The Fox Farm Feeding Schedule for Autoflowers

Greetings, green thumb enthusiasts and cannabis cultivators!  As connoisseurs of the leafy green, we know that proper nutrient management is like the secret spice in grandma’s special sauce.  It can make the difference between a successful autoflower grow and a very disappointing gardening venture.  Enter our hero, the Fox Farm nutrient schedule – a simple and efficient…

The Fox Farm Feeding Schedule for Autoflowers

Understanding the Fox Farm Nutrient Schedule for Autoflowers

Regarding autoflowers, Fox Farm has mastered the art of nutrient delivery. 

The Fox Farm nutrient schedule for autoflowers is explicitly designed to meet the unique needs of these compact cannabis champions. 

This magic formula ensures your autoflowers are fed just right, from sprout to harvest.

Understanding the Fox Farm Nutrients Schedule for Autoflowers

The Three Stages of the Fox Farm Nutrient Schedule

The Fox Farm nutrient schedule for autoflowers is like a three-act play, each with its own theme, drama, and purpose.

  1. Primary Stage: Here, the seedlings break out from their shell and begin their journey toward becoming the autoflower rock stars they’re destined to be.
  2. Intermediary Stage: Also known as the adolescence of autoflowers. This stage is about the transition from veg to flower, and it’s as dramatic as a soap opera!
  3. Final Period: The grand finale, where your autoflowers strut their stuff, full of blooms and bursting with potential.

Primary Stage Nutrient Requirements

During the primary stage, your autoflowers are just kids; we all know how kids can be – picky eaters. 

That’s why Fox Farm’s Grow Big and Big Bloom come in handy. 

They’re gentle enough for young plants but packed with the essential nutrients your seedlings crave. 

Just remember, feed lightly in this stage to avoid nutrient burn.

Intermediary Stage Nutrient Requirements

As your plants’ transition to the flowering stage, it’s time to switch things up. 

Introduce Tiger Bloom, the third musketeer of the Fox Farm Trio. 

Your plants are ready for a hearty meal now, so feel free to feed them according to the Fox Farm nutrient schedule.

Final Period Nutrient Requirements

In the final period, it’s showtime! 

This is when your autoflowers are strutting their stuff. 

Continue feeding them with the Fox Farm Trio, but start scaling down as you approach harvest. 

Remember, you don’t want your final product to taste like a fertilizer shop!

Final Period Nutrient Requirements

Additional Considerations for Successful Feeding

Following the Fox Farm feeding schedule isn’t just about pouring nutrients and crossing your fingers. Pay attention to the following:

  • Water quality: It’s like the juice that mixes with your nutrients, so quality matters!
  • pH levels: Your plants are fussy about pH levels. Keep them in check to ensure maximum nutrient uptake.
  • Plant response: Your autoflowers speak a silent language. Look out for signs of nutrient burn or deficiency and adjust accordingly.

Troubleshooting and Adjustments

Like a road trip, growing autoflowers can come with unexpected detours. 

Maybe you see signs of nutrient burn or deficiency, or perhaps your autoflowers aren’t responding well to the Fox Farm feeding schedule. 

Fear not, brave grower! 

Adjust the nutrient concentrations or pH levels, or try a different feeding schedule until you find what works best for your plants.

Alternative Nutrient Options for Autoflowers

While Fox Farm is like the Elvis of nutrients, other nutrient lines exist in the band. 

General Hydroponics nutrients is one such alternative. 

Some growers also swear by the Fox Farm Dirty Dozen nutrient line.

Seeking Support and Further Guidance

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Join the club. 

The good news is, you don’t have to do this alone. 

Online forums and communities are bursting with experienced growers ready to lend a hand, and Fox Farm’s customer service is as friendly and helpful as a Labrador Retriever.


There you have it, my fellow green thumbs – the ins and outs of the Fox Farm feeding schedule for autoflowers. 

Remember, proper nutrient management is vital to successful growth. 

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy the journey. 

Happy growing!



How often do you feed Autoflowers?

Feed them every watering after the first two weeks with a nutrient schedule.

Is Fox Farms soil good for Autoflowers?

Yes, it’s popular due to its balanced nutrient mix and excellent drainage.

What is the best feeding schedule for Fox Farm?

It varies, using Grow Big and Big Bloom early, adding Tiger Bloom during flowering, and reducing before harvest.

When should you give Autoflowers nutrients?

Start after two weeks of growth or 4-6 weeks if using nutrient-rich soil like Fox Farms Ocean Forest.

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