Feminized vs Regular Seeds: Making the Right Choice

Regular marijuana seeds are produced by male and female plants, which means that both males and females are produced with regular cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds are produced by only female plants and no males. You can use feminized seeds for yield, but you can’t use them from breeding projects as regular cannabis seeds due to…

Feminized vs Regular Seeds: Making the Right Choice

What is Feminized Cannabis

What is Feminized Cannabis

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that have been selectively bred to produce only female marijuana plants. 

This means from a feminized seed, only female specimens should come out.

This is because feminized marijuana seeds are the product of genetic engineering only female marijuana plants.

This crossbreeding produces only female cannabis plants, meaning none of those plants will ever grow into male cannabis plants. 

Because female-only cannabis plants will never produce pollen and pollinate other female-only cannabis plants, they’ll stay true to their gender identity and continue producing only female flowers (buds).

Term sinsemilla means without seeds. It is term used to describe marijuana that has not been pollinated.

This allows marijuana plants to grow only female buds and thus no seeds. Pollination is process in which male pollen fertilizes female flower’s ovules.

Female flower will turn into seed if it is pollinated, which growers do not want. 

Once you germinate feminised seeds and grow those seedlings into mature flowering females, most will stay feminine if they are not stressed during growth process.


Feminised seeds are 99% guaranted to produce female plants, but if you don’t provide them with optimal conditions, feminized seeds still end up as male plants, meaning they can turn hermie.

Certain enviromental factors can sometimes trigger hermaphrodite tendencies.

Growers must understand how to prevent hermaphrodite cannabis from occurring in their plants.

When hermie occurs, it means plant will begin to reveal both female and male gender characteristics. 

In other words, it will start growth of pollen sacs and produce pollen and flowers simultaneously. 

This is great for breeding cannabis plants together but not so great for anything else. 

In breeding marijuana process, you want controlled pollination, not wild pollination that can ruin quality of yield.

Meaning Of Regular and Feminized Seeds

At beginning of every cannabis grow season, most growers need to choose between two options; regular cannabis seeds or feminised seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds are exactly what they sound like – they are not guaranteed to produce female plants that can flower and produce buds.

Some of them will be male and will never develop into large, mature plants that produce only buds.

On other hand, feminised cannabis seeds are produced by crossing two females with each other.

As result, they are all guaranteed to grow into mature females that can flower. In other words, every seed is female and produces bud when exposed to 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light daily.

What Are Disadvantages of Feminized Seeds

After wading through hundreds of internet sites and blogs, it’s easy to conclude that almost everyone who uses feminised seeds does so for one specific reason; They want to avoid male plant hassle.

Despite having positive experiences with feminised seeds, many growers still prefer regular cannabis seeds for several reasons.

While they have some advantages, such as producing higher yields and eliminating need for sex plants, seeds feminized also have some disadvantages:

Feminised seeds can be less genetically stable than regular cannabis seeds.

Because they are produced by manipulating plants genetics, there is risk that resulting plant will not be as robust or healthy as plant is grown from regular seed.

This can lead to higher risk of disease or pests. They are genetically identical, which means they lack genetic diversity found in regular cannabis seeds leading to lack of resilience and adaptability in plants, which may make them more vulnerable to environmental stresses.

Feminised are often more expensive on market than regular cannabis seeds because they require more time and effort to produce and specialized breeding techniques.

Some growers have reported quality issues with feminized seeds, such as extra hermaphrodite plants or plants that do not produce expected yields or potency.

Feminised seeds cannot be used for breeding, as they only produce females, limiting ability of growers to develop new strains or experiment with different genetic combinations, so regular seeds better option for breeding.

It is essential to consider these potential disadvantages when deciding whether to use feminized seeds or regular cannabis seeds for your cannabis cultivation.

Feminized Vs. Regular Seeds Yield

Feminized Vs. Regular Seeds Yield

When it comes to feminized vs regular seeds, yield feminized cannabis seeds produce more females than regular marijuana seed.

When you use feminised seeds, you get more bud production and less wasted space.

If you are wondering how much yield feminized seeds produce, answers depend on many factors, including strains, climate, and method you choose to grow with.

Feminized seeds produce between 25% and 50% more yield than regular cannabis seeds. Also, fem marijuana buds are more potent, which means more high-level THC buds.

On average, feminized seeds can produce anywhere from 400-600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 1000 grams per plant outdoors under optimal growth conditions.

It’s also worth mentioning that some breeders offer better “high-yield” feminized strains specifically bred to produce larger harvests.

So, if yield is priority, consider choosing feminized that is known for its better high yield potential.

When it comes to regular marijuana seed, they may produce lower yields than feminised seeds because, on average, only about half of plants grown from regular seed will be female and capable of producing buds.

