The Best Reputable Cannabis Seed Banks Online

Cannabis seed banks are online shops that sell, stores and preserves cannabis seed genetics for future use in breeding and cultivation. Cannabis seed banks work with experienced breeders to ensure they sell seeds with stable genetics and excellent cannabinoid content. In addition to offering high-quality marijuana seeds, cannabis seeds banks provide other services such as shipping,…

The Best Reputable Cannabis Seed Banks Online
Nenad Nikolic

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Publish Date: July 17, 2023
Last Update Date: August 15, 2023

What is Cannabis Seeds Bank?

Cannabis Seeds Banks is a business that specializes in storing, selling and distributing cannabis seeds. 

They are also working on diversity of marijuana strains and perserving them.

Seed Banks offer you various Indica, Sativa and hybrid marijuana strains to choose from. 

They offer regular marijuana seeds, feminized marijuana seeds, autoflowering seeds, high CBD seeds, fast versions seeds, etc.

Cannabis seeds bank provide online store access to its customers. There are many reputable cannabis seeds banks online.

However, not all cannabis banks are the same, so you must research before choosing one to suit your needs.

How to Choose a Good Cannabis Seeds Bank?

When you want to buy marijuana seeds online, there are a few things to consider to ensure you choose the best seeds bank. Here are some tips on how to select good seeds bank.

The Reputation of Seeds Bank

Before buying from any cannabis seed bank, it is always recommended to check out their reputation.

Check out what other people are saying about them online.

Look for reviews on seed banks and see if there are any complaints against them.

Check out what other online seed banks are saying about them. If they have bad reputation, then you should look elsewhere.

Price of Seeds

One of most essential factors in choosing best cannabis bank is price.

Cheaper seed mean more money in your pocket for more seed.

Many seed banks offer great seed deals and sales on their site. You can use these sales to increase your choice and number of seed you can buy.

Shipping Time

One of most important things when buying seeds online is the shipping time and cost. 

Depending on where you live and what shipping method you choose, you might have to wait up to 60 days.

In some countries, it’s illegal to import cannabis seeds, so check your local laws regarding this. 

When you’r buying marijuana seeds from seed bank, you want to be able to track the package so you know when it will arrive.

Seeds banks should provide you with a tracking number so you can always see where your package is, depending on your chosen shipping option.

If you order during holiday season, expect longer delivery time. 

Before placing your order, check if delivery to your country is available and how much shipping cost is. Some seeds banks offer free delivery on all orders others do not.

Quality of Customer Service

Quality of customer service is another important factor to consider when choosing the best seeds bank. Good seeds bank will have well-trained staff that can answer your questions via phone or email about different seed, your order, strain type, and more.

Suppose you have issues with your order or need assistance placing an order. In that case, you want to know that you’re dealing with helpful and knowlegeable people who can help you out.

Buying Seed In-Person vs. Online Seed Banks

Buying cannabis seeds online is much more discreet than buying them in person. No one has to know what you are buying.

You can order seeds online at any time of days or nights, and you can do so in your jammies – no need to leave house.

You can also compare different online seeds banks from comfort of your own home. Also, there is no limit on number of cannabis seeds you can order. 

The disadvantage of buying online is that you can’t see what you are buying. You only get to see seed after you buy them. You also don’t get to smell or touch seeds.

However, most online seed banks offer plenty of pictures of their seed and often also some info about each variety.

Assortment of Cannabis Seeds for Sale

You can find any cannabis seeds online. However, some seeds banks have a better variety than others. 

Most seed bank offer collections of regular seeds, autoflower seeds, and feminized seeds.

Quality of Seeds Offered

Quality of seed is essential when choosing cannabis seed bank. That is because you want to make sure that when you buy feminized seeds you’re buying are viable and will grow into high quality marijuana plants.

When choosing best seed bank, you should always check out reviews online to see what other people think about quality of seeds offered by certain online seed banks. You can also ask around or search on your own.

Variety of Offered Seeds

Each cannabis seed bank has its unique assortment of seeds. Some have a more significant number of seeds, while others have smaller number of seeds.

Most online seed banks will offer seeds that are best sellers, but some only offer rare and exotic cannabis seeds that are not so well known.

Some banks specialize in certain types of seeds, wich is excellent if you are looking for something specific.

