Top Autoflower Strains for Highest Yield

Autoflower weed seeds are best choice for cannabis growers. They need less time, less light, and fewer nutrients to grow and are ready in 65 – 75 days. Growers who have limited space or grow tents can utilize their time better by growing autoflowering strains. We have listed our favorite autoflowering strains below that will…

Top Autoflower Strains for Highest Yield
Nenad Nikolic

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Publish Date: July 18, 2023
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What Are Highest Yielding Autoflower Strains And Why Are They Important?

What Are Highest Yielding Autoflower Strains And Why Are They Important

Long gone are days when autoflowering cannabis strains were considered to be low-yielding and of low quality. Today, autoflowering strains have risen to top in terms of high quality and high yields.

This is because, unlike photoperiod plants autoflowers don’t rely on light cycle for their maturation grow and flowering grow period, autoflowering plants are genetically programmed to finish their life cycle in shorter time regardless of light cycles.

Because of this advantage of finishing life cycle quickly regardless of light schedule, autoflowers can be grown indoors and outdoors in all seasons.

With ability to produce high yields despite short life cycle, autoflowering cannabis strains have become standard in modern weed grow production. Most commercial cannabis growers use them exclusively due to their fast turnaround and easy maintenance.

High Yielding Autoflower Strains For Outdoor Grow

For outdoor growers, high yielding autoflower strains are crucial part of your overall harvest.

Outdoors, you have natural limits to how big your plants can grow and how much bud they can produce. 

High yielding auto strains will allow you to get more out of your growing season by increasing your overall harvest.

Outdoor growers can get up to 10 ounces per plant with right strain.

Outdoor growers who are looking for highest yield of bud that they can get from their autoflowering cannabis seeds need to consider strain called Banana Kush autoflower seeds. This high-yielding autoflower strain produces massive amounts of buds with its large plant grow size.

Banana Kush Autoflower is easy to grow and offers an impressive production of up to 7 oz per plant when developed outdoors. It has amazing THC content of 16 -18%, with CBD below 0.7.

Banana Kush autoflower seeds have crossed high-grade Ghost OG with Skunk Haze and Ruderalis and respond well to hydroponics systems. As such, it only takes around eight weeks for this strain to be ready for harvest, making it one of fastest auto strains on market.

Best Autoflowering Cannabis For Indoors Highest Yields

As you may have noticed, there is number of auto strains that are producing bud well. If you want to grow indoors, some of best auto strain for producing bud are White Widow and Haze Sativa.

We have listed our top auto strain that are best for indoor growers with highest yields.

  • White Widow Auto Seeds: Another popular autoflowering cannabis strain from Dutch Seeds Shop that produces great harvest production indoors is White Widow Auto Seeds. It’s an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain from White Widow x Critical Auto and ruderalis. Its flowering time is between 70 to 85 days, producing up to 1 – 1.5 oz/ft2 (300 – 450 g/m2) indoors under optimal conditions!
  • Amnesia Haze Auto Seeds: Amnesia Sativa Haze marijuana seeds indoors should give you an optimal harvest production of 1.1 – 1.3 oz/ft².
  • Blueberry Automatic: One of most popular auto cannabis strain we offer at DSS has great harvest production and grows between 50-60cm in small height. It’s crossed between Blueberry and autoflowering Ruderalis plant.

One that tops my list for best high yield is White Widow cannabis strain because of her ability to grow thick and produce an insane amount of bud. Next is Amnesia Sativa Haze cannabis strain, followed by Blueberry Automatic cannabis strain as third choice.

What Autoflower Strain Has Highest Yields

What Autoflower Strain Has Highest Yields

Depending on your needs, you can find several auto cannabis strains that offer high-yields.

However, some are better than others in this regard.

Here are top auto cannabis strain when it comes to top harvest production we offer at Dutch Seeds Shop.

These cannabis strain are best options to harvest as much bud as possible.

  • Auto White Widow Seeds
  • Auto Amnesia Haze Seeds
  • Auto Critical Seeds
  • OG Kush Auto Seeds
  • Purple Kush Auto Seeds
  • Gorilla Cookies Auto Seeds

Production of bud of these auto strains are impressive. However, many more autoflowering cannabis strains offer excellent harvest production at Dutch Seeds Shop. 

