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Buy Blue Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale - DSS



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Buy feminized Blue Cheese seeds, a delightful cannabis strain born from perfect fusion of Blueberry x UK Cheese. Order now for exquisite results!

  • Genetic: Blueberry x UK Cheese
  • Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
  • THC: 16 to 20%
  • CBD: 0.1 to 1%
  • Flowering Time: 60 to 65 days
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Climate: Warm
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Plant size: Medium
  • Indoor: 1.6 to 1.8 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor: 19 to 21 oz/plant
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Free & Discreet Shipping

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Worldwide Delivery

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Germination Guaranteed

About this strain:

  • Effects: Balanced, Cerebral, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed, Sleepy
  • Helps with: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of appetite, Muscle-Spasms, Nausea, Pain, Stress
  • Flavors/Taste: Cheese, Fruity, Intence, Spicy
  • Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Pinene, Terpinolene

Number of seeds:


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5 free seeds for every $100 spent

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Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds Information

Are you looking for an alluring and straightforward cannabis strain to grow, offering a feast for your senses and palate?

Look no further!

Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds from Dutch Seeds Shop (DSS) are here to turn your garden into an aromatic oasis of frosty nugs that are as compelling as they are potent.

Let's dive into what makes these seeds a stellar choice for novice and experienced growers.

Blue Cheese Strain Origin

Blue Cheese Strain Origin

Let's take a trip down memory lane and explore where this strain came from. It's a tale of two cities, or rather, two strains.

The parents are none other than the legendary Blueberry and UK Cheese.

This marriage of combines the sweet flavors of Blueberry feminized seeds with the earthy and musky notes of UK Cheese.

With an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa split, it's the lovechild that has the weed community buzzing.

Now, let's talk about genetics.

The Blueberry is known for its sweet flavors and a long history of delightful effects.

On the other hand, UK Cheese brings a balance with its earthy, pungent profile.

The result is a balanced hybrid that embodies the best of both worlds.

This is a true hybrid in every sense of the word, capturing the essence of its parents.

Blue Cheese Weed Effects

Now, the moment you've been waiting for - what's it like to actually experience Blue Cheese?

Picture this: a wave of relaxation envelopes you without making you excessively tired.

That is thanks to the Indica dominance.

The Sativa component adds a sprinkle of cerebral creativity, making it the perfect choice for those introspective evenings when you want to ponder the mysteries of life.

But there's more. This is not just a recreational strain; it's a medicinal marvel.

Here's how it can be beneficial:

  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety: The soothing effects can help alleviate stress and anxiety. It's like a warm hug for your nervous system.
  • Chronic Pain Relief: It can be a natural alternative to pain medication if you're battling chronic pain.
  • Muscle Spasms: Patients have reported relief from muscle spasms.
  • Lack of Appetite and Nausea: Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation? This MJ can combat the lack of appetite and nausea that often accompanies these treatments.
  • Insomnia and Depression: The calming effects can benefit those suffering from insomnia or depression.

However, a word of caution: some users have reported mild feelings of paranoia, anxiety, dizziness, and dehydration.

It's always wise to start slow, especially if you're new to the weed.

So, whether you're looking for relaxation, a little relief, or an ally in creative pursuits, this is a versatile plant that caters to a spectrum of needs.

Just imagine, your nights can be calmer, and your days can be more serene.

That's the magic of this great strain of MJ. #BlueCheeseCalm


Let's get into the nitty-gritty of what makes it such a delightful weed to enjoy - its cannabinoid content.

Look no further if you're searching for a weed with a pleasant kick.

It has a high THC content ranging from 16% to 20%.

That's the sweet spot for many - potent enough to be effective but not so over-the-top that you can't function.

What does this mean for the user?

You can expect a significant sense of relaxation with levels like this. You know, the kind that melts your worries away.

Additionally, it's also what's responsible for the cerebral creativity boost.

Whether you're an artist, writer, musician, or just someone who appreciates a little spark of creativity, the THC content in this plant is your friend.

Now, for the CBD content.

It has CBD levels below 1%. While it's not a CBD-rich, it still plays an important role.

You see, CBD can sometimes act as a buffer to THC's psychoactive effects.

That means that even though the CBD content isn't sky-high, it helps to ensure that the THC doesn't become overwhelming.

That is particularly useful if you're seeking relief from pain or anxiety but don't want the intense high that some other MJ might give you.

Aroma and Flavor

Aroma and Flavor

Ah, the aroma and flavor - this is where the strain really sings.

Imagine opening a jar of Blue Cheese buds and being greeted with an intense, cured cheese smell with undertones of sweet blueberry.

That is the kind of scent that makes you close your eyes and take a deep breath; it's that good.

As the plant matures, the sweet cheese scent begins to develop just a few weeks after the start of flowering and continues to develop and intensify.

It's like a symphony of scents playing to your senses.

When you take that first puff, expect to be greeted by an intense fruit taste, like a platter of fresh berries sprinkled with an spicy essence.

The cheese undertones become more pronounced as the smoke lingers on your palate.

It's a rich, layered flavor profile that can only be described as decadent.

What's impressive is how well the flavors and scents complement each other.

The cheese's earthiness with the blueberries' sweetness creates a uniquely balanced profile.

It's no wonder that this is such a beloved strain among connoisseurs.

If you appreciate the finer things in life, particularly when it comes to weed, then the Blue Cheese strain is a must-try.

