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Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds are potent indica-dominant hybrid that packs sweet berry aroma and powerful effects. This classic strain has an average THC levels of 10 to 13%

  • Genetic: Thai Sativa x Afghani Indica x Ruderalis
  • Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • THC: 10 to 13%
  • CBD: 0.5 to 1%
  • Flowering Time: 49 to 56 days
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Climate: Warm
  • Flowering Type: Autoflowering
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Plant size: small
  • Indoor: 0.7 to 0.9 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor: 1 to 1.5 oz/plant
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Germination Guaranteed

About this strain:

  • Effects: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy
  • Helps with: Anxiety, Cramps, Depression, Mood, Muscle-Spasms, Pain, Stress
  • Flavors/Taste: Berry, Blueberry, Earthy, Woody
  • Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Geraniol, Humulene, Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene, Terpinolene

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5 free seeds for every $100 spent

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Blue Moonshine Auto Seeds

Blue Moonshine Auto Seeds

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds are perfect for novices and experts alike due to their simple growing process, delicious flavor, and moderate yields.

Blue Moonshine combines traits of both indica and sativa strains, resulting in unique plants with unmistakable characteristics.

Blue Moonshine features lush branches loaded with medium-sized buds.

Stands of these plants are covered in tiny resin-filled trichomes, adding to their glossy appearance.

Plants feature small trichomes, which can appear as white crystals, making them extremely beautiful to gaze upon.

Extra attention is needed when tending to these easy-to-grow plants because their white crystals are quite fragile and prone to rotting if not kept dry.

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds are perfect for novices and experts alike due to their simple growing process, delicious flavor, and moderate yields.

Blue Moonshine combines traits of both indica and sativa strains, resulting in unique plants with unmistakable characteristics.

Blue Moonshine features lush branches loaded with medium-sized buds.

Stands of these plants are covered in tiny resin-filled trichomes, adding to their glossy appearance.

Plants feature small trichomes, which can appear as white crystals, making them extremely beautiful to gaze upon.

Extra attention is needed when tending to these easy-to-grow plants because their white crystals are quite fragile and prone to rotting if not kept dry.

Blue Moonshine's aroma and flavor are out-of-this-world spectacular.

Your senses will be delighted by combination of earthy, berry, and woody notes that fill room upon breaking open one of these monster plants.

Strain delivers massive THC levels of up to 13% and contains negligible amounts of CBD.

Blue Moonshine seeds grow plants that are 60% indica and 40% sativa.

Blue Moonshine autoflowers require warm and sunny environment in order to flourish.

They can withstand high temperatures and humidity, although humidity levels should remain between 40% and 60% to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Blue Moonshine Auto buds are ready to be harvested in around 7 to 8 weeks.

Blue Moonshine has manageable yield that ranges from 0.7 to 0.9 oz/ft² when grown indoors and up to 1.5 oz per plant outdoors.

Blue Moonshine Autoflower

Blue Moonshine Seeds autoflower strain is perfect for both first-time and long-time growers.

This indica-dominant strain grows buds full of thick trichomes and flowers automatically, making it ideal for small grow spaces.

Blue Moonshine marijuana autoflower seeds grow plants that produce dense buds with an earthy aroma and powerful effects.

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds produce cannabis plants that transition from seedling to flower without need for separate lighting schedule.

Growers reap yields of potent buds in as little as 7 to 8 weeks.

Blue Moonshine Auto Origin

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds are famous worldwide for their high THC content, pleasant aroma, and tranquil effects.

Growers love them for their fast flowering time, low maintenance requirements, and numerous medical benefits.

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds come from cross between three of most legendary strains in cannabis world.

Breeders took perfectly balanced Thai sativa, Afghani fem seeds, and ruderalis to create these feminized autoflower seeds.

They gave them characteristics of an instant-flowering plant without sacrificing any quality of regular plants.

As result, Blue Moonshine autoflower plants produce buds with qualities of sativa in much quicker time frame.

Instead of spending months growing an indica dominant plant only to harvest it in fall, this variety allows you to have crops on your hands within few weeks.

Blue Moonshine Genetic

Blue Moonshine Genetic

Blue Moonshine is perfect strain for all marijuana lovers around globe because of its effects and genetics.

Blue Moonshine is result of crossing Thai sativa and Afghani indica with ruderalis.

These three parent strains eventually lead to plant that automatically switches from vegetative to floral phase without any interruption in light cycle.

Resulting hybrid had no photoperiod, so it could change from vegetative to flowering stage on schedule, regardless of how much light was present.

That made it possible for plants to produce buds regardless of whether light cycle was short or long.

Breeders soon realized that quality buds could be produced by simply allowing plants to flower after regular period of time.

That became breakthrough moment in cannabis cultivation as we know it today.

Also known as BMA, these beauties carry legendary genetics traced back to some of Thailand's best landrace strains.