What Is Fastest Super Autoflowering Strain

Fastest Autoflowering Strain that gives huge amount of bud to harvest is definitely Super Skunk Autoflower.

Super Skunk Auto is strain that can be grown outdoors or indoors, both producing big yields. This strain is an Indica dominant hybrid of Super Skunk x Northern Lights and Ruderalis with an incredible 20% THC level for super effects! Super Skunk auto has an earthy and spicy smell with sweet hash taste.

Super Skunk has dense, thick bud that are fat and very resinous. These plants are autoflowering as they automatically switch to flowering after short flowering period of 49 – 56 days from germination – so plan ahead! Super Skunk Auto is ideal outdoor strain for high amount of bud to harvest and quality.

Super Skunk is an easy-to-grow, fast flowering, and super potent autoflowering seeds that will deliver you some of biggest harvest production around.

Super Skunk has strong skunky taste that hits your throat hard when you inhale smoke from joint or bong. Its effect are also quite heavy hitting and will have your head spinning within minutes of taking hit. 

However, its taste and smoke you’ll enjoy with every toke. This cannabis strain is ideal for patients looking for much relief from their pain without dealing with harshness often found in strong indicas or pure sativas. Super Skunk was also voted Indica Cup winner during High-Times Cannabis Cup Awards in 2018 and 2019!

Most Potent Auto Cannabis Seeds: White Widow

Most Potent Auto Cannabis Seeds White Widow

When it comes to most potent autoflower cannabis seeds we offer at Dutch seeds shop, White widow auto comes among very best potent strains.

White Widow is legendary strain that was crossed initially in Netherlands in mid-1990s.

This auto strain has since been crossed with several different strains original White Widow cannabis strain, Critical cannabis strain and Ruderalis cannabis.

White Widow is famous for its THC levels, wich ranges between 17% and 23%. It’s an indica-dominant strain with sativa influences. It produces compact and branching plants with thick stems that can handle harsh outdoor conditions while producing huge yields of top-quality bud.

White Widow has very balanced effect. It also has excellent medicinal value thanks to its pain-killing properties.

How much does Devil XXL Autoflower Strain Yield Per Plant

Outdoors, Devil XXL autoflower strain delivers up to 1.6 ounces per plant. Indoors, you can expect to harvest auto XXL yield of 7 ounces of pure bud per m2.

Sativa dominant strain with THC levels of 19-20% and low CBD of 1% makes this one potent smoke.

This is not for novice smokers; it will hit you hard and fast. Taste is sweet with hint of spice that carries through to exhale with strong aftertaste. Effects are both cerebral and physical, depending on your tolerance level.

How Much Does 90-Day Autoflower Yield Per Plant

Autoflowering cannabis plants are generally not as large as their photoperiod counterparts, and therefore do not produce as much bud, but they do produce automatically, which is huge advantage for growers without time or energy to take care of their plants during flowering. 

Harvest production of auto cannabis can vary based on several factors, such as genetic, growing conditions, and grower experience.

In general, harvest of auto cannabis after 90 days from seed to harvest can range from 15-150 grams per plant, with an average amount of bud to harvest of around 50-75 grams per plant. However, some high-yielding autoflowering strains can produce up to 100-200 grams per plant in optimal growing conditions.

It’s important to note that proper growing techniques and environmental conditions can significantly impact final harvest. Providing adequate light, nutrients, and water, as well as maintaining proper temperatures and humidity levels can help to maximize potential amount of bud to harvest of autoflowering cannabis plant.

Review Of Top Autoflowering Strains By High Times

High Times Magazine is one of world’s most famous marijuana publications. It has been around for over 40 years and is published monthly in print and online.

Cannabis Cup is official annual weed award presented by High-Times Magazine. Over 500 different cannabis strains are judged annually by experts in various categories, including Best Indica, Best Sativa, and Best Autoflowering Strain.

Here are best autoflowering strains that won Cannabis Cup over years:

2018Northern Lights Auto
2019Orange Sherbet Auto
2020Purple Haze Auto
2021Green Crack Auto
2022Gorilla Cookies Auto

How To Get Bigger Buds From Autoflower Plants

How To Get Bigger Buds From Autoflower Plants

Autoflowers can be great option for growers who want low maintenance and higher yields in short time.

