Buy Devil XXL Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Online - DSS

Buy Devil XXL Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Online - DSS



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Buy Devil XXL Autoflower cannabis seeds for sale, for a sativa dominant strain with citrus notes and high THC, crossing Big Devil x Auto Jack Herer.

  • Genetic: Big Devil #2 x Auto Jack Herer x Ruderalis
  • Type: 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
  • THC: 19 to 20%
  • CBD: 0.1 to 1%
  • Flowering Time: 49 to 56 days
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Climate: Warm
  • Flowering Type: Autoflowering
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Plant size: small
  • Indoor: 1.5 to 1.6 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor: 2 to 7 oz/plant
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Free & Discreet Shipping

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Worldwide Delivery

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Germination Guaranteed

About this strain:

  • Effects: Cerebral, Happy, Relaxed
  • Helps with: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Inflammation, Stress
  • Flavors/Taste: Citrus, Intence, Spicy
  • Terpenes: Limonene, Phellandrene

Number of seeds:


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5 free seeds for every $100 spent

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Devil XXL Autoflower Seeds Information

Indulge in the allure of these remarkable Devil XXL auto seeds.

Bred for potency and infused with unique flavors, this cannabis plant is not just another choice; it's an experience waiting to be discovered.

Here's an in-depth look into this exceptional auto strain.

Devil XXL Autoflower Strain Origin

Devil XXL Autoflower Strain Origin

Devil XXL's lineage is rooted in the powerful and celebrated Jack Herer Autoflower seeds, which is named after the famous cannabis rights activist and author. 

Combined with Big Devil 2, the resultant cannabis inherits the best of both worlds.

From auto Jack Herer, it acquires its energizing effects and rich, spicy citrus flavor. 

B. Devil contributes to the autoflowering characteristics and adds to the Indica side of its genetic makeup of 30/70 indica-sativa ratio.

These parents were carefully selected for their complementary characteristics.

The resulting hybrid offers a balanced high, pleasing taste and manageable growth pattern.

It's combination of unique traits from both parents manifests in its intense smell, lively effects, and bountiful yield. 

This blend creates a truly unparalleled experience for consumers and growers alike, marking this as a top-notch choice in the world of cannabis cultivation.

Devil XXL Autoflower Weed Effects

Smoking or consuming this cannabis leads to a delightful array of effects catering to recreational and medicinal users.

Initially, users might feel cerebral energy and creativity due to the Sativa side of its genetics.

This is often accompanied by a light, joyful euphoria that can inspire artistic endeavors or simply brighten one's day.

As the high progresses, the relaxing effects gradually come into play.

A gentle relaxation starts to creep through the body, calming muscles without causing heavy sedation.

This balanced combination makes it suitable for day-to-day use, helping with anxiety, depression, and stress without leaving the user feeling lethargic or overly relaxed.

The weed effects are often praised for their versatility.

It can be a social, fostering conversation and laughter, or a personal companion for reflection and artistic expression.

It's a choice that accommodates various preferences and occasions, genuinely encapsulating the dynamic world of cannabis.


The THC and CBD content plays a critical role in shaping its distinct profile.

With a high THC levels ranging from 15% to 20%, this MJ offers a potency that caters to casual smokers and cannabis connoisseurs. 

The THC induced effects are energetic and uplifting, providing an exhilarating buzz that doesn't overwhelm.

Contrastingly, cannabidiol content is typically low, usually hovering below 1%.

While cannabidiol may not be a defining characteristic of this MJ, the low levels contribute to a more focused high without the accompanying sedation.

This combination creates a delicate equilibrium between stimulation and relaxation, producing a pleasant and versatile experience.

The balance of compounds creates a comprehensive spectrum of effects, catering to various needs and preferences. 

From recreational enjoyment to potential therapeutic applications such as pain relief and stress reduction, the balanced cannabinoid profile offers something for everyone.

Aroma and Flavor

Aroma and Flavor

It's smell and flavor are a testament to its rich genetic heritage. 

The strain greets the senses with a robust, spicy citrus fragrance reminiscent of its ancestry.

A closer inspection reveals subtle earthy undertones, adding depth to its intriguing scent profile.

When it comes to flavor, it doesn't disappoint.

The initial taste mirrors the scent, with bold citrus notes dominating the palate.

As the flavor evolves, hints of spice and earthiness emerge, creating a complex and satisfying taste experience.

The multi-layered flavors are a delight to explore, offering surprises with every puff.

Whether you're a new cultivator or a seasoned expert, the scent and flavor can add an extra dimension to your growing and smoking experience. 

Its unique combination of tastes and smells is a beautiful way to engage with the plant, deepening your appreciation for the art and science of cannabis cultivation and consumption.

Growing Devil XXL Autoflower Plants

Growing autoflowering plants is not just a hobby; it's a passion ignited by the lure of abundant crystals and tantalizing scent.

Whether you are a novice cultivator or an experienced cultivator, the journey with these weed seeds are rewarding and fascinating.

Preferred Climate

The preferred climate for this plant is a crucial aspect that every cultivator must understand to optimize growth. 

