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In 1967, legendry Jimi Hendrix released the song “Purple Haze”. This legendry Sativa dominant strain with high THC raise in popularity after the arrival of that song due to its energizing effects. A moment in that song when the singer cried that the lady he cherished left him in a purple haze, the impact repeated through the marijuana circles and brought forth the development of these Purple Haze Marijuana seeds.

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The uniqueness of Purple Haze Seeds makes it popular among recreational & medical users. Regardless of whether it was the Jimi Hendrix song or the way that its berry-like aroma and smooth fume gets everybody snared, Purple Haze will never baffle the user. Believe me!

Notwithstanding having a bag appeal, Purple Haze will make you extrovert, making you ready for a decent friendly exchange. Beginners should take care of dose, as a heavy dose of that potent strain can be disorienting.

The Genotype of Purple Haze Seeds

It is usually not easy to find original high-quality strain. But for you, we have placed all-time popular Purple Haze seeds for sale.

Although their origin is somewhat unclear, it is a contemporary belief that Purple haze cannabis seeds came into being by the crossing between a medieval native strain of Thailand, Purple Thai & giant of Marijuana varieties, Sativa dominant Haze strain.

The Purple Haze Seeds will grow into plants with purple haze buds with vibrant lavender hues. You can probably expect a lot from this highly acclaimed strain. Purple Haze Strain will give you a Sativa effect that will rush your head with a single puff & never disappoint you!

The Phenotype of Purple Haze Seeds

As with all other Sativa dominant varieties, the buds of the plants that you grow from Purple Haze feminized seeds will have lighter, longer, thinner, structured buds with their delicate and cushy looking leaves spiraling freely outward from their focal stems.

The leaves themselves will have an interwoven of mossy green and the purple that gives this strain its name. At long last, these flowers will be covered in sticky trichomes, representing their psych action.

The Yield of Purple Haze Seeds

By growing our Purple Haze strain seeds, you can expect to have an Indoor yield of 1.6 – 2 oz/ft2 (500 – 600 g/m2) & an outdoor crop yield of 25 oz (700 gr) per plant.

Flowering Time

You can choose to grow Purple Haze marijuana seeds in your indoor as well as outdoor settings. It is an easy strain to grow, even for beginners.

For outdoor harvesting, late October is the time. After successful germination and vegetative phases, it will take about 65 to 75 days for the plants to finish the flowering stage. You can expect to harvest a high yield with mild to moderate difficulty as a grower.

Taste & Aroma of Purple Haze

If you are looking to get an ideal marijuana variety for daytime use, we have Purple Haze seeds for sale. By growing these seeds, you will get purplish-hued buds from the plants with a blueberry aroma & spicier notes with a strong earthy smell. When you open the jar, the dried buds will have a dank & musty smell. The strain has sweet & spicy notes on inhale & a fruity grape-like flavor on exhale.

Recreational Effects of Purple Haze

Regarding the 1967 Jimi Hendrix’s classic song, Purple Haze Cannabis seeds will grow into plants that will give you a dreamy euphoria for a whole day even as an experienced marijuana user.

Throughout the years, this top-quality strain has maintained its value among the cannabis community due to its Sativa dominant effects of cerebral stimulation which will boost your creativity for many hours.

Famous for being an ice-breaker, the smoke will directly act on your brain, exerting slight pressure on your head for a short while, which will quickly dissipate, taking you back to normal. After that, you will be more productive, extrovert, creative & alert.

As time will pass, the effect will creep into the physical aspect of the body. However, in case you’re expecting a couch lock or unwinding, that will not happen. You will locate a more profound association with your body, making it an ideal time to do exercises that include both mind and body, such as working out, gaming, running, and so forth. You ought to never smoke it at bedtime, except if you plan to stay up all night.