However, many things can help you get even bigger buds from your AF cannabis.

Here at Dutch Seeds, we have some autoflowering genetic that can produce up to 550g/plant. This is only possible if cannabis receives best care during its life cycle.

Autoflowers, because of their nature, will start to flower after couple of weeks, and they’ll finish fast.

In this short time, you have to take care of your cannabis so they can develop optimally and produce as many buds as possible.

Fortunately, autoflowers are relatively easy to care for, and no light cycle influences their development.

To produce most giant buds possible, you must care for your cannabis accordingly. It’s not rocket science, but there are some things you can do to increase your harvest.

Here are some guide tips for bigger buds:

  • Plant will reflect light if its surface is smooth, polished, and not sticky. Use talcum powder or similar to create nice surface for light to bounce off of
  • Make sure you’re using high-quality soil that contains all nutrients your cannabis plant need
  • Provide plenty of oxygen by installing fans.
  • Plant will absorb more nutrients if it gets some rest between feedings.

Autoflower Vs Photoperiod Realistic Comparison

Autoflowers are great because they are easy to manage and have whole lot of benefits. However, photo-period strains have their advantages too. So let’s compare both systems and see why some people prefer one over other.

Photo-period cannabis strains are traditional cannabis that rely on changes in light cycles from vegetative grow to flowering weeks.

They require change in light cycle to 12-hour light and 12-hour darkness period to initiate flowering.

This means that growers have to adjust light cycle to get their cannabis to flower manually.

Photoperiod strains take longer to mature, generally around 12 weeks, and have higher harvest potential than autoflowering strains.

Auto cannabis strains are relatively new development, which doesn’t depend on light cycles to flower.

Instead, they automatically enter their flowering stage after specific weeks time, typically between 2-4 weeks after germination, regardless of light cycle they receive.

Autoflowering plants have shorter life cycles, usually between 8-10 weeks, and can be harvested multiple times yearly.

However, yields are generally lower than photo-period strains.

Photo-period strains require more manual work and longer growing times but have higher yields.

Autoflowering strains, on other hand, are easier to grow, have shorter life cycles, and are often preferred by beginner growers but have smaller yields.

Choice between two ultimately depends on personal preference and growing conditions.

Huge Factors That Affect Autoflower Plants Yield

Huge Factors That Affect Autoflower Plants Yield

There is number of ways to increase yield from auto cannabis.

Some are more controllable than others.

Anything you can control is best to do, but if you have limited options, these factors will have a huge effect on your bud production.

  • Amount of light
  • Nutrient types and amounts
  • Airflow
  • Temperature
  • Genetic of cannabis strain (Sativa /Indica /Hybrid)
  • Grow Techniques

Genetics Of The Plant

Genetic is one of most essential factors in determining your plants’ size and harvest production. If you want to grow biggest autoflower, then it starts with picking right strain for your needs. This can be done by looking at height, flowering time, yield, and effect of specific strain you are interested in growing with.

Bigger plant, bigger yield. Auto cannabis is smaller than photoperiods one. That is why we must use seeds with the biggest potential. There are many different types, each with something unique to offer us. Check our seeds catalog for best cannabis strains available in market right now.

Environmental Factors

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors can have big impact on harvest of auto cannabis plants. Temperature, light, and humidity are critical in determining how much your plants will grow.

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Humidity

Temperature is critical for good health and grow of your auto cannabis. Too cold will slow down photosynthesis and plant development, whereas too hot can cause lot of stress to your plants.

During time lapse between seedling and vegetative stages of cannabis (3 week old and 1 month old), it is generally recommended to maintain temperature of 68-77°F (20-25°C). Temperature range allows for optimal root and foliage development and can help to prevent stress and other cannabis issues.

When flowering stage (6 week old) hits, it is good to maintain slightly cooler temperature range of 65-75°F (18-24°C). This cooler temperature can help to prevent heat stress and can also help to improve bud density and quality.

When it comes to selecting lights for autoflowers, there are several options to consider:

  • Fluorescent Lights: Fluorescent lights are cheap and energy-efficient options for growing autoflowers.
  • HID Lights: HID lights are popular for growing autoflowers. They come in two main types: Metal Halide (MH) bulbs and Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs.
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs): LEDs are becoming increasingly popular for growing autoflowers. They are energy-efficient, generate less heat than HID lights, and provide full spectrum of light ideal for all grow stages.