Male plants do not produce buds and are typically removed from garden, so they do not contribute to overall yield.

On average, regular seed can produce anywhere from 250-500 grams per square meter indoors and up to 750 grams per plant outdoors under optimal growth conditions.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Vs. Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Yield

Autoflowers are true blessing for growers. You can have your garden ready in just couple of months and be harvesting really fast.

On other hand, feminized takes longer to finish, but they produce more yield.

Yield of cannabis can vary depending on number of factors, including growing conditions, genetics, and skill of grower.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are bred to automatically switch from vegetative stage to flowering stage after certain period, regardless of light cycle they are receiving.

Because they have shorter life cycles than feminized seeds, they generally produce smaller yields.

However, they can be grown in smaller spaces and require less maintenance than feminized ones.

It’s also worth noting that autoflowering cannabis seeds generally produce smaller yields than feminized seeds. They can produce multiple harvests in single growing season.

This can make them more productive options overall, depending on specific growing conditions and goals of grower.

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds vs Regular Seeds

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds vs Regular Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are not that different than regular seeds. However, they have one significant advantage.

They finish their life cycle in around 10- 12 weeks, whereas regular cannabis takes 12–16 weeks to complete flowering period.

This makes autoflowering cannabis ideal for those growers who don’t have much time to spare and still want to enjoy high-quality products.

Disadvantage is, of course, that you get less yield from shorter period. Also, one of main difference is light cycle.

Regular cannabis is photoperiod plant and depends on light cycle to start flowering, whereas autoflowers mature based on age and don’t depend on light cycle to start flowering.

Disadvantages Of Autoflowers Cannabis Seeds

Potential for lower THC production is one of main disadvantages of autoflowers. Since they finish in just around 70 days, there is less time to develop that precious THC.

Also, some studies indicate that THC levels are lower than those of feminized and regular cannabis strains. Here are some of main disadvantages of autoflowering cannabis:

Since THC is what gets you high, that could be big problem for many growers.

Autoflowering strains are also more susceptible to mold than their regular cannabis counterparts and feminized cannabis.

That’s because they mature so quickly that it’s easy for them to become too wet or cold without their growers noticing.

How To Grow Feminized Seeds

How To Grow Feminized Seeds

Feminised seeds can be planted in soil or hydro system. However, you need to ensure that your growing medium is very well aerated.

This is because feminised seeds are more sensitive to lack of oxygen than normal seed.

In general, growing process for feminised seeds and regular cannabis seeds is same.

Seeds germinate and grow into seedlings untill they’re big enough to flower.

After flowering, females produce resin and are harvested.

Difference is that feminised seeds are more sensitive to light cycles. If you force them to flower before they’re ready, they will not produce buds and yield will be lower.

This is because females use more energy in flowering stage, so they need more energy in light. If you force them to flower, their energy is used for flowering process instead of producing resin. This results in smaller yield.

Best way to make sure that no males make their way into your grow room is to use feminised seed varieties that produce 100% females.

In addition to this, you need to provide your cannabis plant with right light spectrum and right temperature during their flowering phase so they can reach their full potential in terms of yield potential and resin production, and produce higher levels of THC and CBD.

Feminised cannabis seeds are more sensitive to light and temperature than normal seed. That’s why you must germinate and grow them in right enviroment.

Here is chart of ideal conditions for feminised marijuana seed in every growth stage:

  • Ideal conditions for germinating feminised marijuana seed are warm temperatures between 70-80°F (21-27°C), high humidity of around 70%, and moist growing medium such as soil or peat pellets
  • During seedling stage, ideal conditions for feminised marijuana seed include warm temperature of 70-80°F (21-27°C), high humidity of around 70%, and gentle breeze for air circulation. Seedlings need lot of light, so it’s recommended to use fluorescent or LED lights for 18 hours per days
  • During vegetative stage, feminised marijuana plants need plenty of light, with recommended 18-24 hours per days. They also need temperature of 70-85°F (21-29°C) and relative humidity of around 50-70%. Adequate air circulation is important to prevent mold and mildew growth
  • During flowering stage, feminised marijuana plants require lower humidity level of approximately 40-50%. Temperature should be around 65-80°F (18-27°C), and light cycle should be reduced to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per day. This will trigger plants to produce buds.
  • Best conditions for harvesting feminised marijuana plants include dry environment with temperature of around 70°F (21°C) and relative humidity level of 45-55%. Once buds are dry and ready to be stored, they should be kept in cool, dark place with temperature of around 60°F (15°C) and relative humidity level of 50%

Process of Growing Regular Cannabis Seeds

Process of Growing Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds don’t have any genetic alterations.

They are regular, natural plants with same-sex chromosomes as human beings.

When pollen of male cannabis flower fertilizes female flower, it triggers production of seeds.