Whether it's the aromatic buds that fill the room with a fragrant scent or the rich flavors that dance on your tongue, Blue Cheese is an experience to be savored.

Growing Blue Cheese Plants

Calling all green thumbs!

Whether you're an experienced cultivator or trying your hand for the first time, growing Blue Cheese strain is easy.

Blue Cheese's natural resistance to bugs, pests, mildew, and mold makes it an excellent choice for outdoor growing.

This gal's tough! She doesn't mind getting her roots dirty in some cool soil.

However, if you want to keep her indoors and have complete control over the climate, that works too. She's versatile.

Preferred Climate

As an avid weed grower, you already know how crucial climate is to the success of your crops.

Blue Cheese is a hearty weed, but like any fine lady, she has her preferences.

She particularly enjoys a warm climate.

But here's the good news: Blue Cheese is forgiving and adaptable.

If you don't have the Mediterranean climate she adores, don't fret.

She's also known to flourish in cooler climates, which is a real treat for cultivators who are not blessed with endless sunshine.

Indoor and Outdoor Yield

Blue Cheese is an egalitarian marijuana strain - it doesn't discriminate between indoor and outdoor settings.

  • Indoors: Utilize the Sea of Green techniques (SOG) to maximize yields. With hydroponic or soil as your medium, anticipate yields of 1.6 to 1.8 oz/ft².
  • Outdoors: In a natural setting, feminized Blue Cheese stretches its branches wide. Good cultivators will find they get equally good yields of 19 to 21 oz per plant.

Flowering Time

The short flowering period of 60 to 65 days is yet another perk.

That is particularly beneficial for those in areas with shorter summers.

The feminized plant reaches a height of around 140 cm and is usually ready for harvest by the end of September.

Feminized Blue Cheese's genetics contribute to its vigor and resistance to infections and molds. 

What's really exciting is how the sweet fruity cheese aroma develops just a few weeks after the start of flowering and continues to intensify. 

The trichomes get frostier, and the anticipation builds as you get closer to harvest day.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Sale Online

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Sale Online

Look no further than Dutch Seeds Shop seed bank to buy top-quality feminized seeds. 

With DSS, you're ensured high germination rates and genetics that will make your growing journey a breeze.

Why buy Blue Cheese feminized cannabis seeds from us at Dutch Seeds Shop?

Well, here are some irresistible reasons:

  • Quality: When it comes to seeds, quality is king. We at DSS only sell top-notch seeds. That means your plants have the best shot at growing into strong, healthy, and bountiful cannabis plants.
  • Variety: Aside from this, we've got an array of others to pick from. Who doesn't like options?

With DSS, you're not just buying seeds. You're investing in a journey.

From the moment those seeds arrive at your door to the day you light up that frosty bud you've patiently nurtured.

So, if you're looking to buy Blue Cheese seeds online, make the smart choice and go with Dutch Seeds Shop.

Your future self will thank you.

Free Shipping Worldwide - Including the USA

We at Dutch Seeds Shop offer free shipping worldwide, including to the USA.

Not only that, but we also provide fast delivery from 2 to 5 days and free seeds on orders over $100.

Similar Marijuana Seeds

As a weed enthusiast and someone who loves cheese, you might wonder what other strains are in the family.

Let's do a quick roundup of strains that are similar to Blue Cheese so you have a full spectrum to choose from:

Royal Cheese: With 100% Indica, it has a longer blooming time but yield similar to Blue Cheese. It has an intense cheese scent .

White Rhino: White Rhino fem seeds are a high-yield strain with an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa ratio. It has a shorter blooming time and is famous for its potency.

Purple Cheese: Autoflowering strain with 85% Indica; this one is for those who like a colorful garden. It has a moderate yield and a very distinctive cheesy scent.

Lemon Cheese: Imagine the tanginess of lemon and the depth of cheese - a heady combo. Similar yield as Blue Cheese but a slightly longer blooming time.

Sour Cheese: This one is for those who like a little pungency in their bud. With an even 50-50 Indica/Sativa split, it offers the best of both worlds.

Blueberry Cheese: With a similar blooming time and yield as Blue Cheese, this strain stands out for its intense berry flavor mixed with creamy cheese.

Gods Blue Cheese: This strain is considered divine for a reason - high yield, shorter blooming time, and that classic cheese flavor makes it a heavenly choice.

When you want to grow cannabis with character, Feminized Blue Cheese is a top contender.

However, the family of cheese cannabis is rich and diverse, each bringing something special to the table.

It's time to roll up your sleeves and let your green thumb work its magic. 🌱

Happy growing! #BlueCheeseBliss


How long does it take for Blue Cheese Autoflower to grow? 

It takes about 60 to 65 days to flower, with an additional vegetative stage of 4 to 8 weeks.

How much does Blue Cheese Autoflower yield? 

Indoors, you can expect between 1.6 to 1.8 oz/ft²; outdoors, it ranges from 19 to 21 oz per plant.

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  1. Thomas

    I recently grew Blue Cheese Feminized seeds from Dutch Seeds Shop, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! These seeds delivered on their promise of exquisite results. The plants were easy to grow, even for a novice like me. The aroma and flavor were simply amazing, a perfect blend of cheese and fruity notes. The effects were balanced and relaxing, making it a great choice for both recreational and medicinal use. Plus, the fast and discreet shipping was a bonus. Highly recommended! #BlueCheeseBliss

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