Are Autoflowers Worth Growing?

Hello, fellow cannabis cultivators!  Have you ever pondered the worthiness of growing autoflowers?  These small but mighty warriors have entranced many growers, while others are skeptical of their potential.  To shed some light on this debate, we’ll dive deep into the world of autoflower seeds, taking you on a journey of discovery from seed to harvest. …

Are Autoflowers Worth Growing?

Growing Characteristics

Growing Characteristics

Autoflowers are a cross between Sativa or Indica species and Ruderalis varieties, which bestow them with some unique growing traits. 

On the one hand, their growth cycle is as fast as a Ferrari. 

On the other hand, their size is more akin to a Mini Cooper. 

But don’t let their size fool you!

Fast Life Cycle

Most strains of autoflowers sprint through their entire life cycle, including the vegetative and flowering stages, in just 8-12 weeks. 

That’s faster than it takes some of us to finish a book! 

They sprint through their growth stages, ready for harvest just eight weeks after germination acting like they’ve got a train to catch.

Compact Size

Autoflowers typically grow to a maximum height of about 4 feet, making them perfect for those with space restrictions. 

In fact, some autoflower varieties grow only up to 2 feet, making them the hobbits of the cannabis world

However, due to their compact size, their yields are naturally lower. 

But hey, even the smallest person can change the course of the future (thank you, Lord of the Rings).

Benefits and Adaptability

Despite their small stature, autoflowers are like the superheroes of the cannabis world. 

Their resilience and adaptability make autoflowers well-suited to almost any environment, and they have a knack for flourishing under conditions that would leave other plants whimpering in defeat.


Autoflowers are like Vikings, bred for survival in the harsh conditions of Siberia. 

They’re resistant to pests and diseases and could probably survive an encounter with a wild bear (not tested; please, don’t try this at home). 

This resilience makes autoflowers ideal for beginners looking for an easy, forgiving grow.

Suitability for Novice Growers

Suitability for Novice Growers

Autoflowers are like that friend who’s always there for you, no matter what. 

They thrive in extreme temperatures and aren’t fazed by light pollution. 

That makes them great for beginners learning the ropes of maintaining the perfect light schedule or temperature.

Stealth Grows and Small Spaces

One of the most significant advantages of autoflowers is their suitability for stealth growth

Thanks to their compact size, they can easily be concealed in a wardrobe, a converted computer tower, or even amidst other plants in your garden. 

They’re the ultimate in discretion for the urban gardener.

Harvesting and Yield

Autoflowers are the gift that keeps on giving. 

Their ability to be harvested perpetually throughout the year makes them an attractive option for growers seeking quick returns. 

However, their yield potential is something to be considered.

Perpetual Harvests

In the world of autoflowers, every season is harvest season. 

Unlike regular cannabis plants, which only yield twice a year, autoflowers can be harvested continuously. 

You can have a perpetual harvest throughout the year, making them the cannabis equivalent of a never-ending buffet.

Yield Potential

Yield Potential

While autoflowers yield less per plant compared to their photoperiod counterparts due to their small size, their rapid growth cycle can lead to higher total yields over time. 

Remember, slow and steady might win the race, but fast and consistent keeps the pantry stocked!


Are autoflowers worth growing? The short answer is a resounding yes!

Despite their lower yields per plant, the quick turnaround and resilient nature make them an excellent choice for beginners and experienced growers looking for a continuous harvest. 

So, next time you’re contemplating your growth options, consider giving autoflowers a shot. 

Their speed, resilience, and adaptability might just surprise you!


What is the downside of Autoflower? 

Autoflowers have lower yields, are sensitive to transplants, and don’t clone well due to their small size and strict growth timeline.

What is the life span of an autoflower plant? 

Autoflowers usually complete their growth cycle in 8-12 weeks.

Are Autoflowers less potent? 

No, modern autoflowers can be as potent as photoperiod strains with high THC levels.

Are Autoflowers better than feminized seeds? 

It depends on the grower’s needs; autoflowers are faster and more forgiving, while feminized seeds yield more and allow growth manipulation.

Which is easier: feminized or Autoflower? 

Autoflowers are easier to grow as they are resilient and don’t need light cycle changes.

Are Autoflowers good for beginners? 

Yes, autoflowers are great for beginners due to their resilience and rapid growth cycle.

Do Autoflowers need a lot of nutrients? 

No, autoflowers require fewer nutrients than photoperiod strains and should not be overfed.

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