White Rose Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Picture yourself in a Dutch garden, bathed in the golden glow of sunset, surrounded by rows of roses.  Now, replace those roses with cannabis plants; you’ve got a good idea of the White Rose marijuana strain.  Now let’s peel back those petals and see what this blooming beauty is all about, shall we?

White Rose Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Type: 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

Genetic: Skunk x White Shadow

THC: 13 – 16%

CBD: 0.1 – 1%

Terpenes: Geraniol, Limonene, Myrcene, Terpinolene

Flowering Time: 56 – 63 days

Indoor Yield: 1.1 – 1.5 oz/ft²

Outdoor Yield: 15 – 20 oz/plant

Effects: Analgesic, Calming, Creative, Relaxed

Flavors/Taste: Earthy, Floral, Grape, Pear, Sweet

White Rose Strain Genetics

First, let’s delve into the genetics of this magnificent cannabis strain.

Origins and Lineage

Origins and Lineage

The White Rose is the offspring of a botanical romance between Skunk and the world-renowned White Shadow

Originally developed by Delicious Seeds, the torch was passed on to High Quality Seeds, who continue to nurture and propagate this horticultural heritage.


This beautiful bud blossomed into a strain loved by all in the cannabis community, forever remembered for its skunky floral allure and serene stone.

The Appearance of White Rose Weed

The buds have a compact structure adorned with dark green leaves, beautiful orange hairs, and a layer of frosty trichomes.

Is White Rose Indica or Sativa?

The White Rose is an Indica dominant hybrid, promising the best of both worlds. 

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

We’ve laid out the bouquet. Now let’s dig into the nectar that gives this strain its sweet buzz.

Terpenes Profile

Terpenes Profile

White Rose is like a sommelier’s dream, with a terpene profile rich in Myrcene, Terpinolene, Limonene, and Geraniol

These terpenes give it an aromatic symphony with a full-bodied blend of floral and fruity notes with a skunky undertone.

THC and CBD levels

This blooming beauty boasts a THC content ranging from 13-16% and a CBD content below 1%

It is not too strong or mild but just right for a calming, relaxing buzz without feeling like you’re on a trip to the moon.

Aroma and Flavor

Regarding aroma and flavor, White Rose doesn’t just walk the walk; it talks the talk too! 

The scent is a bouquet of plum, skunk, flowers, grape, and pear, while the flavor is an exciting echo of the same, lingering on your palate like a sweet, skunky sonnet.

White Rose Strain Effects and Medical Benefits

If strains were superheroes, the White Rose would be the Cannabis Crusader of giggles and munchies.



With White Rose, expect a refreshing experience that leaves you giggly, tingly, talkative, creative, and, let’s not forget, a bit hungry

It’s like being the life of the party, only the party’s in your head.


With great power (or, in this case, potency) comes great responsibility. A bit of caution can help avoid potential negatives like hunger pangs and fatigue.

White Rose Strain Helps With

The White Rose is a medicinal marvel, offering potential relief for conditions like Alzheimer’s, muscle spasms, depression, fibromyalgia, and muscular dystrophy.

Growing White Rose

The White Rose strain is like that one friend we all have – easy-going and resistant to drama.

White Rose Seeds

Feminized seeds of this strain are available. 

These seeds grow into potent plants, making them a grower’s joy and a breeder’s delight.

Growing Guide

Growing Guide

White Rose plants are an absolute spectacle, growing up to 30-60 inches tall. 

They’re also quite the yielders, offering a modest yield. 

And did I mention they’re a breeze to grow? Perfect for beginners!

Indoor and Outdoor Growing Info

White Rose can be grown indoors and outdoors, but she truly thrives under the sun’s warmth. 

She’s the cannabis with a love for hydro systems and an excellent resistance to mold, bacteria, and pests!

Feeding White Rose Plants

White Rose plants love a good meal of nutrient-rich feed, especially during flowering.

Flowering Time and Yield of White Rose Seeds

Flowering Time and Yield of White Rose Seeds

From seed to harvest, the White Rose takes about 56 to 63 days to flower, typically blooming in all its glory around September-October.

You can expect an indoor yield range from 1.1 to 1.5 oz/ft² and an outdoor yield range from 15 to 20 oz per plant.

Comparison of Alternative Strains to White Rose Strain

To help you navigate the garden of ganja, here are a few alternatives to the White Rose strain including Blue Rose, Whitethorn Rose, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Riddlez, Uncle Snoop cannabis strain, White Cherry Gelato, Rainbow Snacks and Paradise Punch.

Blue RoseBlueberry x Unknown StrainRelaxing, Sleepy, UpliftedBlueberry, Berry, Sweet
Whitethorn RoseWhite Widow x ThornCalming, Creative, UpliftedFloral, Sweet, Spicy
Lemon Cherry GelatoSunset Sherbet x Unknown StrainHappy, Relaxing, EuphoricLemon, Cherry, Sweet
RiddlezRuntz x GelatoUplifted, Happy, RelaxedSweet, Citrus, Herbal
Uncle SnoopOG Kush x Unknown StrainEuphoric, Relaxing, HappyDiesel, Pine, Spicy
White Cherry GelatoWhite Cherry Pie x GelatoRelaxing, Uplifted, CreativeCherry, Citrus, Sweet
Rainbow SnacksBlueberry x Unknown StrainEuphoric, Happy, CreativeBerry, Sweet, Citrus
Paradise PunchSunset Sherbet x Unknown StrainUplifted, Happy, EuphoricCitrus, Sweet, Berry

So, whether you stick to the White Rose or try a new bouquet, you will find a strain that suits your taste. 

And as we say in the business – happy toking, folks!


Is White Rose indica or sativa? 

White Rose is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with 90% Indica and 10% Sativa genetics.

What is the White Rose strain? 

The White Rose strain is a delightfully fragrant and potent Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain.

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