Humidity is important when growing autoflowers, as it can significantly impact plant grow and overall yield.

However, ideal humidity levels for autoflowers can vary depending on grow stage and other environmental factors such as temperature and lighting.

During seedling and vegetative stages, it is generally recommended to maintain humidity levels between 60% and 70%. Higher humidity helps to ensure that young plants do not dry out and can also help to prevent fungal and pest issues.

As plants move into flowering stage, it is generally recommended to gradually reduce humidity levels to between 40% and 50%. Lower humidity can help to prevent mold and mildew from forming on buds during final weeks of flowering.

Nutrient Requirements

Many growers use same formula for autos as they do for photo-period plants. However, it’s important to note that they grow much faster and require more nitrogen.

Because of this, you need to be sure that you’re providing them with all necessary nutrients and enough of it. You should begin feeding your auto plant around start of growing stage and continue untill end of flowering stage.

Plants will absorb most nutrients during their growing stage when needed most to develop healthy roots, stems, and leaves. In addition to standard potting soil or other substrates, we advise adding complete fertilizer such as Booster to every watering.

Also, since they are smaller overall, you can avoid using larger pots with less soil volume.

This means that you can use smaller amounts of nutrients for each watering session, but in much higher frequency, but don’t overfeed them because they can become stunted.

Check water pH before watering your plants, and ensure pots are moistened enough.

Be careful about nutrient deficiencies. Autoflowers require balanced nutrient profile to grow and develop properly. If they are not receiving right nutrients, it can result in stunted grow.

Grow Techniques: SOG – Sea Of Green

Grow Techniques SOG - Sea Of Green

SOG (sea of Green) is another method to increase harvest of your autoflowering plants. It’s especially suitable for indoor growers who want to optimize their space. You will grow multiple smaller plants instead of bigger ones in this method.

Instead of placing 1 plant per pot, you will place 3-4 plants per pot. These small “buddlings” can grow quickly and cover entire surfaces with many small buds. You can get more yields in the same period as the traditional method that only uses one big plant per pot.

Small Tips For Growing Biggest Autoflower Plants

Here are some tips to guide you in growing biggest autoflowering plants possible:

  • Start with good genetics and make sure you choose best autoflowering strain for yield
  • Choose right container size
  • Use quality soil
  • Provide your plant with all required nutrients.
  • Provide your plant with all light it can catch.
  • Make sure your room has good climate and ventilation.
  • Train your plants

By following these guide tips, you can help to ensure that your autoplants grow as big and healthy as possible, producing bountiful harvest of quality buds.

Best Autoflower Cannabis Seed Bank That Ships To USA – Dutch Seeds Shop

At Dutch Seeds Shop, we are always looking for best yielding autoflowering genetics and potency available. We sell our autos varieties and only offer quality auto seeds that we are shipping to the USA free of charge.

If you are looking for the best seed bank for autoflowers, check out our shop and pick up a pack of our most recent auto seeds to buy. We offer some of the highest yielding autoflowers in the world.

Most popular auto-flower strains are not only great in prducing bud but also have perfect taste. You can grow some of best autoflower seeds with great harvest production and still enjoy smooth sweet taste like that of photo-period strains, for exemple white widow and critical Neville haze, and pineapple cbd express autoflower.

Dutch Seeds Shop offers various auto seeds for novice and experienced growers. We offer varieties from DSS Autoflowering Line – our genetics specifically developed for great yielding possible in shorter time. 

Best of all, we offer free shipping worldwide and 5 free marijuana seeds feminized on every 100$ spent.


Here are most common questions regarding high yielding autoflowering sees of cannabis

Who Has The Best Autoflowering Seeds Of Cannabis?

Best auto seeds are available at Dutch Seeds Shop. They offer wide selection of autoflowering strains, which range from beginner to advanced levels.

Dutch Seeds Shop has biggest collection of haze auto seeds, and purple haze auto strain seeds are favorite among growers because of its great harvest production. Check out shop for best auto seeds of cannabis that ship to the USA.

Is February Good Time To Start Auto Seeds?

Yes, it can be an excellent time to start auto seeds, but it depends on your location and growing conditions.

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