Blue Moonshine Autoflowering Strain Phenotypes

Blue Moonshine Auto produces dense, aromatic flowers that range in color.

Strain's vibrant colors are reason behind its nickname-Blue Moonshine-because of its mesmerizing effect on your vision while under its effects.

Blue Moonshine auto has slightly indica-leaning phenotypes.

However, certain traits resemble sativa.

Growing either phenotype presents similar challenges, but sativa phenotypes may have slightly higher yields.

Blue Moonshine Autoflower Growing Guide

Blue Moonshine Autoflower Growing Guide

These Cannabis plants require soil with high nutrient content, including P and K, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.

Other nutrients they may benefit from include zinc, iron, manganese, copper, molybdenum, boron, Cobalt, and Vitamins C and E.

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds grow well in most soil types but perform best in rich, organic soil.

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds are bred to need little attention, so they are suitable for almost any skill level.

Plants can withstand lots of stress, such as overwatering or underfeeding and can recover quickly.

They are less tolerant of extreme temperatures and humidity.

Give plants water every five days for best results, and keep humidity low around them. That will keep your crops healthy and growing at their best.

When growing cannabis indoors, it is crucial to incorporate good ventilation.

Plants need carbon dioxide; however, too much will dry out your plant.

Therefore, you want to create flow of fresh air while still retaining humidity in the grow room.

What's best way to achieve this?

If you're going to grow autoflower plants, you don't need to have windows to open and close regularly.

What you need is an exhaust fan that can be turned on and off manually as needed.

Blue Moonshine Autoflower Growing

Prune branches regularly in order to manage their size and improve air circulation around their buds.

When training Blue Moonshine Autoflower, remember that she doesn't like being bent.

Therefore, simple training method with few points will do her well.

Points are basically horizontal branches that you bend to ground and secure.

When pruning Blue Moonshine Autoflower, remove any lower branches that grow towards center of plant, as they will make holes for light to escape.

You only need to prune once or twice during growing phase.

That may include some even more basic pruning (e.g., removing branches with leaves, so plant is more tidy) while training her towards shape you want before flowering kicks in.

Blue Moonshine does not pick up many pests and diseases because of its healthy and robust genetics.

However, you still need to monitor environment closely to catch any issues early. Go over your plants at regular intervals and look for following:

  • Bugs
  • Mold
  • Yellowing leaves
  • Sodium toxicity (soil)

For those looking for minimal maintenance strain, this is right one for you!

Preferred Climate for Blue Moonshine

These cannabis seeds grow herb that thrives in Mediterranean climate.

Therefore, it is recommended to grow Blue Moonshine autoflower plants indoors (with additional humidity), where temperature can be controlled.

Optimal indoor temp is between 20-28°C / 68-82°F.

Blue Moonshine autoflower grows well in dry conditions, but plants need little more humidity than that to reach their full potential.

Staying within 40-60% humidity range will help your plants develop sticky buds with balanced levels of CBD and THC.

Best way to keep humidity under control is with good ventilation.

Feeding Plants

Feeding Plants

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds grow plants that require little nutrient upkeep.

Once you have chosen proper nutrient regimen and provided basic plant care, nutrients will be consumed.

Instead of wasting unused nutrients, plant uses them to produce beautiful buds that are as healthy as they are beautiful.

Here we will go over some basics on nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium levels for your Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds' needs.

Nitrogen (N) provides plants with amino acids, proteins, chlorophyll, and many other compounds.

It also influences plants' growth rate and overall size.

Plants generally need around 1 to 2 ppm of nitrogen throughout their life cycle.

Phosphorous (P) aids in root development and seed germination, while potassium (K) helps in membrane transport of nutrients.

Both are crucial in flower formation and serve as energy sources for your plants.

With this in mind, you'll want to keep your NPK ratio at around 1:1:1

These three elements are what we refer to as macronutrients, and they should be applied during different stages of plant's life cycle to ensure it gets what it needs at crucial times.

Flowering Time and Yield

Flowering Time and Yield

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds have relatively short flowering time of just 7 to 8 weeks.

That means you will have nice and potent buds in your hands in less than 2 months!

Blue Moonshine Auto has moderate yields.

Indoors, cultivated in either set-up, plants are guaranteed to produce at least 0.7 oz/ft².

Outdoor growers can expect to harvest between 1 and 1.5 oz per plant when grown under sunny skies with added protection from nearby winds.

The Experience of Smoking or Consuming Blue Moonshine

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds grow plants with anxious yet energetic effects.

Therefore, it can be challenging for some to handle.

It would be best if you paced yourself until you experience what this strain is capable of.

Blue Moonshine strain offers high potency and varied effects, making it a favorite amongst experienced smokers.

It's perfect for those who need mental boost or creative spark.

It delivers powerful effects that might be too much for beginners to handle.

