When to Start and Stop Using Tiger Bloom?

Ever found yourself caught in the hazy uncertainty of nutrient schedules, stuck between the veg phase and the flowering phase, asking yourself, “When do I flip the switch and start using Tiger Bloom?”  My friends, I’m here to guide you through this nutrient jungle and help you emerge as the confident master grower you were…

When to Start and Stop Using Tiger Bloom?

Understanding Tiger Bloom and its Role in Flowering

Understanding Tiger Bloom and its Role in Flowering Stage

Let’s start by shedding some light on our weed nutrient superstar: Tiger Bloom

This hard-hitting, fast-acting fertilizer is high in phosphorus and potassium, making it perfect for promoting abundant fruit and flower development. 

Packed with nitrogen and an army of trace minerals, it’s like the heavy metal band of fertilizers, rocking your buds into a powerful performance! 

Tiger Bloom serves your plants like a diligent waiter, bringing them exactly what they need right when needed.

Starting Tiger Bloom: The First Signs of Flowering

Switching your cannabis diet from veg nutes to Tiger Bloom is like changing gears in a sports car: You don’t want to do it too soon or too late. 

Now, if you’re asking, “When exactly is that perfect moment?” 

Well, it’s the first sign of flowering

When you notice your girls start stretching their limbs and your garden begins to look like a budding bud disco, it’s time to feed them the Tiger Bloom.

Flipping your lights to the 12/12 schedule is like ringing the dinner bell for your plants, Tiger Bloom is on the menu. 

But remember, start slow. 

While Tiger Bloom might have the roar of a tiger, your plant is more like a domestic cat, preferring a gentle approach. 

“Only 1tbs” is a good rule of thumb to begin with.

Dosage and Application of Tiger Bloom

Reading the feeding chart for Fox Farm, home of Tiger Bloom, can sometimes feel like deciphering the Matrix. 

It says “2-3 tbl spoons,” but you don’t want to burn your plants. 

Remember, we’re growing cannabis here, not firing ceramics. 

So let’s break it down:

  • Early stages of blooming: Start with one tablespoon per gallon of water. You want to tease your plants into action, not launch them into orbit.
  • Mid-flowering: Gradually increase the dose as your buds begin to bulk up. You’re now aiming for the TDS callout in the 1,500 ppm range. But, if you ask me, I’d keep things chill around 900 ppm.
  • Late flowering: Two weeks before you plan to harvest, it’s time to cut off the Tiger Bloom. This leads us to the next exciting chapter…

Monitoring Plant Progress and Adjusting Tiger Bloom Usage

Monitoring Plant Progress and Adjusting Tiger Bloom Usage

Now, this might sound like Tiger Bloom is a one-trick pony. Far from it. 

You’ll need to adjust the dosage based on how your plants respond. 

An underfed plant or an overfed plant can both throw a tantrum. 

Stay sharp and look out for nitrogen issues, changes in leaf color, and growth rates. 

Remember, you’re not just a grower but a plant whisperer!

Maximizing the Benefits of Tiger Bloom

Tiger Bloom isn’t just about making your buds bloom. 

It’s about ushering your plants into a world of maximum potency and resin production

You know what that means, right? 

Trichomes are so sparkly; they could be a contestant on a reality TV dance show! 

With Tiger Bloom, you’re not just growing cannabis but putting on a spectacle.

Transitioning Out of Tiger Bloom: Preparing for Harvest

Now comes the heart-breaking moment of saying goodbye. 

You’ll want to stop Tiger Bloom a couple of weeks before harvest. 

It’s time for a flush. 

Think of it as a detox for your plants, stripping them of any remaining nutrients and leaving you with a clean, flavorful smoke.

Other Nutrients and Supplements in Combination with Tiger Bloom

Other Nutrients and Supplements in Combination with Tiger Bloom

In the world of cannabis cultivation, Tiger Bloom doesn’t work alone. 

It’s like the frontman in a band, sure, but don’t forget about the rest of the group! 

Introduce supplements like Big Bloom or Open Sesame to the party and watch your plants rock out. 

All these nutrients, working together, help your plants reach their full potential.


When should I stop using Tiger Bloom? 

Stop using Tiger Bloom to prepare for a clean, flavorful smoke two weeks before harvest.

When should I start using bloom boosters? 

Use bloom boosters at the start of the 12/12 light cycle.

What goes first Big Bloom or Tiger Bloom? 

Begin with Tiger Bloom, and add Big Bloom later.

How do you use Tiger Bloom fertilizer? 

Apply Tiger Bloom using a low dosage initially, then gradually increase.

How often should I use Tiger Bloom? 

Follow Fox Farms’ schedule, and adjust as needed.

Is Tiger Bloom good for flowering? 

Yes, Tiger Bloom is excellent for boosting flowering.

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