Thriving in various conditions, this auto plant flexibility makes it a favorite among cultivators of different experience levels.

Its genetic lineage imparts a hardiness that allows it to flourish in temperate and warmer climates.

It prefers a Mediterranean-like climate, enjoying ample sunlight and a consistent temperature range when grown outdoors.

However, its resilience also means it can withstand slight fluctuations and unexpected weather changes.

This adaptability enables cultivators in less-than-ideal climates to achieve satisfying results, broadening the appeal of this plant.

It's ability to adapt is a significant advantage for indoor growing. 

Cultivators can create the perfect environment to mimic the preferred outdoor conditions by controlling temperature and humidity within the grow room.

Indoor and Outdoor Yield

Indoor yield ranges from 1.5 to 1.6 oz/ft², while outdoor yield can range from 2 to 7 oz per plant.

Factors like the sea of green setup, utilization of coco coir, and proper hours of light per day are crucial in determining the yield.

Flowering Time

Flowering Time

The blooming time adds to the allure of this MJ, especially for those eager to witness the transformation from germination to harvest. 

With a rapid flowering phase lasting just 9 to 10 weeks, this plant stands out for its efficiency without sacrificing quality.

This shortened blooming time is a boon for cultivators seeking quick turnarounds, particularly in regions with shorter growing seasons.

The rapid development enables multiple harvests of buds within a year, maximizing productivity without compromising buds potency or flavor.

The flowering stage is not only a time for growth but also a phase for the expression of its unique characteristics.

The appearance of dense buds, the emergence of vibrant colors, and the intensification of aromatic compounds all occur during this period.

By carefully monitoring and nurturing the plants through this critical phase, cultivators can coax out the best traits, culminating in a bountiful and quality harvest of buds both indoors and outdoors.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Sale Online

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Similar Marijuana Seeds

Looking to explore marijuana strains that might be akin to the extraordinary Devil XXL auto strain? You're in luck! 

Here's a comparison that delves into the unique characteristics, highlighting their similarities and distinctions.

This information may just help you discover a new favorite or reaffirm your love.

  • Black Jack: A blend of Jack Herer and Black Domina, Black Jack seeds share the energizing effect but offer a more balanced Indica-Sativa ratio. While the flowering phase can be similar, ranging from eight to ten weeks, Black Jack often leans more towards an earthy pine flavor compared to the spicy taste of Devil XXL strain. Cultivators might find Black Jack slightly more challenging, though the rewarding yield can be similar to auto-flowering Devil XXL's abundant harvest.
  • Red Devil: Known for its tantalizing red hues, Red Devil is a strain with a strong presence. It contrasts in its more sedative effect. The taste of Red Devil is more berry-like, creating a different sensory experience from auto Devil XXL's intense spicy flavors. Its growing conditions are somewhat similar, making it an interesting alternative for those who prefer a more calming experience.
  • BCN Critical XXL: This strain is a powerhouse with a high yield, often exceeding auto Devil XXL's. BCN Critical XXL maintains an Indica-dominance, providing more relaxation compared to the cerebral effects. While both strains can thrive in warm climates, BCN Critical XXL has a shorter flowering time, ranging from 7 to 8 weeks, and offers a more skunky and citrusy scent. It's a worthy consideration for those wanting a quicker turnaround and a different flavor profile.
  • Devil's Lettuce: This aptly named strain is a balanced hybrid that shares some similarities regarding high THC content. However, Devil's Lettuce leans more towards a herbal and skunky flavor, providing a contrasting taste experience. While both strains offer therapeutic benefits for medical marijuana patients, Devil's Lettuce is often touted for its anti-inflammatory properties. The growing process might be slightly more intricate compared to the easy to grow nature of Devil XXL auto.
  • Purple Haze: A classic strain known for its psychedelic effects, feminized Purple Haze seeds provide a more energetic and uplifting experience than Devil XXL's relaxed happiness. Its Sativa-dominance is evident in its growth pattern and effects. While Purple Haze might require more attention during the growing process, its floral and sweet taste creates a unique sensory experience. If you love the Sativa aspect but crave a more vibrant flavor, Purple Haze might be the way to go.


What strain is Devil XXL Auto-flowering? 

It is a hybrid strain created by combining Big Devil #2 and Auto Jack Herer.

What is Devil XXL Auto good for? 

It is known for its recreational and therapeutic benefits, relieving anxiety, depression, and various pain conditions.

Is Devil XXL Auto a sativa or indica? 

It is has a 30/70 indica-to-sativa ratio.

What does Devil XXL Auto taste like? 

It tastes intense, spicy, and citrusy, with the primary terpene, Limonene, adding a zesty aroma.

2 reviews for Devil XXL Autoflower Seeds

  1. Irvin

    beautiful plants. 5 out of 5 seeds sprouted. grows fast and looks healthy. got seeds from here several times. always good seed quality and service

  2. Ilias S

    The best hybrid ever! Smoking the big devil is a real help for my depression. My cultivation of the Big Devil was easy. The seeds I bought here were fresh and germinated after 2 days. Highly recommend this seed bank

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