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Weed Brownies: Recipe, Dosage, Health Benefits & More

These two magical words conjure up fond memories of stoned freshman adventures in cooking for many among us. Quite often, those memories contain grittily textured brownies as well, as if someone just ground up the grass and mixed it with the recipe! Brownies are, most of the time, the first marijuana-laced edible that folks try, […]

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Dry Ice Hash: Recipe, Dosage, Health Benefits & More

Dry ice is a popular choice for THC extraction from marijuana for preparing hash. Once the hash is extracted, it is compressed into pellets or cakes so that it can be preserved easily for future use. This article will cover the know-how of the entire process.

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How to Make Shatter BHO? Recipe, Dosage, Health Benefits & More

Shatter hash is necessarily a powerful THC extraction. The end product is Shatter that contains a high level of THC, and hence, only a small amount is needed to get high. Shatter is clear and solid in appearance and has a smooth surface. This article will illustrate the whole process for making Shatter hash using […]

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Firecrackers Weed: Recipe, Dosage, Health Benefits & More

Weed firecrackers are one (the other one being the pot brownie) of the two most popular cannabis-laced desserts,and its popularity can be successfully attributed to three factors; namely, extreme potency, delicious taste, and ease of preparation.

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How to Prepare Cannabis Butter

How to prepare cannabis butter in simple and easy steps

Cannabis butter comes in perfectly handy for rustling up an array of dishes that have been marinated with the lard. Nevertheless, processing butter from marijuana is easier said than done. The flowers and buds obtained from the cannabis plants should be subjected to low heat while warming them slowly and gradually in order to retain […]

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