How Much Weight Do Buds Gain in the Last 2 Weeks

Alright, fellow cannabis cultivators, let’s step into the time machine and transport ourselves to the future, the last two weeks of our beloved plants’ flowering stage.  Now, wouldn’t it be nice if our time machine could also answer that burning question: “How much weight do buds gain in the last 2 weeks?”  Well, fasten your seatbelts because…

How Much Weight Do Buds Gain in the Last 2 Weeks

The Exciting Final Stretch

Ah, the final stretch. 

Like watching the last two minutes of a nail-biting sports match or anticipating the crescendo of a symphony, the last two weeks of your plants flowering stage are a time of heightened anticipation and excitement. 

This is when our little green babies transform from promising adolescents into robust, resin-oozing adults. 

The Exciting Final Stretch

Much like impatient bakers peeking into their ovens to watch their dough rise, cannabis growers are particularly curious about how much our buds bulk up during this crucial stage.

Understanding Bud Growth and Weight Gain

Buds, bless their trichome-covered hearts, don’t operate on our timeline. 

Much like teenagers with growth spurts, they have a mind of their own, especially when it comes to gaining weight. 

You might have noticed that your buds seemed to swell overnight during weeks 4 to 6 of flowering. 

That’s because cannabis buds love to pack on the pounds during this period, thanks to an explosive cocktail of light energy, chlorophyll, and photosynthesis. 

However, we see the real fireworks in the last two weeks of flowering. 

It’s been estimated that buds can gain up to 25% of their total weight during this period – talk about a late bloomer!

Factors Affecting Bud Weight Gain

While the image of buds “swole-ing” up during the final weeks is enough to excite any grower, we must remember that various factors can impact this glorious growth spurt. 

Let’s delve into the crucial contributors to bud weight gain.

Genetics and Strain Characteristics

Bud growth patterns can be as diverse as the weed strains themselves. 

For instance, indica strains are the bodybuilders of the cannabis world – they experience major bulking up during weeks 4-6 of flowering. 

Meanwhile, their sativa-dominant cousins are like long-distance runners – they may continue bulking up until weeks 7-8. 

But remember, it’s not the size of the bud that matters; it’s the potency (and, well, okay, size does matter a little bit).

Environmental Conditions

Cannabis buds are drama queens – they demand the spotlight in the form of light and the perfect conditions. 

The amount of light your plants receive plays a critical role in determining their flowering schedule and, ultimately, their weight gain. 

But remember, you can’t just bathe them in light and expect them to blossom. 

Environmental Conditions

They also crave an environment with optimal temperature, humidity, and airflow. 

I guess it’s safe to say that buds are the Goldilocks of the cannabis world – they want their conditions just right.

Nutrient Availability

Finally, let’s talk about the buffet. 

Buds are like athletes – they need the proper nutrients to perform at their peak. 

During the flowering stage, your plants will gorge on Phosphorus and Potassium to develop those beautiful, swollen buds. 

Some growers suggest giving a “final feast” of nutrients early in the last two weeks, then switch to plain water. 

This practice, also known as flushing, ensures that the plant consumes all previously provided nutrients, leading to a clean, non-chemical taste upon consumption.

Estimating Bud Weight Gain

The truth is, bud weight gain can be as unpredictable as a suspense thriller – just when you think you’ve figured it out, there’s a plot twist. 

However, experienced growers suggest that buds can potentially gain up to 25% of their total weight in the last two weeks of flowering. 

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if we humans could control our weight gain with such precision?

Maximizing Bud Weight Gain

While we can’t control every aspect of bud growth, we can certainly do our best to set the stage for maximum weight gain:

  • Adjust your nutrient schedule: Consider providing a “final feast” of nutrients early in the last two weeks, followed by flushing with plain water.
  • Maintain optimal environmental conditions: Adjust your grow room’s humidity, temperature, and light intensity to promote maximum bud development.
  • Support your buds: Literally! Plant yo-yos or trellis netting supports heavy buds and prevents branches from breaking.

Harvest Timing and Considerations

Knowing when to harvest your plant is a bit like being a wine connoisseur – you’re looking for that perfect moment of ripeness, and sometimes that means waiting a little longer. 

Harvest too early, and you risk losing out on maximum weight gain. 

Harvest too late, and you could see your THC degrade into CBN, resulting in a less potent smoke. 

Harvest Timing and Considerations

The trick is to keep a close eye on your trichomes. 

When most have turned from clear to cloudy white but not yet amber, it’s typically the ideal time to grab your trimmers.

Now, my fellow green thumbs, we’ve reached the end of our journey. 

Remember: patience is not just a virtue; it’s a necessity for every cannabis grower

So keep calm, stay vigilant, and may your buds bulk up beyond your wildest dreams. 

Happy growing!


Do buds fatten up the last two weeks? 

Yes, indeed! Buds can gain up to 25% of their weight in the last two weeks of flowering.

What week do buds get the fattest? 

Buds gain most weight between weeks 4 to 6 and continue swelling until harvest, especially in the last two weeks.

What to do last 2 weeks of flowering? 

Monitor plants, adjust nutrients, maintain optimal conditions, and prepare for harvest.

What week do buds stop getting bigger? 

Buds usually stop growing near harvest time, usually in the final one to two weeks of the flowering stage.

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