Suppose you are looking to buy autoflower seeds. In that case, there is number of seed banks that specialize in these varieties. If you are looking for CBD-rich cannabis seeds, there are a few online seed banks specialize in these varieties.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault

There is a place in Norway called Svalbard. Its location is on the island of Spitsbergen, in Arctic Circle.

There is building specifically designed as a seed bank to store seeds of all plant species on Earth.

It’s called Svalbard Global Seed Vault, and the Norwegian government, the Crop Trust, and the Nordic Genetic Resource Center manage it. 

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault

It opened in 2008, and since then, it has stored over 865,000 different seed varieties from around the world, including cannabis seeds.

In case of war or natural disaster that destroys gene bank of any country, they can go to Svalbard and get seeds they need to restore agriculture in affected area.

Seeds can be stored there for up to 200 years. It’s truly remarkable place. 

Svalbard Bank is most secure seed bank in world.

The Best Seeds Banks in Europe

If you’re looking for the best cannabis seeds banks in Europe, you’ve come to the right place.

These are the best online seed banks in Europe. They offer a large selection of seeds, with excellent customer service and fair prices.

Attitude Seedbank

Attitude Seedbank

Attitude Seedbank is one of the oldest online seed banks. They have been around since 2007. Their location is in the UK, and they offer discreet and worldwide shipping and free cannabis seeds in every order.

They have a massive variety of seeds from different breeders. They offer feminized seeds and regular seeds. They offer over 200 breeders and over 8000 strains in their catalog.

Their customer service is excellent, and will always answer your emails or phone calls within 24 hours.

They have large assortment of cannabis seeds for sale, with different varieties for both indoor and outdoor growing.

Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds Seedbanks

Herbies Seeds, also label as Herbies Headshop, is one of biggest international on line cannabis seed sellers. 

Herbies Seeds are located in Alicante, Spain. They have been around since the 2000s.

They offer large assortment of both regular and feminized cannabis seeds.

They also provide wide range of strains for indoor and outdoor growth.

Herbies Seeds offer to ship worldwide. They have positive customer reviews about seed quality, customer service, strains, and shipping.

Weedseed Express Seeds Bank

Weedseed Express Seeds Bank

Weedseeds express is located in Haarlem, also known as Little Amsterdam. This town has one of the oldest cannabis cultures and industries in the world.

They have been around since 2005.

Their website is easy to use and features a lot of product information.

Their seeds are of high quality, and they offer large selection of feminized autoflowers and regular seeds at affordable prices.

Weed seeds express also adds extra seeds to your order. They have excellent customer service.

They offer discreet shipping to most Europe countries and the US.

The Best Cannabis Seed Bank in the US

If you’re looking for best cannabis seeds banks in the US, then keep reading.

These are some of best online seed banks in the US. They offer a large selection of seeds, with excellent customer service.

Homegrown Cannabis Co

Homegrown Cannabis Co US Seed Bank

Homegrown Cannabis Co is seed bank located in the US. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co provides excellent genetics at affordable prices to everyone. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co sells seeds produced by its in-house breeders.

They offer more than 400 marijuana varietis, high quality, fast germinating marijuana seeds with stabilized genetics.

Homegrown Cannabis Co also has educational growth guides. 

They ship to the USA and offer free shipping for purchases over $115, and they also have a Loyalty and VIP Program.

Neptune Seed Bank

Neptune Seed Bank

Neptune Seed Bank is one of marijuana seeds banks in the US. They are located in Long Beach, California.

They offer an impressive selection of seeds (almost 2000 seed options) to their customers.

Their seeds have affordable prices,although they don’t have germination rate guarantee.

Neptune Seed Bank’s customer service is excellent. When it comes to shipping, they ship your order with tracking numbers.

The Best Cannabis Seed Banks in Canada

You can find some of the best seeds banks in Canada. Here are some of the marijuana seed banks in Canada: 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Bank

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Bank

Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank is located in Quebec and has been around since 2013. 

Quebec Cannabis Bank offer customers free shipping for all orders over $99. 

They also offer $10 per order for regular shipping and ship seeds into stealth packages. 

They offer marijuana seeds online in different varieties: autoflowering, feminized, and CBD marijuana seeds.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Seed Bank offer germination guarantee on their seeds and has a good reputation online.

Sonoma Seeds Bank

Sonoma Seeds Bank

Sonoma Seeds is a seed supplier based on the West Coast of Canada. 

This cannabis seed bank offer variety of excellent autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, CBD seeds, and fast-version seeds.

