Discover the 7 Benefits of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

While it is undeniable that autoflowering cannabis seeds have garnered much attention, and have been receiving a steady stream of positive reviews, there is still sizeable proportion of growers who remain hesitant to adopt this type of seed for their cultivation endeavors. The apprehension in the minds of these individuals is a result of their…

Discover the 7 Benefits of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis

Autoflowering Cannabis

Autoflowering strains utilize cannabis subspecies ruderalis, to produce plants that grow and flower independent of photoperiod.

This means they flower depending on their age, rather than hours of light and darkness they receive.

This phenomenon is due to the genetic makeup of ruderalis, which originated in Russia, central Europe, and central Asia, where light conditions are slightly different.

Autoflowering cannabis is a game changer for outdoor cultivation. It produces harvest much sooner than photoperiodic plants, stays shorter and manageable, and is more resilient in diverse settings.

Moreover, autoflowering genetics are highly sought after by patients seeking symptomatic relief as they have higher CBD concentration.

So let’s delve deeper into the benefits of growing autoflowering cannabis.

Freedom from Light-dependent Bloom

Freedom from Light-dependent Bloom

This is an advantage that warrants special mention, as it is what gives Autoflowering Cannabis its namesake, and it is one of the most significant properties of these illustrious strains.

Need not fret about intricate light schedule or switching to 12/12 at precise moment to induce flowering.

Autoflowers will bloom with a constant supply of light, no matter the duration – from 12 hours to even 24 hours!

This remarkable trait accounts for many other benefits of Autoflowering Cannabis, including reduced cultivation costs, simplified cultivation process, and more.

Ease of Cultivation

Ease of Cultivation

Autoflower seeds feminized possess robust genetic makeup of resilient and hardy ruderalis species.

This unique characteristic greatly simplifies the growing process, as you no longer need to monitor light schedule or deal with finicky plants.

In fact, autoflowering hybrids are remarkably resilient and possess an innate ability to cope with colder climates, a trait inherited from their robust ruderalis parentage.

This makes them particularly accessible choice for novice growers who want to experiment with their skills without the hassle and expense of traditional photoperiod strains.

Enhanced Resistance to Weather and Diseases

Growing autoflowering strains is not only a breeze, but also presents an advantage of superior resistance to the elements, including colder temperatures and various diseases.

Autoflowering strains are known for their superior ability to withstand a variety of weather conditions, from mild to severe.

In addition, they exhibit exceptional resistance against all types of diseases, including mildew, pests, mold, fungi, or pathogens.

Should you face issues with any of these problems in the future, consider planting an autoflowering strain to mitigate your worries and stress.

These plants are toughened up through their ruderalis genetics and prove to be ideal option for both novice and experienced growers alike.

Mind-boggling Harvest Frequency

Mind-boggling Harvest Frequency

Autoflowering seeds unleash an unprecedented level of harvest frequency, enabling you to fit numerous harvests within one season.

Under natural conditions, one harvest is all you can achieve each year.

But with the aid of autoflowering genetics, you can harvest multiple times within the same season, often achieving two harvests in most climates.

This is particularly beneficial for growers operating in temperate regions with short and curtailed summers.

Reduced Size in Scale

Autoflowering strains are typically characterized by their modest height, seldom exceeding 1-1.2m in magnitude.

This attribute presents a significant advantage for both indoor and outdoor cultivators, particularly those grappling with limited space or restricted height limitations.

For example, if you’re an indoor grower with little room to spare or limited height clearance, choosing autoflowering plants might be a viable solution.

Similarly, if you’re an outdoor cultivator seeking stealthy and well-hidden plantation, autoflowers’ diminutive size makes them suitable for growing in cupboards, on balconies, or among other plants in garden beds.

Eager Harvest

Autoflowers have a briefer lifespan than their photoperiodic counterparts, and this is reflected in the speed at which they mature.

Depending on strain, photoperiodic cannabis can require anywhere from 4 to 6 months+ to reach full maturity.

In contrast, autoflowering cannabis is usually ready for harvest within 8 to 10 weeks after germination of seed.

This means you’re not forced to endure lengthy wait before enjoying those precious buds.

Furthermore, the sooner harvest time becomes even more significant when considering growing sativa autoflowers strains.

  • Photoperiodic sativas can sometimes take 5 months or more to grow. – In contrast, autoflowering sativas offer a swifter harvest time that’s truly an asset for both indoor and outdoor grows.
  • Outdoors, shorter life cycle makes a big difference because you can cultivate several runs instead of just one.

Stealthy Crop

Stealthy Crop

Autoflowering strains are the epitome of stealthy growing, making them perfect choice for those who wish to cultivate a well-hidden, inconspicuous plantation.

Outdoor cultivators in particular are often faced with dilemma of choosing between keeping their plants concealed or letting them flourish in full glory.

With towering sativa trees, it’s often a lose-lose situation – either way you’re exposed and run the risk of being caught.

But with modestly sized autoflowering plants that can be easily blended into a landscape of tomatoes or other vegetation, even when grown on terrace or balcony, it’s clear why they’re such popular choice for guerrilla growers.

Their discreet nature is just one more reason why they’re so appealing to cultivators.

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