Medical Effects of Purple Haze

Purple Haze strain isn’t only a marijuana to give you an uplifting, euphoric high, but it can also help many medical cannabis patients too. Since the strain functions admirably to keep your mind concentrated on a job, it will help individuals with attention deficit disorders. Its mood-altering impacts may likewise be beneficial for individuals suffering from mood disorders, for example, depression and anxiety.

As a famous wake n’ bake strain, it likewise helps individuals with chronic fatigue. It additionally has moderate anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, accordingly being ready to alleviate minor inflammations like headaches or cramps. Purple Haze Weed has a psychedelic impact which may induce patterns of recursive thinking. Hence, individuals prone to panic or paranoia should avoid it.


This strain is ideal for recreational users to use just after getting up. You can expect to have cerebral stimulation boosting your creativity for the whole day. This strain will give you a dreamy euphoria even as a regular recreational marijuana user.

From this marijuana seeds you can expect to have buds with 14-22 % THC by growing plants from Purple Haze strain seeds. You will feel Sativa & Indica like effects in a single top-quality cannabis variety by growing plants from Purple Haze seeds.


As with most Sativa dominant strains, which are developed primarily for recreational users, Purple Haze seeds will grow into plants that will yield high-quality marijuana with a low CBD value of less than 2%. Low CBD value makes them ineffective for a few specific medical conditions.

18 reviews for Purple Haze Seeds – Feminized Marijuana

  1. Reginald D

    The seeds arrove in less than 2 weeks. Every single one germinated.

  2. imfromsovngarde

    A few didnt germinate

  3. Brian Monk

    The pack of purple haze fem seeds was the 3d pack i got from here. I like their custom service and fast delivery. Seeds are also great. Thank you!

  4. madisonkerrigan

    I planted 5 seeds but only 3 sprouted

  5. Gallager

    My friend told me about this seeds online shop and I decided to buy my fav strain seeds.. I have to say these seeds are dope!! All of them germinated and are growing healthy now. I’m waiting for the high yield

  6. Stephen Jess

    Fantastic strain! The best body relaxing and mental stimulation! Also, its easy to grow, so even novice growers will not have problems

  7. Nicolas R.

    Purple Haze is the best strain. Strong relaxing effect and heady high thanks to sativa dominance. Tastes really fruity with a nice berry flavor. You’re gonna love how amazing this plant is, it is very tall and purple and beautiful. My favorite weed forever!

  8. HunkM

    Purple Haze is fire! Such a potent strain with a great sweet flowery/earthy tastee

  9. bce4601

    Got my shipment in 15 days, no problems. All but one sprouted and grew, one started to sprout, but just stopped. Still a good average. I will be back.

  10. Edwin Stanton

    I’m ordering a new batch to grow this weed again, but only with one reservation, this time cultivation is going to take place indoors. I’m hoping to compare the result. All the seeds from my previous order have already become big lush trees, now waiting for the harvest, I grew them in pots first, then transplanted to open soil.

  11. KAYs

    Sheeeer pleasure to grow these seeds! 5 out of 5 germinated and grew so fast and strong. No troubles at all. Highly recommend this place 🙂

  12. SanSay

    I suffered from stress and depression that’s why I decided to grow purple haze myself. It’s believed to be a good mood-lifter and it’s true! The seeds were delivered fast and discreetly so I didn’t have any problems. I like the fact that 9/10 popped out!! I’m not an experienced grower but I managed to cultivate them and gain decent yield. Happy to have my own bud now!

  13. Dustin Millership

    It was my first experience with a non-auto and I liked it..

  14. Emma Lewis

    Real heavy sativa. Great strain. Fast delivery – 10 days.

  15. Mike38

    I received my seeds pretty quickly. Very nice

  16. thornling

    the seeds came quickly. appreciate the stealthiness.

  17. Ganjaman

    The seeds arrived in two weeks, popped up about 5 weeks ago, and look healthy (Cultivating outdoors in a hot dry climate)

  18. robinhornblower

    great daytime strain

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