Yellowing of Fan Leaves in Week 6 of Cannabis Flowering

Hello there, fellow grower! If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering why your precious cannabis plants have turned into a sad display of yellowing fan leaves in the middle of flowering. Don’t fret, my friend; this is more common than you think. Let’s turn that frown upside down and delve into the world of cannabis…

Yellowing of Fan Leaves in Week 6 of Cannabis Flowering

The Significance of Week 6 in Cannabis Flowering

The Significance of Week 6 in Cannabis Flowering

Ah, Week 6, when your cannabis plants should be showing off their luscious buds, not looking like they’ve just walked out of a Western movie, yellowed and wilting.

This period is crucial for our cannabis plants, marking the onset of the late flowering stage.

They’re like teenagers on the brink of adulthood, growing their buds enthusiastically and pulling all-nighters to produce that sweet, sweet THC.

Natural Senescence and Nutrient Redistribution

Buckle up as we dive into some science here!

As your plants focus on maturing those buds, they redistribute nutrients from the fan leaves to the buds.

This process, known as senescence, is your plant’s saying, “I’ve got my priorities straight.

Buds before leaves!” 😎

Energy Allocation and Chlorophyll Breakdown

As the plants start channeling their inner Marie Kondo, focusing only on what brings them joy (the buds!), chlorophyll in the fan leaves begins to break down.

This breakdown, coupled with the reduced energy directed to the leaves, turns your once vibrant green fan leaves into a picture of autumn.

Normal Leaf Aging vs. Nutrient Deficiencies

While the yellowing of fan leaves can be a natural part of the flowering process, it’s essential to differentiate between normal cannabis leaf aging and potential nutrient deficiencies that could turn your cannabis garden into a yellow festival.

Normal Leaf Aging

Around week 6 of flowering, it’s not unusual to see some yellowing in the fan leaves as they enter their twilight years.

These leaves have served their purpose, and it’s time for them to take a well-deserved retirement.

Nutrient Deficiencies and Imbalances

Nutrient Deficiencies and Imbalances

Sometimes, yellowing can be a cry for help from your cannabis plants.

They could be saying, “I need more nitrogen!” or “Who stole my phosphorus?” 

Nutrient deficiencies, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium, can be responsible for your yellowing fan leaves.

Diagnosing Nutrient Deficiencies

Like a detective on a nutrient mystery, you’ll need to inspect your plants closely.

Yellowing leaves could mean a nitrogen deficiency, while necrotic spots could indicate a potassium shortage.

Addressing Nutrient Deficiencies

Caught the culprit behind the yellowing? Great, now let’s fix it!

Adjusting Nutrient Feeding

Take a closer look at your feeding schedule and the strength of your nutrient mix.

You might need to beef up the feeding or consider a different fertilizer.

Remember, plants are a bit like Goldilocks – they need their nutrients just right.

pH Balance and Nutrient Uptake

Every cannabis plant dream of that perfect pH sweet spot, allowing optimal nutrient absorption.

Ignoring this can result in your plants throwing a tantrum, visible through those yellowing leaves.

Environmental Factors and Yellowing Leaves

Have you ever had a terrible day because it was too hot or cold or you didn’t have enough light?

Well, plants can have those days too!

Temperature and Humidity

Cannabis plants prefer a temperature range between 18°C to 28°C.

Anything too hot or cold can send your plants into a leaf-yellowing frenzy.

Light Intensity and Duration

Light Intensity and Duration

Lights, camera, action! Or rather, light, intensity, duration!

Inadequate light can affect nutrient absorption, leading to, you guessed it, yellowing fan leaves.


So, there you have it.

Your once green and luscious fan leaves could be yellowing due to normal aging, nutrient deficiencies, or environmental factors.

By keeping an eye on your plants, tweaking your feeding schedules, and providing optimal growing conditions, you can help ensure your plants’ leaves stay as green as the Emerald City. 💚


Why are my leaves yellowing 6 weeks into flowering?

It could be due to nutrient deficiencies or natural senescence.

Why are my fan leaves turning yellow?

Possible reasons include aging, nutrient issues, watering problems, or environmental factors.

Should I remove yellowing fan leaves during flowering?

You can remove them to prioritize healthy growth if they are naturally aging.

Why are my fan leaves turning yellow late flower?

It could be a natural process of redirecting energy to bud growth or resulting from nutrient deficiencies or stress.

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