Male cannabis flowers have stamens, while female flowers have pistils.

Pistils are where cannabis seeds develop and grow; they’re located at bottom of female reproductive organs.

Stamens have pollen sacs on them, wich help to distribute pollen into air.

To grow your marijuana seed, you need both male and females. Male plants are essential for fertilization. Later, when female nodes mature and open, seeds will fall out into soil and will be ready for harvest in few months.

First, you need to know difference between male and female. Females produce buds when not pollinated and produce seed when pollinated. Males do not produce buds. 

They are used only for one purpose: to fertilize females. You should only keep males if you want seed instead of buds. So, what do you do with males? 

Well, you need to identify them early on in grow cycle because they have no value otherwise. Males will start to elongate rapidly while females will not.

So, you need to identify males early on and remove them by chopping them down or removing them from growing area.

You also don’t want them flowering with females because they will pollinate them, rendering females useless and preventing them from producing buds and making them produce seed instead.

Cannabis has different growing stages, wich include:

  • Germination
  • Seedling Stage
  • Vegetative Stage
  • Flowering Stage
  • Harvesting Stage
  • Drying Stage
  • Storage Stage

Disadvantages Of Regular Marijuana Seeds

If your goal is to grow only females, then seeds regular is not right choice. You can view cons of non-feminised seed below;

Regular weed seed produce both male and females. Meaning there is 50 50 chance of getting male, which is not desirable for growers who want to produce flowers for consumption.

Males do not produce resinous buds that are primary source of THC and CBD product, and they can even pollinate females, causing drop in potency and yield.

When males grow among females, they take up valuable resources such as light, nutrients, and space, which can negatively impact overall yield and quality of crop.

Growing non-feminised marijuana takes more effort than growing feminized plants.

Growers need to closely monitor their plant’s top to identify and remove any males as soon as possible, requiring more attention and top resources.

Regular seed offer limited selection of genetics compared to feminized seeds. Many breeders and seed banks only produce feminized seeds, which means that growers who choose regular seeds may miss out on some of newest and most popular strains.

Regular Female Vs Male Plants

Main difference between female and male cannabis plant is that females produce flowers, while males don’t.

Male cannabis plant do not grow buds and are smaller than females. Males have pollen sacs that pollinate female buds.

Fem cannabis plant produce flowers, which are needed for reproduction. Males do not produce buds and have only one function – to fertilize females. 

Pictures of male and picture of female cannabis can see in this article. When you grow marijuana, you don’t need males at all, as they are only burden.

So, if you want an easy way out, between regular seeds vs feminized, better option is to go with feminized seeds. But if you want to grow your own seed and try different variations – go with regular seeds.

In nature, cannabis plant become fertilized by wind, but in grow rooms and gardens, we have to help them.

If you want to know which of your plants are female and which are male, here’s how to identify female vs male seed:

Male cannabis plant have stamens, unlike pistils found on females. Stamens look like small sacs that contain pollen.

When it comes to how to identify a female seed, they have pistil, which looks like tiny hairs sticking out from opening at base of calyx (small green structure surrounding bud). Pistil changes color when it gets close to maturity.

Feminized cannabis seeds produce only females. If you buy feminized seed of desired strains, then all seed that grow out of it will be 100% female and have buds with THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.

You can not tell difference between feminized and regular seeds in terms of size or shape; they look exactly same. 

Regular seeds are “normal” cannabis seeds that have 50/50 chance of producing either female or male plant upon germination.

Normal seed can produce both males and females. In contrast, feminized cannabis seeds grow only in females because their genetics make them all develop into female marijuana plants upon reaching maturity (flowering stage).


Here are some basics questions with answers regarding seeds.

Can You Cross Feminized Seeds With Regular Seeds?

Yes, it is possible to cross feminised seed with regular seeds, but resulting offspring will not necessarily be feminized.

What’s The Difference Between Feminized Seeds And Autoflower Seeds?

Feminised seed are explicitly made to grow into females, whereas autoflower seed can be male or female. 

Feminised seed depend on light cycle to start flowering.

Autoflower cannabis seeds are made to start flowering automatically, regardless of light cycle.

You can also find feminized autoflowers varieties.

How to grow Non-Feminized seeds?

Growing non-feminised seed (also known as regular seeds) is similar to growing feminized seeds, with few key differences.

One important difference between growing regular and feminised seed is that regular seeds can produce both male and females. 

Around 3-4 weeks into flowering stage, you will need to sex your plants to identify and remove any males.

Males do not produce buds and can pollinate females, reducing quality and quantity of your harvest.

Are feminized seeds weaker than regular ones?

No, they are not. Feminised seed can be very powerful and yield more than regular non-feminised seed. However, it all depends upon strains you use and process in which you grow them.

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