllene offer pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits, making it a candidate for easing chronic pain and discomfort.

Growing NYC Diesel

In the realm of cultivation, NYC Diesel holds its own as a connoisseur’s choice.

It’s a strain that demands attention and care, but the payoff is as grand as the city it’s named after.

Thriving in a controlled environment, NYC Diesel requires a gardener’s patience and a touch of expertise to truly flourish.

NYC Diesel Seeds

When it comes to NYC Diesel seeds, growers are faced with options, each with its own set of pros and cons.

Regular seeds are a genetic grab-bag, a mix of male and female plants, for those looking to breed their own strains.

Feminized seeds are all about efficiency, almost guaranteed to flower and free of male chromosomes.

Autoflowering seeds bring simplicity to the table, reducing grow times and foregoing the need for light cycle management.

Growing Guide

Growing NYC Diesel strain is like mastering a complex melody.

Each note must be hit with precision, each rhythm timed perfectly.

This guide is your sheet music to cultivating this vibrant strain.

Indoor and Outdoor Growing Info

Indoors, NYC Diesel thrives under a watchful eye, with controlled lighting, humidity, and temperature.

Here, the grower can coax out its full potential, managing every variable.

Outdoors, the strain is at the mercy of nature, requiring a sunny, Mediterranean-like climate to truly shine.

Yet, the outdoor grow offers its own reward: potentially larger yields and the magic touch of natural sunlight.

Feeding NYC Diesel Plants

Feeding NYC Diesel is about understanding its hearty appetite for nutrients while not overindulging its cravings.

A balanced diet of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium during vegetative growth is crucial, while the flowering phase sees a shift towards phosphorus and potassium to support those luscious buds.

CalMag supplements can be beneficial to prevent deficiencies.

Flowering Time and Yield of NYC Diesel Seeds

Flowering Time and Yield of NYC Diesel Seeds

The flowering time for NYC Diesel seeds spans from 9 to 11 weeks, a period of anticipation that rewards the grower with substantial yields.

Indoor cultivation may yield around 14 ounces per square meter, while outdoor efforts can see up to 12 ounces per plant.

Comparison of Alternative Strains to NYC Diesel Strain

Looking at NYC Diesel in relation to its peers, let’s see how it stands tall amongst them.

StrainTHC LevelYield (Indoor)Yield (Outdoor)Flowering TimePrimary Effect
NYC Diesel17-20%14 oz/m²12 oz/plant9-11 weeksEuphoric, Energizing
Blueberry Kush18-22%12 oz/m²10 oz/plant8-10 weeksRelaxing, Happy
Green Crack16-20%11 oz/m²9 oz/plant7-9 weeksEnergizing, Focused

Blueberry Kush offers a slightly higher THC content than NYC Diesel and has a shorter flowering time, making it a potentially quicker option for growers. It’s known for its relaxing and happy effects.

Green Crack, on the other hand, has a THC content similar to NYC Diesel but Green Crack strain features a shorter flowering time and is prized for its energizing and focused effects.

Consider your preferences and growing conditions when selecting the strain that suits you best.

Each of these strains brings its unique characteristics to the table for you to explore and enjoy.

Happy growing!


What is the best climate for growing NYC Diesel?

NYC Diesel prefers a warm, sunny climate, similar to the Mediterranean, with consistent temperatures and a controlled environment indoors.

How tall does NYC Diesel grow?

Indoors, NYC Diesel can reach up to 4-5 feet. Outdoors, with more room to stretch, it can grow taller, depending on conditions.

Is NYC Diesel suitable for beginners?

NYC Diesel can be a bit of a challenge for novices due to its specific nutrient and environmental needs but with careful research and patience, it’s not out of reach.

Can NYC Diesel be grown hydroponically?

Absolutely, NYC Diesel excels in hydroponic setups, which can aid in managing its nutrient intake and speeding up the vegetative phase.

What are the common pests and problems when growing NYC Diesel?

Like many strains, spider mites, and powdery mildew can pose a risk, so vigilant pest and disease management practices are key.

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