They offer variety of different strains that range from Indicas to Sativas and hybrids as well.

Sonoma seeds guarantee an 80% germination rate on all of their seeds.

Seeds are shipped globally and offer free delivery on orders over $300. Also, you can choose between regular or express shipping.

Sunwest Genetics

Sunwest Genetics canabis seed bank

Sunwest Genetics is one of Canada’s most popular marijuana seed bank. They have been in business since 2015 and have built an enviable reputation.

Sunwest Genetics seeds are high quality and reasonably priced. 

They offer seeds from all different breeders as well.

Sunwest Genetics provides a wide range of regular marijuana seeds, autoflowering seed, feminized seed, high CBD marijuana seed, high THC marijuana seed, and fast versions of marijuana seeds. 

They offer their customers worldwide delivery and accept cash, credit cards, or bitcoin payments.

The Best Seeds Banks That Ship to the US

If you’re in the US and want to buy marijuana seeds, you can choose from some of these seed banks:

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds international seed bank

Sensi Seed Bank is one of the oldest and most trusted seeds banks in the world. 

Established in 1985, Sensi Seeds has been growing with popularity of marijuana culture over past three decades.

Sensi Seeds is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, known for its liberal marijuana laws.

Sensi Seeds currently offer more than 500 different marijuana strains, including medical strains.

Their customer service is available from Monday to Friday.

Sensi Seeds offer international shipping with no tracking and secure international shipping with tracking.

They offer free standard delivery on orders over 75€.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds best marijuana seed banks

Crop King Seeds is one of the best cannabis seeds banks online. They are one of Canada’s seed banks that ship to the US.

Crop King Seeds started in 2005, and since then, they have been offering a large variety of seeds to their customers. 

Crop King Seeds offer regular, feminized, and autoflowering strains. 

Crop King Seeds has excellent customer service and an easy-to-use website.

They are shipping globally and offer germination rate of 80 percent or more.

They offer various payment options that you can use based on your preferences.

The Best Autoflowers Seed Banks

If you’re looking for autoflower strains, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of autoflower seed banks to choose from. Here are some of the best autoflowers seeds banks:

ILGM – I Love Growing Marijuana Seeds Online Bank

ILGM I Love Growing Marijuana Seeds Online Bank

ILGM – I Love Growing Marijuana is one of most well-known seed banks on internet. ILGM is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

ILGM offer a wide range of autoflowering seeds and free shiping on all standard deliveries.

ILGM have been around since 2012 and have an excellent online reputation. 

ILGM provide excellent customer support 24/7 and offer a variety of best-known strains.

ILGM offer all sorts of autoflowering seeds, ranging from basic to exotic.

ILGM offer monthly deals and promos on their site, and they offer guarantees on seed germination.

Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds best cannabis seed bank

Royal Queen Seeds is an experienced team of breeders with two stores in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and one in Barcelona, Spain.

They also have an online shop, one of Europe’s best online seed banks.

They have been around for over twenty years, and during that time, they developed many different strains.

Royal Queen Seeds offer one of the world’s best selections of autoflowering seeds.

Their seeds are of highest quality. They offer free delivery within Europe, and their stealth methods are excellent.

 As far as payment methods go, they accept credit cards, cash, direct bank transfer, and Bitcoin.

The Cheapest Seed Bank

There are still excellent seed banks if you are on a low budget. Here are the cheapest online seed banks that offer high quality pot seeds cheap.


Seedsman cheapest seed banks

Seedsman was established in 2003 and, since then, has grown tremendously. 

Seedsman is headquartered in Barcelona, but they ship their seeds to every country worldwide. They offer shipping at very low costs.

Seedsman offers wide range of autoflower seeds. 

They have more than 4,000 marijuana strains from different breeders (Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, etc.). They also produce some of their seeds which are cheaper.

Seedsman is one of the few online seed banks that offer a large variety of marijuana seeds.

Their prices are also very attractive compared to other online seed banks.


MSNL local seed banks near me

MSNL has been in business since 1999 and has become one of the best marijuana banks in the UK.

They have reliable customer service, and their website is easy to use.

They offer three shipping options: stealth shipping, guaranteed stealth shipping, and express guaranteed shipping, which differ in price.

MSNL is offering free feminized seeds with any order and free shipping on orders above $100. 

MSNL sells regular seeds, feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, seeds of medical strains, and mixes.

The great thing about MSNL is that they have sales and promotions all the time.

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