Users report that Blue Moonshine has strong physical effects resulting in an 'instant buzz.'

Many users report feeling relaxed and euphoric, with mood-boosting qualities.

Users also report feeling happy, confident, and talkative, making it good for social situations.

Blue Moonshine contains THC levels of up to 13%, so it's not surprising that some users report feeling sleepy or 'couch-locked' after consumption.

Others report having mild headaches after prolonged usage.

Blue Moonshine seeds grow into an indica-dominant strain perfect for different consumption methods.

Users may prefer to use their method of choice depending on its effects.

  • Smoking: Blue Moonshine auto seeds are more straightforward to smoke than other consumption methods due to their low moisture levels. It requires minimal preparation and offers immediate euphoric effects. Plus, smoking is convenient for those looking for instant relief from physical or mental issues.
  • Vaping: Vaping this strain is popular among vaporizer users since it allows high concentrations of THC to be delivered without burning your throat. Some users prefer not to vape at all, but this technique can improve flavor while reducing harshness of smoke inhalation.
  • Edibles: Using an edible form of cannabis products can offer prolonged relief from both physical and mental symptoms it affects. Making edibles takes time, but they can last up to 12 hours in your system, depending amount consumed and user's body chemistry.

Uses for Blue Moonshine Auto

With THC levels reaching 13%, Blue Moonshine seeds are perfect for recreational users of all levels.

With its CBD levels, strain is also perfect for medical users with physical ailments.

Blue Moonshine's genetics make it ideal solution for many medical conditions.

It is well-known for alleviating stress and reducing or eliminating anxiety attacks.

This strain can also help with depression and may even improve mood in some people.

Blue Moonshine helps to relax muscles, which makes it effective for reducing spasms and cramps, especially those caused by fibromyalgia.

This strain may also be effective against muscle spasticity, as well as various types of arthritis.

Similar to other autoflower strains with high levels of THC, Blue Moonshine has powerful pain-relieving effects.

Additionally, it may aid in healing damaged nerves and is believed to improve various neurological issues such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease.

Smell and Taste of Blue Moonshine Autoflower

Smell and Taste of Blue Moonshine Autoflower

Blue Moonshine combines three strains, each with its own sense-pleasing qualities.

Thai parents contribute rich aroma of lemongrass and cardamom, while Afghani and Ruderalis bring musky blueberry.

Blue Moonshine's complex fragrance is far from ordinary, bringing pure pleasure to noses lucky enough to catch whiff.

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds produce flowers in wide range of flavors.

Smell leads you to believe that buds will taste similar to berries.

However, Blue Moonshine tastes more like woody and earthy blend of blueberry and wild forest herbs.

This flavor is much deeper than expected, making it richer smoking experience.

Taste is rich but not too strong, allowing more frequent smokes without jaw ache or cottonmouth.

As soon as you inhale first puff, taste buds are transported to land of forests and mountains, thanks to touch of pine mixed with subtle blueberry undertones.

After couple of tokes, sweet blueberry notes begin to develop alongside creamy caramel accents that appear on palette with each puff.

Wafts of fragrant smoke ride on gentle breeze into nostrils and fill every corner with unmistakable aroma.

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Similar Alternatives

If you are fan of smell, taste, or cultivating time of Blue Moonshine autoflower, you can check some other similar alternatives that resemble in flavor.

MK Ultra

MK Ultra

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds share lot of similarities to MK Ultra seeds.

Both produce cerebral highs that leave user feeling energetic and euphoric.

MK Ultra is popular among recreational users, while Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds are preferred by medicinal consumers.

Unsurprisingly, both strains contain similar levels of THC.

Although our Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds have similar flavors to MK Ultra, no effects will be identical.

MK Ultra throws some heavy mental effects at you while Blue Moonshine remains mellow.

Blue Moonlights are still sweet and berry-like but add wonderful earthiness to flavor profile.

Previously spicy/herbal notes are more subdued than MK Ultra but still noticeable.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze

Blue Moonshine Auto is similar to Amnesia Haze in flavor department.

It features similar earthy notes combined with slight berry taste, which comes across as natural rather than artificial.

You'll also detect woodsy flavor, with just slightest bit of blueberry sweetness that adds to fruity skunkiness.

Both Blue Moonshine and autoflower Amnesia Haze seeds are brilliant at delivering happy, relaxed feelings that slowly creep up on you.

That is why both strains are so popular among regular users of marijuana.

Both strains also taste and smell great, with refreshing berry flavors and piney aromas.


Do these seeds produce male or female plants?

Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds are feminized and will, without doubt, all produce female plants.

Can I grow weed from Blue Moonshine autoflower seeds outside?

Yes, you can. These weed seeds can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees and will thrive in most outdoor conditions.

They have sturdy stems, so they don't break easily and only need moderate amount of maintenance.

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